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Iowa Hawk magazine Interview with Kirk Ferentz on page 2 Hawks going to be Strong this year?

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“The hawks may have suffered the loss of some great backs and wide receivers, but I still strongly believe we can have a good year”

Kirk Ferentz Q and A Q: how are the hawks This year? A: “I feel the hawks are Going to be really strong. We have a good O line and Our defense is solid.” Q: what is your prediction For your record? A: “Perfect season, just Like every year.”

Edited by: Mitch Suiter

Hawks claim first win! Iowa Hawkeyes claim their first win over NIU at NIU. The final score was 18-17 with a close call victory. “We managed to pull through, it wasn’t pretty and shows we still need some work. Don’t expect us to look like that when next Saturday rolls around. We are gonna’ square up and clean up everything. We will claim our next victory over ISU.” –Kirk Ferentz With a tough opponent coming up next week and a deep, old rivalry quite a game is expected next Saturday. And we will see who claims the victory next week at Kinnick Stadium.

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