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Creating Jewish Memories at the Jersey Shore


April 2014 Nisan 5774

Congregation B’nai Israel is a Conservative Synagogue affiliated with the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism 1488 Old Freehold Road Toms River, NJ 08753


Congregation B’nai Israel 1488 Old Freehold Road Toms River, New Jersey 08753 732-349-1244 Fax: 732-349-3003 Clergy Rabbi Ellen S. Wolintz-Fields Hazzan Steven Walvick

Officers President Philip I. Brilliant

Rabbi Richard Hammerman, D.D. Rabbi Emeritus

1st Vice President Marc Bunis

Cantor Daniel Green, D. Mus. Cantor Emeritus

2nd Vice President Michele Pardes


Treasurer Bob Van Bochove

Administrator Mitch Herskowitz Administrative Assistant Christine Greenwood Bookkeeper Laurie Smiley

Financial Secretary Recording Secretary Muriel Levine Corresponding Secretary Dr. Shira Meyer

Synagogue Funds Arielle Eytan Memorial Fund: Provides materials for the Nursery School Program. Mitzvah Care Fund: Helps needy families and individuals within our Congregation. Educational Endowment Fund: Perpetual support for our Talmud Torah educational programs. Esther and Frank Simon Youth Lounge: Provides and maintains items and furnishings in our Youth Lounge. Harry and Molly Garson Fund: Used for special annual programs for the children of Congregation B’nai Israel Talmud Torah. General Fund: Used to support the ongoing needs of Congregation B’nai Israel. Goldsmith Endowment Fund: Used for the education of our youth. Memorial Plaques: Installed in the Sanctuary to memorialize dear ones who are deceased. Music Fund: Provides for musical programs and ongoing musical needs for Congregation B’nai Israel. Prayer Book Fund: Used to purchase Chumashim and weekly Sabbath and High Holy Days prayer books. Books may be dedicated to specific individuals. Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund: Used for needy individuals and causes. Ramah-Youth Scholarship Fund: Provides scholarships for summer educational and cultural programs for our youngsters (Camp Ramah, USY on Wheels, Israel Pilgrimage, etc.) Ritual Fund: Used to purchase new siddurim, tallitot and other ritual items needed to benefit and assist the Congregation. Rosen Adult Education Fund: Perpetual support for Adult Education. Talmud Torah Fund: Used to support the Religious Schools of B’nai Israel and to enhance our educational program. Tree of Life: Leaves may be purchased in honor of special occasions and family simchas. USY Fund: Used for scholarships toward regional or national events and programs for the youth of our synagogue. Yahrzeit Fund: Supports Talmud Torah in memory of dear ones. Yizkor Fund: Memorializes dear ones who are deceased.

April 2014 Kolenu 5774

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WWF—Wise Words from Wolintz-Fields Siyyum Bechorim Shalom B’nai Israel Family, Simcha Raba - Simcha Raba - Aviv Hegia - Pesach Ba! Great Joy! Great Joy! Spring is Coming! Passover is Coming! Can we believe the song? Is spring really coming?! I am sure you will agree with me, winter this year overextended its welcome. We have had enough of winter, and hopefully with this month, and the coming of Passover, spring will truly be here. (Although, I somehow remember it snowing last year during the time of Passover.) We should all have very green grass I hope, after all the water from the melted snow. Too ironic that one of the most popular movies this winter was the movie Frozen! One of my favorite things to do to keep warm is read and study Talmud! And that I have been doing a great deal of, trying to keep up with my daily study of a page of Talmud, Daf Yomi, which I wrote about exactly a year ago, for my April 2013 Kolenu article. I must admit, it is not an easy task, to study a page of Talmud every day. I have not always kept up, and have fallen behind. For some tractates, the name for a volume of Talmud, I have played quick catch up, and have been able to complete a tractate, on the day that worldwide, everyone else completed the study of that tractate. It was such a sense of accomplishment to be able to have a Siyyum, literally the Hebrew word for completion, but also the word used for the ceremony done when one completes a section of study of a sacred text. Before I started my 7 year endeavor of doing Daf Yomi, studying a page of Talmud every day, I had participated in other Siyyums - one at my Rabbinical School Ordination, and then every year since I was a rabbi, I helped my community on Erev Passover, with our Siyyum, Bechorim. The Siyyum Bechorim is a Siyyum, a completion of study, usually led by the head of the community, ie, the Rabbi, who teaches something, usually something short, because most people are itchy to get home and either start or continue cooking for the Seder, or start travelling to where they will be going to Seder, or clean a little more, so that the final Chametz can be burned, in any event, a portion of sacred text is studied, and portion of learning is completed, thus the term Siyyum. Special prayers written for the completion of study are recited, and those who are bechorim, first born children, of all ages, and in an egalitarian community, both men and women, need to attend, so they do not need to fast. This is done, in memory of the first born Egyptians who were killed during the final plague in Egypt. Pre-Daf Yomi days, I used to study something short, such as a section of Mishnah, and teach something short, or teach a short section about Passover, and we would say the necessary prayers. I am so excited, and feel so much more accomplished, and feel on a new level in my rabbinic learning, that I can now say, that it will be an official Siyyum, one of many that I have had over the past year, some done publicly, some done privately, that mark my completion of Talmud study. I have a Bachelors of Arts in Talmud from List College at the Jewish Theological Seminary, but I never had time to just sit and study. It is just wonderful to dissect the words of the Rabbis of the Talmud and try to decipher what they were attemptng to say. It connects me to generations of past, and to generations in the future that will study the exact same texts. In addition, when I study Talmud, I can not only feel the presence of the ancient Rabbis with me, but I can also feel the presence of God with me. Please join me, even if you are not a bechor or bechora, a first born, on Monday, April 14 at 7:45 am, when at the conclusion Morning Minyan (probably around 8:15am, I will begin my 5-10 minute teaching), for the Siyyum Bechorim, when I will teach about Tractate (Massechet) Sukkah, after my completion of study of this tractate. Jonathan, Cameron, Coby, Sammy and I wish you and your family a happy and healthy Passover! Chag Kasher v’Sameach! Rabbi Ellen S. Wolintz-Fields

April 2014 Kolenu 5774

Kitah Gan Caroline Small Madelyn Wiko

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February 2014

Kitah Alef Daniel Josovitz Jake Nadell Danielle Touitou

Kitah Vav Jacob Marshall Arielle Touitou Jessica Weintraub

Kitah Bet Coby Fields

Kitah Gimmel Julianne Geffner Holden Dempsey

Kitah Heh Cameron Fields Rebecca Grunin

Kitah Zayin Jeremy Meyerberg Kitah Dalet Emma Grunin

SALE OF CHAMETZ One of the commandments of Passover is that we rid ourselves of all Chametz in our possession. We do this by "selling" the Chametz. The "sale" is contracted by the Rabbi or her representative and requires that the "seller" thoroughly clean his/her house and possession of Chametz. All non-Passover foods may be placed in a carton or closet that will remain closed throughout the eight (8) days of Pesach. It is these products that may be "sold." To sell your Chametz see Rabbi Wolintz-Fields or send in the attached form. The contract should be accompanied by a donation to the Maot Chitim ( Passover Matzah Fund), to complete the transaction. Contributions may be made to the RABBI’S DISCRETIONARY FUND marked for Maot Chitim, and a joint check will be contributed to the MAOT CHITIMMATZAH FUND.

All sales must be made by 10:00 AM on Monday, April 14, 2014.

**************************************************************************************** Be it proclaimed that I/We _______________________________ hereby fully empower and authorize Rabbi Ellen S. WolintzFields to dispose of all Chametz that may be in my/our possession, wherever it may be (knowingly or unknowingly). Rabbi Wolintz-Fields may have the right to see, dispose and/or conduct all transactions as she deems proper for such a time as necessary. I affix my signature this day _____________________________ NAME: __________________________________________________________________________________________

ADDRESS: ________________________________________________________________________________________

April 2014 Kolenu 5774

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A Message From Our President…. Wow, just two more articles in my presidency after this one; the past three years have flown by like a penguin in flight. Steve Pardes and the Nomination Committee are working hard preparing a slate of directors and officers to present to the Congregation at the Annual Meeting on Wednesday May 28th and then install on Friday, June 13th. With Passover just weeks away and the winter behind us, this is the best time of the year. The weekend of March 7th served as a microcosm of my presidency and showed some of the highs and lows of synagogue life, not just B’nai Israel life, but the life of Conservative Judaism. At Shabbat services on Friday, March 7th, we honored those men and women who served our countries (USA and Israel) in the armed forces and listened to stories of heroism, recognition, honor and despair. Though I did not calculate the number of years represented (well over 200 years of military service), we had representatives of almost every major war that the US and Israel have been involved since and including World War II. Paul Halpern educated us on the United States’ involvement in the 1973 Yom Kippur War, with his personal recounts of Operation Nickel Grass. Operation Nickel Grass was an overt strategic airlift and operation conducted by the United States to deliver weapons and supplies to Israel during the 1973 Yom Kippur War. In a series of events that took place over 32 days, the Military Airlift Command of the U.S. Air Force shipped 22,325 tons of tanks, artillery, ammunition, and supplies in C-141 Starlifter and C-5 Galaxy transport aircraft between October 14 and November 14, 1973. The U.S. support helped ensure that Israel survived a coordinated and surprise life-threatening attack from the Soviet-backed Arab Republic of Egypt and Syrian Arab Republic. The warmth and recognition of our members at the Shabbat service was just another example of how B’nai Israel appreciates and supports its members. I was so proud to be a part of that night. Immediately after Shabbat on Saturday night, B’nai Israel held its 4 th Annual Texas Hold’em Tournament under the direction of Suanne Cabey. Suanne almost single handedly put 39 bodies in the seats and over $4,000 in our bank account. A large majority of the participants were from the greater Ocean County Community and though we did not raise as much as years past in this new format, the two keys of any fundraiser were achieved – we raised money and everyone had fun. The evening was a success, but reflected the difficulty we have at times for complete member and volunteer support. I understand it may not have been everyone’s “cup of tea,” but at times, we all need to step out of our comfort zone – I even played. Sunday represented a whirlwind day for me! I had the honor of representing B’nai Israel at the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism General Assembly (USCJ) meeting in NYC, with just one item on the agenda – the restructuring of the dues congregations pay to USCJ. No reason to go into great detail, but the proposal consisted of changing from a member based dues structure (pay dues based upon the number of members in the congregation) to a revenue based dues structure (pay 2.25% of our operating income). The Board of B’nai Israel sent me to the meeting to vote against the proposal for many reasons, the obvious reason that with membership numbers on the decline, but the need to maintain our income to support our expenses (even after major staff and program cuts), any additional dues could be devastating now and in the future. Plus, we remain financially stable for the future, where many synagogues do not; so why punish the financially sound synagogues. Many congregation representatives did their best impression of Congress, with over a 3 hour long filibuster, including my 12 minute (timed by another president to pick on me since I said I would not speak) appeal to reconsider this proposal and reduce expenses, as well as collect delinquent dues, just like all of the synagogues. The motion was defeated by a vote of 476 to 418; so status quo stands and B’nai Israel’s budget will not be affected. Our weekend at B’nai Israel concluded with Rick Recht’s performance at the Cantor Daniel Green Ramah Youth Scholarship Concert. A high energy performance, including the participation of many of our members of all ages. Renee Kitay, Laura Grunin, Hazzan and their committee worked hard to get sponsorships and bodies in the seats for a successful evening, which solely supports our efforts to send our children to Jewish summer camps. The irony of the evening was that I was so happy to see so many young children and families, but a congregant with children who are older now, stated that she was surprised at the lack of children. A statement of how times have changed and our perceptions of success are individual in nature. That was just one weekend at B’nai Israel – wow! April is a big month with Passover, Yom Hashoah and other events and programs. I hope to see you soon. From my family to yours, Happy Passover. Philip I. Brilliant President

April 2014 Kolenu 5774

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MESSAGE FROM MEN’S CLUB Well, as I’m writing my article, we’ve just had our 14th snowfall of the winter…I assume that, when you read this article, my snow blower will be safely tucked away and “cabin fever” season will finally be over! One of the advantages of this long, cold, “wintry winter” is that everyone will be anxious to again be active and out-and-about. And Men’s Club is busy preparing activities that we hope will help you to enjoy the new season. This month, Men’s Club will be working on one of its most important projects: the FJMC “Yellow Candle Project,” in preparation for observing April 28th’s Holocaust Memorial Day. As in previous years, Club volunteers will be assembling and delivering candle packets to every family in our Congregation. This is a labor-of-love for Men’s Club, in memory of those who suffered so much and who are an inspiration for all generations. We very much appreciate all of the generous donations that Men’s Club receives as a result of our Holocaust Memorial Project and want you to know how much this means to our synagogue. I want to thank all of our Club members who participated in, and helped to organize, March 29 th Men’s Club Shabbat. We have many terrific volunteers, whose input makes our Club the success that it is—thank you to all! Here are some of our upcoming activities and events: April – “Yellow Candle Project” April - “Israel Hate Talk on Campus” (date and time to be announced) May 4th (Sunday @ 9:30 a.m.) – “Walkabout With the Guys” exercise session Sunday, May 18th (@ 10:15, after morning minyan) at Talmud Torah - “Student Essay Contest” awards Wednesday, June 4th – (@ Shavuot services, 7:30 p.m.) – Men’s Club & Sisterhood Installations… Dairy Social after Services June 6-8 – FJMC Regional Retreat @ Capital Retreat Center, Waynesboro, PA…please contact Joel Kurtz for details and to make a reservation. I wish everyone a joyful spring season and a wonderful Passover celebration! Hy

Sisterhood Shalom from Sisterhood! Always so happy in Adar, and, oy, have we been busy! We’ve been volunteering at the fabulous community Purim carnival (so many cute kids!). Thanks to everyone who helped to make it a success. Sisterhood hands helped craft and deliver shalach manot again this year; hope everyone enjoyed. So what’s next? Pesach, of course! Maybe you need a little something to spruce up your holiday table, or a little gift for your hostess. The Judaica Shop is open during Talmud Torah hours and by appointment (call Terri Gibbor or Susan Jacobs) and has everything you need for hiddur mitzvah, to make this your most beautiful and meaningful holiday ever. Whew! After the holidays, who wouldn’t want to sit down and relax with a good book? Join Sisterhood’s book club, led by our own Rabbi Deborah Miller, as we discuss Rabbi Charles Sherman’s, The Broken and The Whole. According to reviewers, it’s “a wise, uplifting memoir about a rabbi’s search for understanding and his discovery of hope and joy after his young son suffered a catastrophic brain-stem stroke that left him a quadriplegic and dependent on a ventilator for each breath.” Doralee Herman has graciously agreed to host us in her home at 7:30 pm, Thursday May 15. A Zissen Pesach to everyone! Sisterhood would like to Thank those who have sponsored the Shalach Manot : Rabbi Ellen Wolintz-Fields and Jonathan Fields and Family Hazzan Steven Walvick and Rabbi Deborah Miller and Family Jeremy and Laura Grunin and Family David and Lauren Rosen and Family Dr. Jarrod and Rachael Kaufman and Family Drs. Ariel and Shira Meyer and Family Drs. Rami and Patty Geffner and Family Kenneth and Sandra Shapiro and Family Also Thank you to all those who have contributed the Shalach Manot

April 2014 Kolenu 5774

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Trip to the Ocean County Planetarium Sunday, April 27th @ 1 pm Wonders of the Seasonal Sky

This ever-changing program explores the season’s constellations, bright stars, visible planets, deep sky objects and celestial highlights. Mythology and recent space events are also included in the program. Fee is $7.00 for all persons attending. Hazak members can invite guests and grandchildren (recommended for ages 8 and up). Please register before Thursday, April 3rd. Make check payable to CBI-Hazak and mail to Hazak c/o Congregation B’nai Israel. If you have further questions please call Sandy at 732-505-5953 or Alice at 732-458-8025.


PRESENTS “WALKABOUT WITH THE GUYS” SUNDAY, MAY 4 @ 9:30 A.M. (after morning services) ****** Please join us for “walking, talking & schmoozing” *we’ll meet in the synagogue parking lot* *please remember to wear comfortable shoes and clothing* (weather permitting)


Judaica Shop Passover will be here in just a few short weeks. The Sisterhood Judaica has everything you might need to make your Seder wonderful. We have a great selection of Seder plates, Matzah plates, Haggadot, children's games and toys, salt water and Charoset dishes, and general gift items for you host. We will have tables set up during Talmud Torah on Wednesday, April 2nd from 4:30 pm - 6:30 pm. We are also open other Wednesdays when Talmud Torah is in session from 4:15 pm - 5:30 pm. If you have any questions or need a special appointment, please call Susan (279-0443) or Terri (864-1566) and we will be happy to help you.

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Poignant Points from the Principal Shalom everyone! The Kitah Bet Talmud Torah students have been learning many different things. Their lessons have included Hebrew letters and words, Jewish holidays and traditions, different types of Mitzvot they can perform and Jewish values from Biblical passages. Their favorite topic, however, is learning about Israel. They have been "touring" Israel with lessons from their textbook, The Great Israel Scavenger Hunt. They have been introduced to Israeli customs, cities, food, weather as well as what it's like to be a kid growing up in Israel. Recently, the students drew pictures and wrote a letter to an Israeli soldier. The letter and pictures were mailed to an organization called Friends of the Israel Defense Forces located in Fort Washington, PA. The staff will then forward the letter to a soldier in Israel. The students were very excited and happy to be able to do this Mitzvah. They want to write more letters for other soldiers and hope to possibly get a letter in response. If anyone is interested in sending letters of their own, the Friends of the Israel Defense Forces can be contacted at 500 Office Center Drive Suite 400 Fort Washington, PA 19034. In addition to forwarding letters, they will mail any care packages that are sent to them. The Kitah Bet class will be collecting items that will be sent in a care package within the next few weeks. The next project Kitah Bet will be doing is sending notes that will be put in the Kotel for them. This will be another way for them to really connect with Israel and is another fun activity they are looking forward to. Morah Ingrid

April 2014 Kolenu 5774

Poignant Points from the Principal

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Penat Ivrit – Hebrew Corner ‫פינת עברית‬ Passover Vocabulary Words ‫אוצר מילים לפסח‬ To Tell






























Leavened, Sour



Telling, Narrative


















To Wash



To Sing



To Order



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Holocaust Memorial Service An Interfaith Community Observance

Monday, April 28, 2014, At 7:00pm At Congregation B’nai Israel 1488 Old Freehold Road Toms River, NJ 08753 Keynote Speaker:

Ruth Adler Member of Congregation B’nai Israel

A Hidden Child: Remembrances of a Holocaust Childhood For more information please call the Synagogue Office at 732-349-1244 or Email at: Join us for the Reading of the Names Monday, April 28th 8:30am-7:00pm

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Kids Night Out

USY/Kadima Ski/Waterpark

April 2014 Kolenu 5774

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USY/Kadima Ski/Waterpark

April 2014 Kolenu 5774

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“A TALE OF TWO NATIONS” Richard Hammerman, Rabbi Emeritus, Congregation B’nai Israel Toms River, NJ Cousins’ lives and life situations can be very similar – and very different. This is true within families as it is within the Jewish and Palestinian nations. Immediately after my son Eytan and I arrived at Ben Gurion Airport, a couple of days before starting our participation in this year’s Israel Bonds Rabbinic Cabinet Mission, we drove up to Moshav Avnei Eitan in the southern Golan Heights. We were visiting cousins Tova and Yossi and their nine daughters. Our Golan relatives are among the twenty families who were evicted from Gush Katif in 2005. They moved from the extreme south to Israel’s northern most reaches. Tova and Yossi left Kfar Darom, its Gazan neighbors, and its southern Negev winds to experience the heights of Israel along with views of their new Syrian neighbors. In our small rental car, we felt the ferocity of Golan’s harsh northern winds. There was a stark contrast between the outside elements and the home we entered. Once inside, we were greeted by warmth and unmatched Israeli hospitality. The family was finally in its new home after eight years of living in temporary quarters. Their previous house was a four bedroom “prefab” caravan provided by the government. Most of the family’s possessions were packed for them by the army before their eviction from Kfar Darom, since they didn’t want to be “complicit” with their own evacuation. Years’ worth of possessions were stored in a shipping container in their backyard. The family joyously showed off their new, modern, spacious custom built ranch house. Despite being home to eleven, including children from ages two to eighteen, the house was neat, roomy, serene, cheerful and bright and filled with much love and geniality. Early the next morning, we drove to Samaria/Shomron for another family reunion. After descending the heights of the Golan, we traveled south along the Jordan River until we came to Derech Allon, the road which winds its way westward through Samaria/ Shomron and the Judean Mountains. This road was supposed to be the first step in implementing the Allon Plan which would occupy a narrow corridor of land along the west of the Jordan River up to the eastern slopes of the Samarian Mountains in order to assure some strategic depth and security while relinquishing the rest of the West Bank to Arab-Jordanian control. The plan was never implemented. None of the sides agreed. In the meantime, military reality changed. The area is still in discussions and in dispute between Israelis and Palestinians. Jordan long ago bowed out of any active offer to participate in a solution and open its borders to more of her Palestinian cousins. Allon Road meanders across biblical landscapes which haven’t changed for hundreds of years. Sheep, goats and shepherds out number cars and trucks. Red warning signs in Hebrew, Arabic and English warn drivers not to proceed into “Area A” which is under Palestinian Authority. “The entrance for Israeli citizens is forbidden, dangerous to your lives and is against Israeli law.” The hilly, windy road passes large, empty and arid mountainous vistas which transfer you back to the time of the prophets almost three millennia ago. After driving through the past, we enter the present reality of Israel’s settlements in Samaria/Shomron, the West Bank community of Revava. Before you enter Revava’s security gate, you can look west and see the Jordanian Valley and Israel’s ancient past. Entering Revava, a short half-hour from Petach Tikva and Tel Aviv and near the new Israeli city of Ariel, it is difficult to believe that this beautifully placid, well manicured suburban community was established as recently as 1991. Though not as numerous as its name, “revava” means “ten thousands” and comes from the blessing to Rebekah found in Genesis (“Our sister will be the mother of …ten thousands”), the new town is home to a few hundred Orthodox Jewish families, plus students studying in both girls and boys yeshivot. In addition to new houses, and a new synagogue for young families, the local nursery school is expanding. In front of it is a large sign in red letters: “Don’t give in to Kerry,” reflecting the community’s political views and commitment to remaining where they are. We visit the lovely home of our relatives, enjoy the beautiful garden filled with fruit trees, grape vines, citrus and blossoming almond trees, and marvel at the serenity. Just a few miles west of “Area A,” and its warnings, Jews are living in a modern, placid community of lovely, modern suburban homes. The politics of settlement remains a day-to-day conversation and a source of concern while the joy of home, religion, culture, family and friendship remains constant. We get back into our car so that we can be in Tel Aviv before 1:00PM. We drive quickly along Israel’s Route 5, a modern expressway and arrive in Tel Aviv in a half-hour, a few thousand years removed from Samaria and its reminders of Israel’s biblical origins. Continued on next page

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Israel Bonds takes us to meet with the political, intellectual, cultural and scientific “movers and shakers” who are changing Israel’s present and reshaping future. In Tel Aviv, we visit the bright leaders of Check Point, Israel’s major internet “firewall” security firm who have helped propel Israel into the forefront of 21st century innovation. Its modest building stands in the shadow of Google’s massive, modern skyscraper just around the corner. A few miles south of Tel Aviv, we visit Israel’s sewage waste water treatment complex which takes 85- per cent of the waste water of Israel’s Western residential and commercial centers on the Mediterranean coast and transfers the purified water to the Negev in the south to irrigate the desert producing bumper crops each year. No country comes close to Israel’s rate of reusing scant natural resources. Spain, coming in second, re-uses 18- per cent of its waste water. The sewage treatment center is not only feeding the desert. It has also become a teaching workshop training representatives from countries in Africa, Europe, Asia and North America to make best use of ever diminishing water resources. The contrasts between the past and the present are stark. It isn’t until the two of us visit the modern Palestinian city of Ramallah on our own, following the Israel Bonds Mission, that we also experience a modern Palestinian metropolis. Banks from throughout the Middle East have set up headquarters in this bustling city. Technology centers are growing. Office and apartment rentals are attracting premium prices. Ramallah is growing daily. An honor guard stands in front of Arafat’s Mausoleum and beside his tomb- but we are the only ones to visit the empty space. Police and soldiers stand guard on the well traveled streets as Mahmoud Abbas, President of Palestinian National Authority and his entourage are about to drive by. No one seems to be paying too much attention. It was easy for me to forget that I was in an unfriendly, and potentially dangerous Palestinian territory until Eytan reminded me not to speak Hebrew when I was replying to a call on my cell phone. We were keeping a purposely low profile. For Israelis, this was “Area A,” a potentially dangerous and illegal territory to visit. As we prepare to leave Israel, questions arise: Will Secretary of State Kerry and President Obama succeed in helping the parties reach an agreement, despite those on both sides who are against any compromise? Will Israel and the Palestinian Authority come to a mutual understanding and create a nation which Palestinians can call their own? Will Palestinians acknowledge that Israel was created to be a Jewish State? Will Israelis and Palestinians recognize that the “status quo” is neither viable nor neutral and that it is the long term best interests of both nations to come to a two -state solution? Will these two nations be able to stand side-by-side with true peace solemnizing their partnership? Will the shadows of past territorial give backs and agreements, and the violence which has subsequently exploded from Gaza, and the terror which is currently emanating from the Sinai, be averted in any future land swaps and peace compromises? Despite the oceans, lifestyle and sometimes political proclivities which divide us, familial cousins enjoy seeing one another and reuniting. Can Israeli and Palestinian cousins, the children of Abraham and the children of Ishmael, cross the seas which divide and separate them? Can they each have their own houses, welcome each other into their homes, and be good neighbors and become like family? These are some of the questions which stay with us as we leave Israel and family and return to the USA to digest what we have seen and dream about tomorrow.


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MEN’S CLUB – “FIRST ANNUAL STUDENT ESSAY CONTEST” – MAY, 2014 GRADES 4-5/6-7-8/9-10/11-12 CONTEST IS OPEN TO ALL CHILDREN WHOSE PARENT/PARENTS IS/ARE CBI MEMBERS THEMES: Grades 4-5: What is Your Favorite Jewish holiday? How Do You (and your family) Celebrate It? Grades 6-7-8: Who is Your Favorite Biblical Character? What Are the Values That You Can Learn From Him/Her? Grades 9-10: What Does Shabbat Mean to You? How Can You Make It Even More Meaningful? Grades 11-12: How Does Being Jewish Help You to Be a Better Person Who Can Make a Difference in the World? RULES: All entries must include a COVER SHEET, with: name, parent name, class, grade and CBI teacher name (if applicable) All entries must be at least one typed page, but no more than two typed pages All entries must be double-spaced, with one-inch margins Font: Cambria Font size: 12 Grammar counts All entries must be submitted to teachers or the CBI office by Wednesday, April 30th. PRIZES: There will be three prizes in each of the four grade categories: First Prize: $100 Barnes & Noble Gift Card Second Prize: $50 Barnes & Noble Gift Card Third Prize: $30 Barnes & Noble Gift Card

Prizes will be announced on Sunday, May 18th at Final Assembly (every student who submits an entry will be acknowledged with a Certificate-of-Participation). Winning essays will be published in the Kolenu (summer edition). Photos will be taken on day of Awards.

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SAVE THE DATE!!! The Rosen Shabbaton Friday & Saturday May 9 & 10, 2014 With Scholar in Residence Rabbi Reuven Hammer Rabbi Reuven Hammer served as the President of the International Rabbinical Assembly, the world-wide organization of Conservative Rabbis, from 2002-2004. Rabbi Hammer is the first resident of Israel to be elected to that position. He was born in Syracuse, New York and received his rabbinic ordination and doctorate in theology from the Jewish Theological Seminary. He has also earned a PhD in special education from Northwestern University. His book on special education for Jewish children, The Other Child In Jewish Education, was the first in its field and still serves today as the basic text for those who run Jewish education programs for children with special needs. After serving as a Chaplain in the Air Force and as a congregational rabbi for fifteen years, Rabbi Hammer and his family made aliyah to Israel in the summer of 1973. In Israel he taught and worked for many years in the field of special education at the Hebrew University, David Yellin College and other institutions and served as an advisor to the Ministry of Education. He also organized a program of Bar/Bar Mitzvah training for special children run by the Masorti (Conservative) Movement which today has classes in over thirty schools throughout Israel. For eighteen years he headed the Israel programs of the Jewish Theological Seminary in Jerusalem and was the founding director of the Institute for Jewish Studies, today the Schechter Institute, the school for the training of Masorti rabbis and educators in Israel. He has been a professor of Rabbinic Literature at Schechter and has also taught rabbinics at Oranim College, the Hebrew University Rothberg School, the Seminario Rabbinico Latino Americano and the Moscow State University of the Humanities. He is one of the founders of the Masorti Movement in Israel and has served in many key capacities. He was a member of its Committee on Jewish Law, the Masorti representative on the Neeman Commission of the State of Israel concerning conversion and the President of the Rabbinical Assembly of Israel. For many years he was the Head of the Rabbinical Court for Conversion, and is now the Masorti representative on the board of the Joint Institute for conversion. He is also a member of the Committee on Jewish Law and Standards of the International Rabbinical Assembly. Rabbi Hammer is a prolific writer and his articles appear often in the Israeli press and elsewhere in both Hebrew and English. His column on Judaism appears regularly in the Jerusalem Post. Two of his books, Sifre, A Taanaitic Commentary on Deuteronomy and Entering the High Holy Days, were awarded the National Jewish Book Council prize as the best book of scholarship for the year. He has also written The Jerusalem Anthology, Entering Jewish Prayer and The Classic Midrash. His latest work, a commentary on Siddur Sim Shalom, entitled Or Hadash was published in March 2003 and the second volume, on weekday prayers, was issued February 2008. His most recent books are Entering Torah and The Torah Revolution. In 2003 he was awarded the Simon Greenberg Award for Lifetime Achievement in the Rabbinate by the Zeigler Rabbinical School of the University of Judaism and in 2013 he was honored by the Jewish Theological Seminary. In 2003 he was also named one of the “Forward 50,” – a list of the most influential members of the American Jewish community. In the citation the Forward wrote that he is “arguably the most important religious leader in the (Conservative) Movement.” Rabbi Hammer and his wife, Rahel, a Judaica artist, live in Jerusalem. They have five children, sixteen grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.

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Rabbi Ellen S. Wolintz-Fields And Hazzan Steven Walvick Invite you and your family to a

PASSOVER SEDER CELEBRATION Tuesday, April 15, 2014 Seating is limited to the first 75 respondents. Non-members are welcome! We can accommodate large and small groups. Don’t Delay Call Today! Pre-Dinner Appetizers 6:30P.M. Ma’ariv Service 7:30 P.M. Seder 8:00 P.M. RESERVATIONS AND PAYMENT must be made by Monday, April 7, 2014 For further information, call the Synagogue Office at 732-349-1244

Make checks payable to: Congregation B’nai Israel 1488 Old Freehold Road * Toms River, NJ 08753 ************************************************************************ SECOND SEDER RESERVATION NAME(please list all names of those attending)___________________________ _________________________________________________________________ PHONE______________________ We would like to sit with : _____________________________________________ Total Number People coming _____ADULT

______$45.00 EACH




______$18.00 EACH


_____CHILDREN (over 3 and under 13) _____ CHILDREN (under 3)

Total Number

Total Amount Due $______

FREE Total$______ Please remit with payment NO LATER THAN Monday, April 7, 2014

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Please call the Synagogue Office for Tickets and more information 732-349-1244

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President's Dinner

Wednesday, June 18, 2014 Please join us and honor our own

Dr. Joel Kurtz

As he is installed as the

NNJR FMC President Right here at Congregation B’nai Israel of Toms River Starts at 6:30 PM with Wine and Snacks 7:30 PM Buffet Dinner and Installation $36.00 per person Advance Reservations Requested. Please contact Bob Van Bochove at or the Synagogue Office. Dr. Joel Kurtz and his family have been a members of congregation B’nai Israel for over 25 year. Dr. Kurtz was the founder and first President of our own Congregation B’nai Israel Men’s Club which has become a vital arm of the Congregation with numerous activities and financial support. Please join us for an enjoyable evening as we honor and pay tribute to Dr. Kurtz as he is installed the President of the Northern New Jersey Region. There will also be an ad journal with details forthcoming.

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April Birthdays

A special Yom Huledet Sameach to the following Synagogue members who are celebrating birthdays during the month of April. Birthday Shabbat for the month of April will be Saturday, April 12, 2014 at 9:00 am. Rebecca Grunin Barbara Schloff Beatrice Epstein Sean Haimowitz Shirley Shames Marion Pardes Lauren Small Charlotte Ehrmann Robert Pardes Ian Singer Rachel Singer Allen Shechter Dr. Joel Kurtz Danielle Touitou Stanley Wallach Ethan Rosen Michael Perks

April 3 April 3 April 4 April 5 April 5 April 6 April 6 April 7 April 7 April 8 April 8 April 9 April 11 April 11 April 11 April 12 April 13

Leslie Honschke Averil Glazier Brooke Sambol Randy Pelcman Joshua Musicant Joshua Peterson Joseph Bernknopf Richard Moskowitz Betty Richman Fran Lowenfels Brandon Wiko Matthew Haimowitz Maxwell Cooperman Jerry Dodyk Dahra Weiss Frances Rosen David Yelner Zachary Winzelberg

April 14 April 15 April 15 April 16 April 18 April 18 April 20 April 20 April 20 April 22 April 23 April 25 April 26 April 26 April 27 April 28 April 28 April 30

Mazel Tov to…….. To all those who are celebrating an anniversary this month. To all those celebrating a birthday this month. To Irene Wolinsky on the marriage of her grandson David to Allison. To Peter and Alyce Weiss on their daughter Dahra marking her Bat Mitzvah. To Robert Slotnick on his granddaughter Dahra Weiss marking her Bat Mitzvah. Dr. Lawrence & Robin Silvers on the engagement of their daughter Ashley to Steven.

BE A PATRON ONEG OR KIDDUSH SPONSOR! Celebrating? Any occasion – be it important events in your child’s life, your work life, or your home life; a graduation, anniversary, anniversary of your Bar/Bat Mitzvah, birthday, engagement, retirement…. A Patron sponsorship is designed to allow you, the congregant, to celebrate special occasions with your congregation family when you are not inviting many outside guests. The food provided by a Patron sponsorship will be ample for the usual number of congregants attending Shabbat Services plus a few invited guests. Consider becoming a Patron sponsor of a Friday night Oneg Shabbat or a Saturday morning Kiddush. Just contact the Synagogue Office to make arrangements for sharing your simcha with our whole Congregation! Thank you to Carol Wolintz and The Kitay Family for sponsoring Oneg in honor of Rabbi Ellen S. Wolintz-Fields’ birthday. Thank you to Hadassah for sponsoring Oneg in honor of Hadassah Shabbat.

April 2014 Kolenu 5774

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Seena Arenofsky Seena Arenofsky Morton M. Rosenberg Dorothy Rubin Jamie Dispoto Robert, Nava, Larissa & Jessica Taff Marjorie Hedinger Betty Nierenberg Betty Nierenberg Joseph Deutschman Linda M. Mauel Linda M. Mauel The Janusz Family Stanley & Anita Tutnauer George & Eleanore Kopp George & Eleanore Kopp Myra Drozdoff Penny Peters Glenn & Susan Jacobs

Lena Berkowitz George Arenofsky Anna Rosenberg Joe Rubin Jack Lehman

Murray Peters Robert & Frances Kirschner Rabbi Richard & Sharon Hammerman Shirley Perlman Nettie Hurdus Irving Davis Irving Davis Judge Milton & Janice Gelzer Iris & Heath Schulman Henry & Harriet Wolf Jeanne Littman Stanley & Harriet Brown Stanley & Harriet Brown David & Janet Miller

Rita Eilbaum Ida Stern

Herbert Dov Geffner Hyman Satenstein Jack Behar Rebecca Almelech Samuel Deutschman Bradley L. Mauel John G. Mauel Morris Pelcman Henry Abramson Arnold Hacken Herbert Hacken Edward Drozdoff Max Karpen Alice Krueger

Frances Rosen Thelma Ruben Jerry Dodyk

Sarah Hammerman Joseph Baum Irving Wallach Ann Weinman Abe Davidowitz Abramson Gelzer Herman Seidman Alvin Skolnik Frances Zager Emil Brown Miriam Brown Gertrude WolkenBrilliant Joe Levin David Buzzel Regina Dodyk

Chevra Kaddisha Chesed Shel Emet (The Truest Act of Kindness) Wednesday April 30, 2014, 7pm in Youth Lounge Updates and meeting about Chevra Kaddisha New information regarding the liturgy of Taharah (purification) will be discussed at this meeting. For information call Fred Weil 732-797-0197 or Sandy Ottenberg 732-505-5953

Congregation B’nai Israel Extends our Deepest Condolences to…. The Family of our congregant Ray Gamusz on his passing. Mitch (Mimi) Erlitz & Family on the passing of Mitch’s father Robert ‘Bob’ Erlitz.

Yahrzeit Notifications Do we have all the Yahrzeit dates for your family members? If you do not get a letter from us for a Yahrzeit, please send the name, English date of death and relationship of person to you. You can call the Synagogue Office 732-349-1244 or email to

Now that Ocean County is your home, Why not make it your permanent home? Reserve a plot in our beautiful and well-maintained Jewish cemetery. Administered for over 50 years by dedicated volunteers with neshama (soul).

B’nai Israel Memorial Park West Whitty Road at Old Freehold Road, Toms River Under the auspices of Congregation B’nai Israel

April 2014 Kolenu 5774

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From Generation to Generation


Arlene Neugarten’s 70th birthday Beth Appel & Friends of Arlene

Rabbi Wolintz-Fields for sending me a Lox Box

In memory of:

Betty Freeman Barry & Jan Salis

Arthur Freeman Barry & Jan Salis

RITUAL FUND In honor of:

David Dauman, get well wishes Jack & Arlene Neugarten

1 Tree planted in Israel for: Rabbi Richard & Sharon Hammerman, honor of 40 years pioneering Masorti Judaism in Israel Jack & Arlene Neugarten & Family

In appreciation for:

Elaine Meshell


Congregation B’nai Israel Gratefully Acknowledges the Following Contributions


Jacob Feinstein’s 88th birthday Ruth Feinstein


Gertrude Weil’s special birthday

In Appreciation for: Sending Susan to take me to the eye doctor Doris Wichnovitz

Margot Mayer

In memory of:

Irene Raicer Herbert Bunis

Robert Erlitz

Dr. Jay & Lauren Gordon


In appreciation for:

Hazzan Walvick saying prayers for my nephew Doris Wichnovitz

The Nomination Committee has been formed to recommend the Synagogue Officers and Board of Directors for the upcoming year. If you are interested in serving on the Board, please contact Steve Pardes at (732)349-7812 or

April 2014 Kolenu 5774

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Wedding Anniversaries A special MAZEL TOV to the following synagogue members who are celebrating anniversaries during the month of April

Anniversary Shabbat for the month of April will be Friday, April 11, 2014 at 7:30 PM. 6 Andrew & Mary Bernknopf 6 Bernard & Irma Dansky 7 Kurt & Suzanne Kohn 19 Michael & Joanne Lancin Thank you to the following people who have donated to the Kiddush Fund in honor of their anniversary: Jack & Lenore Matin in honor of their 58th anniversary Harvey & Marilyn Poretskin in honor of their 57th anniversary David & Lauren Rosen in honor of their 23rd anniversary

IT IS A TREE OF LIFE TO THOSE WHO UPHOLD IT PROVERBS 3:18 Thank you to those who added the following tour Tree of Life:



You can give an exceptional gift by sharing your simcha. Add a leaf to our Tree of Life OR reserve some for the future. Please call me, Arlene Neugarten at 732-929-0545 or call the Office, 732- 349-1244 for more information. You can also chip in with friends to share a special birthday, marriage, anniversary, bar/bat mitzvah, graduation, birth of a child or grandchild, etc. Your check for $150.00 each is made payable to Congregation B’nai Israel. You get 4 lines and 29 spaces per Leaf. Hoping to hear from you. Wishing you and yours good health and all that you wish for and a wonderful Passover. Shalom, Arlene

PJ LIBRARY IS A JEWISH FAMILY ENGAGEMENT program implemented on a local level throughout North America. We mail, high-quality Jewish children's literature and music to families across the continent on a monthly basis. PJ Library is a program of the Harold Grinspoon Foundation, made possible through partnerships with philanthropists and local Jewish organizations. Today, families in hundreds of communities across the United States and Canada are able to explore the timeless core values of Judaism through books and music. The Jewish Federation of Ocean County is the local funder for this program. All families raising Jewish children from six months up to six years old are welcome to sign up. Grandparents and other relatives can buy subscriptions on line for children who do not live in our community and do not have a sponsor in the child’s family’s community.

April 2014 Kolenu 5774

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It’s “CHAI” Time you buy an “ENTERTAINMENT 2014 BOOK” only a few remaining at a terrific buy!

$20 each or 2/$36 Reduced from $25 … SRP $35 Help Sisterhood – CBI It’s a Steal! … good through 12/31/2014

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Congregation B’nai Israel Academy for Jewish Learning and Journeying 2014 - 5774 Rosh Chodesh Women’s Study Group Wednesday, May 28, 2014, 10:30 am - 12:00 pm Facilitated by Rabbi Ellen S. Wolintz-Fields Co-sponsored by the Women of B’nai Israel

This month’s topic: Rosh Chodesh Sivan—Women too were standing at Sinai

Join us for an informative, lively, and confidential gathering of women sharing in the celebration of the new Hebrew month. Rosh Chodesh is a time for women to gather for insightful study through various activities and conversation on the topic of the new month. Coffee and nosh are always served.

Lunch and Learn With Rabbi Ellen S. Wolintz-Fields Wednesday, May 21, 2014, 11:30am - 1:00pm iEngage-Engaging Israel: Foundations for a New Relationship - Third part in the Shalom Hartman Institute Lecture Series Sovereignty and Identity: The establishment of the State of Israel represents the decision of the Jewish People to grant their collective identity a sovereign form. Is Israel’s sovereignty significant only for Israelis, or does Jewish sovereignty contribute to the self-identity of Jews living around the world?

Lunch will be served. Please RSVP by Tuesday May 20th if you plan on attending.

Prayer Appreciation With Hazzan Steven Walvick Wednesday, May 7, 2014 7:00pm Love a particular prayer but don't really know much about it? Here's your opportunity to learn a little more about it. In the same way one can appreciate a fine painting more by learning something about the artist and his techniques, we will learn how to appreciate the prayers on an even high level. REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED ONE MONTH IN ADVANCE: MONDAY, APRIL 7, 2014 PLEASE PROVIDE THE OFFICE WITH THE PRAYER YOU WOULD LIKE TO FIND OUT MORE ABOUT. Name: _________________________ Prayer(s) you wish to find out more about: _____________________

April 2014 Kolenu 5774

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****Bar/Bat Mitzvah**** We will feature an article about each child who will be marking a Bar or Bat Mitzvah. We ask that you email a recent photograph (wallet size) to the Synagogue Office, of your child, as well as a short bio. The information must be emailed to Christine at, no later than the first Friday of the month prior to the month that your child will be marking his/her Bar/Bat Mitzvah.

Live From B'nai Israel: Services! Live-Streaming of Services The 21st century has taken shape at Congregation B'nai Israel Contact the Synagogue Office if you need the password information. A Note from the Library…. Thank you for your donations of used books. We do appreciate them. However, we have a limited amount of space in our Library. Please call Jeanne Littman at 732 657 5619, to make arrangements to bring your books to the Synagogue. Dropping off your books without pre arrangements makes it very difficult to organize the limited space in our Library. We hope you take full advantage of the wonderful collection of books we have accumulated over the years in our Library

Congregation B’nai Israel Memorial Park We never know when the end of life will come. The only thing for sure is that it will be at a very inconvenient time. Why should your family members have to quickly decide where you are to be buried? Why should they have to quickly choose a funeral home for you? You should have the honor of a funeral service in the synagogue or in a chapel, where those who knew you will accord you the dignity you deserve. But if you do not arrange for this during your lifetime, maybe your family members will say “Let’s do a graveside service—it’s cheaper.” And then, what if the day of your funeral is very rainy or hot or cold? Then they will say “Hurry up and get it over with.” Is that what you would want? Certainly not. End-of-life decisions should be for you to make—not anyone else. You deserve to choose your own burial place and funeral arrangements. Don’t put this off and leave it to others after you are gone. Contact Fred Weil, our Cemetery Chairman, who will give you guidance in making these decisions for yourself. Your family will be eternally grateful.

Fred M. Weil, Cemetery Chairman Phone: 732-797-0197 Email:

TOMS RIVER HADASSAH…...Coming Events Toms River Hadassah invites you to join the second in a series of Study Groups about the various kinds of Judaism. Rabbi Stephen G. Gold will discuss Reform Judaism. We will meet on Thursday, April 3, at 1 PM at BETH AM SHALOM in Lakewood. The address is 1235 Highway 70. There will be time for questions and comments . Refreshments will follow. Please call Jean Glass at 732-901-5178 by Monday, March 31 to reserve your place. A donation of ten dollars to Hadassah of Toms River is appreciated. On Tuesday, April 29, at 1 PM , Edith Wolpin from the Lakewood Historical Society will speak about the Sheldon Wolpin Lakewood History Museum. Light refreshments will be served. Admission is free. Save the Date. Tuesday, May 20 we will enjoy an delicious luncheon at the Bone Fish Grill in Brick. A Flyer will follow. Any questions call Yvette at 732-255-7386.

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We are working towards bringing more information to the Congregation via e-mail and Constant Contact. Please be sure to give us your e-mail address! Send them to: or call the Synagogue Office at 732-349-1244 We want to be confident that all of our members are being informed with the Shabbat Weekly Bulletin and other important email notifications of events that are happening here at Congregation B’nai Israel.

follow us on Twitter @CBITOmSRIVER Have you “LIKED” us yet on Facebook?

Go to Congregation B’nai Israel, Toms River, NJ’s page and like us today!

Before shopping on the internet, have you remembered to list Congregation B’nai Israel Toms River, NJ as your chosen charity??

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BE A LAY CHAPLAIN VOLUNTEER Generosity + Gratitude = Fullness of Spirit One day per month, bring a little Shabbat to a local Nursing Home. Materials supplied or design your own Ritual The feeling of giving, of helping, of bringing something Jewish to a person who is unable to come to Services or light their own Shabbat Candles or say Kiddush, fills the hearts of all. BE A LAY CHAPLAN Joanne Lancin can answer questions. Please call: 732-270-5403

Help a low-income family achieve and sustain independence…..

BE A MENTOR Make a Difference—Be a Family Mentor Your encouragement and support can make a real difference in the life of a low-income, formerly homeless family that is struggling to become more self-reliant. The IHN PLUS Mentoring Program, developed to extend the services of The Interfaith Hospitality Network, connects volunteer mentors with families who are trying to create more positive futures. 1-2 hours per week for one year plus initial training class is required. To learn more, contact IHN AT 732-736-1550 or Interfaith Hospitality Network of Ocean County

Phone (732) 736-1550


Jewish Family & Children’s Service of the Jewish Federation of Ocean County In conjunction with Congregation B’nai Israel Is pleased to announce the continuation of: “Grief After Loss” Every Monday, 1:00 PM—2:30 PM, At Congregation B’nai Israel For more information, or to register, contact: Jewish Family & Children’s Service 732-363-8010 Are you looking for something to do with your family ?? What about doing a good deed for someone in need? Perhaps shopping for an elderly person that is no longer able to drive? Or maybe a visit to a Senior Citizen who doesn’t have any family close by? Become a volunteer for Caregiver Volunteers of Central Jersey. There are many ways you can help. Here are a few: Transportation to medical visits, grocery shopping, friendly phone calls and visits, and more… All our Services are free for our seniors and volunteers receive a rewarding experience while making a difference in someone’s life! For more information: or call (732) 505-2273

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CONGREGATION B’NAI ISRAEL Rabbi Ellen S. Wolintz-Fields Rabbi Emeritus Richard Hammerman

Hazzan Steven Walvick Cantor Emeritus Daniel Green

SERVICE SCHEDULE Friday Services: Saturday Morning Services: Friday Junior Congregation

7:30 PM 9:00 AM 7:30 PM

Sunday Morning Services: 9:00 AM Monday through Friday Services: 7:45 AM Saturday Junior Congregation 10:15 AM

Friday, April 4, 2014 Candle Lighting 7:07pm Evening Services 7:30pm Junior Congregation 7:30pm

Wednesday, April 16, 2014 Passover Office Closed Services 9:00am

Saturday, April 5, 2014 Parashat Metzora Shabbat Services 9:00am

Friday, April 18, 2014 Candle Lighting 7:22pm Evening Services 7:30pm

Sunday, April 6, 2014 Morning Minyan 9:00am Talmud Torah 9:30am

Saturday, April 19, 2014 Shabbat Morning Services 9:00am Chol HaMoed

Friday, April 11, 2014 Candle Lighting 7:14pm Anniversary Shabbat 7:30pm USY Shabbat 7:30pm

Sunday, April 20, 2014 Passover Candle Lighting 7:24pm Services 9:00am Services 7:30pm No Talmud Torah

Saturday, April 12, 2014 Parashat Acharei Mot/Shabbat Hagadol Monday, April 21, 2014 Birthday Shabbat 9:00am Passover Sunday, April 13, 2014 Office Closed Search for Chametz Services 9:00am Morning Minyan 9:00am No Talmud Torah/Hebrew High School No Talmud Torah Services 7:30pm Kadima/Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island Tuesday, April 22, 2014 Monday, April 14, 2014 Passover First Seder Office Closed Sale of Chametz by 10:00am Services 9:00am Candle Lighting 7:17pm Yizkor 10:30am No Talmud Torah/Hebrew High School Friday, April 25, 2014 Tuesday, April 15, 2014 Candle Lighting 7:29pm Passover Evening Services 7:30pm Office Closed Saturday, April 26, 2014 Passover Services 9:00am Community Seder 6:00pm The Bat Mitzvah of Dahra Weiss 9:00am Ma’ariv Service 7:30pm Parashat Kedoshim Junior Congregation 10:15am

Sunday, April 27, 2014 Light Yom Hashoah Candle at Sundown Morning Minyan 9:00am Talmud Torah 9:30am Monday, April 28, 2014 Yom Hashoah Reading of the Names 8:30am-7:00pm Interfaith Holocaust Memorial Service 7:00pm Friday, May 2, 2014 Candle Lighting 7:36pm Kadima Shabbat 7:30pm Junior Congregation 7:30pm Saturday, May 3, 2014 Shabbat Morning Services 9:00am Parashat Emor Sunday, May 4, 2014 Morning Minyan 9:00am Men’s Club Exercise 9:30am Talmud Torah 9:30am USY Laser Tag Friday, May 9, 2014 Candle Lighting 7:43pm Rosen Shabbaton Dinner 6:00pm Kitah Bet Class Service 7:30pm Anniversary Shabbat/Evening Services 7:30pm Saturday, May 10, 2014 Rosen Shabbaton Morning Services 9:00am Parashat Behar Kiddush Luncheon following Services

TRANSPORTATION The Mitzvah Care Fund of Congregation B'nai Israel provides transportation for Congregation members to all Services as well as any other Synagogue Event. Please call Sandy Welsher at (732) 505-1417 to make arrangements.

Editor’s Note In an effort to enhance the appearance of the Kolenu please send your articles in 10 font and Arial font only, please. It is the responsibility of those writing articles to submit them to Christine at the Synagogue Office. All articles must be e-mailed to the Office or given to the Office on a disk. Articles And Community News will not be accepted hand-written or by telephone. ALL ARTICLES AND DONATIONS MUST BE IN BY THE FIRST FRIDAY OF EVERY PUBLICATION MONTH. PLEASE DO NOT FAX. Articles received late will appear in next month’s issue. Email:

Nisan 5774

April 2014 Sun






Hadassah Mtg. 1pm








Junior Congregation 7:30pm Evening Services 7:30pm

Shabbat Services 9am

Tzofim 6:30pm7:30pm

CBI Board Mtg. 7:30pm Rosh Chodesh 6









USY/Kadima Chocolate Seder 6:30pm-8pm



USY Shabbat/ Anniversary Shabbat 7:30pm

Birthday Shabbat 9am

Candle Lighting 7:14pm






No TT-HH Kadima Sale of Chametz 10:00am Search for Chametz

Candle Lighting 7:17pm

First Seder






TT Office Closed AM Services 9am Community Seder 6pm Ma’ariv 7:30pm


Acharei Mot Shabbat Hagadol


Evening Services 7:30pm

Office Closed AM Services 9am

Shabbat Services 9am

Candle Lighting 7:22pm





Candle Lighting 7:07pm


TT 24

Evening Services 7:30pm

No TT-HH Office Closed Office Closed AM Services 9am AM Services 9am Yizkor 10:30am Candle Lighting PM Services 7:30pm

Chol Hamoed

Intermediate Day

Intermediate Day



Evening Services 7:30pm

Bat Mitzvah of Dahra Weiss 9am Junior Congregation 10:15am


Intermediate Day



28 TT-HH Reading of the Names Community Wide Yom HaShoah Program 7:00pm-8:30pm

Candle Lighting 7:29pm

Yizkor Passover





Hadassah 1pm

Rosh Chodesh


Adar/Nisan Iyar/Sivan 5773 5774

M ay 2 0 1 4 Sun










Junior Congregation 7:30pm Kadima Shabbat Executive Board 7:30pm Mtg. 8:00pm

Candle Lighting 7:36pm

Rosh Chodesh 4


Men’s Club Exercise 9:30am Kadima/Day in NY USY Laser Tag












10 Rosen Shabbaton

Tzofim 6:30-7:30pm

Dinner 6:00pm Anniversary Shabbat 7:30pm

CBI Board Mtg Prayer Appreciation 7:30pm Yom with Hazzan Walvick Ha’atzmaut 7:00pm Yom Hazikaron Observed




Hadassah Board Mtg 1:00pm

Kadima 6:30pm8:00pm


Birthday Shabbat 9am

Bet Class Service Candle Lighting 7:43pm



USY Elections

Evening Services 7:30pm


17 Kitah Alef Kabbalat Siddur Junior Congregation 10:15am

Candle Lighting 7:49pm

Mother’s Day


Shabbat Services 9am




Hadassah Annual Luncheon

Lunch And Learn with Rabbi 11:30am-1:00pm




Last Day of TT Jewish Heritage Day at Blue Claws Stadium


Shabbat Services 9:00am

Candle Lighting 7:56pm





Office Closed Morning Minyan 9:00am

Memorial Day





Women’s Rosh Chodesh Study Group 10:30am-12:00pm Congregational Meeting 7:00pm

USY Installation Executive Board and Dinner Mtg 8:00pm Candle Lighting 8:01pm

Shabbat Services 9:00am



Kolenu April 2014 Nisan 5774

1488 Old Freehold Road Toms River, NJ 08753 732 -349-1244


April 2014  
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