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RATIONALE I intend to create illustrations with focus on print based media within the sub-cultures.


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All work must be clearly presented and labelled with the brief title, your name and any other appropriate information. Please include a printed version of each brief and separate the work appropriately. Your end of module evaluation should be posted to your Final Major Project blog. By the stated Deadline Submitted Brief 1

YCN – UK Greetings

Brief 2

Penguin – Wind In The Willows

Brief 3


Brief 4

Comic Book Collaboration

Brief 5

Self Promo - Pilgrim

Brief 6


Brief 8

Dirty Money

Design Context Title Statement of intent

Visual Resistance

Project File Evaluation Title and Brief Summary – include a short rationale for each brief identifying why you chose it, what was the focus of the brief and how long you spent on it. Design Context

Visual Resistance – Design and produce a publication defining your practice and the overall inspiration that has led you throughout your development. The main focus of this brief was to collate various pieces of design work and influences that effectively driven my practice over my degree and creative career. With this I chose to focus on a more personal level and tried to steer away from producing a book full of images. I chose to produce four publications with what I see as defining chapters. Hardcore, tattoo’s, murals and illustration. Each of these together combines my practice and create a manual to understand where my work comes from and is heading towards. This also gave me a chance to focus on editorial design and packaging, further increasing the relevance of the project. Alongside this I produced a range of posters to boost the visual aid of the project. I spent over a week producing this and I feel that end product is strong.


YCN – UK Greetings Design and produce a series of four cards with a theme of your choice. With this brief I initially decided to try and incorporate hand drawn type throughout the project. This eventually came to an end as I felt it did not create the response I wanted it to. From this I changed the direction towards character-based illustration as I feel that is the main strength within my practice. The theme that I based the project on was Christmas as I felt that I could adapt various well-known characters into my own aesthetic. The project is purely print based which I wanted to strongly showcase throughout the project. The final imagery used was repeated patterns adapted from the original character designs. This has allowed a strong visual impact in print form and I feel that the brief has been successfully fulfilled. Overall I spent around 5 - 6 weeks on the project, working alongside other briefs.


Penguin – Wind in the Willows Design a book cover for the classic novel Wind in the Willows targeted towards a new generation of readers. This brief was not successfully executed of taken into its full potentially. Ultimately my own lack of time management had dented the project and made it come to a holt. From this I now know that I need to pick my briefs more carefully as they are not always the type of work I want produce.


LOTR Design and produce of series of illustrations with informative text to relate the context together with the visuals.

This brief initially started in a different direction, but I did not feel that it was strong enough in delivering the project to its full potential. I produced a number of character and environmental based illustrations. Each depicting iconic references to J.R.R Tolkien’s classic trilogy the Lord in the Rings. Alongside this an editorial publication was produced containing informative pieces of text that related directly to the context. Expanding on the range I produced a set of A2 posters, which further increased the strong aesthetic from the characters I had created. I spent roughly 6 - 7 weeks on this between projects.


Comic Book Collaboration Design a set of posters adapting a film of your choice, focussing on type and image. This brief did not reach its full potential, again due to lack of interest and bad time management. Initially the direction was effective, but the design process became too time consuming and other projects had to be prioritised. The work I did manage to produce were hand draw illustrations, that related directly with my collaboration partners hand rendered type. We chose to focus the project a number of films by Jim Jarsmuch, whose work is predominantly based in black and white. Overall this brief did not meet its full potential and lacked in visual output. I spent around 1- 2 weeks on this.


Self Promo – Pilgrim Design and produce a product range that effectively showcases my illustrative practice as the centre point. The main focus within this brief was understanding how I could create a series of character based illustrations and apply them effectively a range of products. I chose to incorporate another one of my main interests, which is hardcore music culture. This aided in the design process and ultimately increased the aesthetic. The DIY punk ethos prevailed alongside the initial character range as it allowed the project to flourish in another direction rather than just one. Within this brief I experimented with different processes and image application, further increasing my own knowledge and expanding on my skill set. I spent around 7 – 8 weeks on this between projects.


Hedonistic Design and produce a film poster / logo for the independent production ‘Hedonistic’ Another one my lesser briefs. This started off in the right direction and I began to create a series of logos and visuals that the client was happy with. This did not go to plan as lack of communication between one another meant to brief came to a stand still. In the light of things I was still able to produce a high impact illustration that showcased my skill as an illustrator. Although unfortunately this did not get put into production, the work produced still represents my skill set. I spent around 3 weeks on this project.


Dirty Money Design and produce a multi-functional piece of artwork that can be placed across a range of appropriate products. This has to be my favourite brief throughout my entire degree. On the basis that the illustration I produced in my eyes is one of the most effective to date. I chose to re-design and existing album cover as from last term working with clients does not always go to

plan. So with this I had a proper chance to utilised my own skills and produce a hypothetical project. The illustration I produced is based around the overall sound of the songs, the aesthetic that revolves heavily with the band and the strength that black and white can become. Once the visual had been created digitally I was able to place across a number of products, building an effective range. The overall project focussed on digital illustration as this made it easily possible to utilise application. Amongst this I proposed possible screen designs that could create a web player and presence for the band. I spent around 8 – 10 weeks on this project and I feel that it is my strongest out of them all. Additional Comments Overall I feel I have achieved a lot throughout this module and have the chance to set myself up as the designer that I want to be more effectively than before. The briefs have allowed me explore various routes of illustration and some of the mistakes I need to avoid in future projects.




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nothing, much, really