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Hi there! Names Mitch, Graphic Designer, originally from Birmingham, currently attempting to live the dream. Yay: Hand drawn type Snowboarding 87 bpm Food

Nay: Beans Negativity Shit weather

_SNOWBOMBING 1 An ever growing annual music & snowsport festival. One of two self written briefs to promote the festival using one of it’s main sponsors, the Metro. The product, a monthly coverwrap for the paper. The concept, using the festivals tag-line and nothing else to create a viral search campaign.

One: Metro Coverwrap Tag-line designs on front, anonymous countdown on back.

_NDNR RECORDS Client lead branding and promotion brief for an up and coming record label. The project allowed me to create and propose many designs, from logo’s to club-night promotion and merchandise. The core of the brief mainly being the visual identity of the record label along with it’s four signed artists.

One: Logo Final full logo design for the record label, including both titles.

Two: Stationery Set Considered letterheads, compliment slip, envelope and business cards.

Three: Artist Business Cards Logo designs for the signed artists taken to business cards.

Four: Event Promotions Promo posters for one of the labels clubnights.

_SNOWBOMBING 2 The second brief, a more direct means of promoting the festival. The product, an informational brochure of everything you need to know about Snowbombing 2011. The brochure including a fold out poster being a supplement of the Metro newspaper.

One: The Product The brochure, poster and distribution method.

Two: Fold-Out Poster Direct means of displaying the full festival line up.

Three: The Brochure Each spread using quotes from reviews to sell the festival.

_K2 LAST WORDS Self lead brief to create original board artwork. Taking and illustrating answers from interviews with K2’s professional snowboarders to create a range of board designs for each of the riders.

One: Illustration Taking the answer, “Let’s do dis” illustrating, then applying to the board.

Two: Board Designs Five riders, Five boards, each design having 4 versions.

Three: Stickers Producing stickers from the board designs. Custom logos from each board plus illustrations.

_GOOD50X70.ORG Live competition brief, taken from the above site. Named, Tiger Extinction, the brief was to create a poster raising awareness on the dangers of tigers becoming extinct.

One: Poster I asked myself, who’s the most famous tiger in the world?

_Mitch R. Gibbons _Portfolio.11 +44 (0) 7969 318 025

PORTFOLIO _Mitch R. Gibbons +44 (0) 7969 318 025 _Portfolio.11

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