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Hi there! Name’s Mitch, Graphic Designer, originally from Birmingham, currently attempting to live the dream. Yay: Hand drawn type Snowboarding Food

Nay: Beans Negativity Shit weather

_SNOWBOMBING 1 An ever growing annual music & snowsport festival. One of two self written briefs to promote the festival using one of it’s main sponsors, the Metro. The product, a monthly coverwrap for the paper. The concept, using the festivals tag-line and nothing else to create a viral search campaign.

One: THE PRODUCT Coverwrap for the Metro, tag-line design on front and anonymous countdown display on the back.

_DECOY Client lead brief to create branding for a new club night specialising in dubstep and drum’n’bass. During the project I worked on creating a visual identity for the client, designing the logos, setting brand guidelines and printing promotional material for the club nights.

One: LOGO Logo design for the club night, keeping the style quite simple but with a bold and strong aesthetic.

Two: THE PRODUCT Range of promotional posters for the monthly club night.

Three: THE PRODUCT The range of flyers for the club night, each having specific coloured stock..

Four: THE CONTEXT Range of contexts for the flyers and posters, at the said events, flyering, and fly-posting. .

_NIKE IDB Self lead brief to innovate and bring something new to the sport and culture of snowboarding. Basing my solution on the existing Nike iD concept by creating the first ever custom snowboard builder.

One: LOGO An adaption from the existing Nike iD logo and the visual identity of Nike Snowboarding.

Two: THE PRODUCT An online interactive Hub on the Nike Snowboarding website, promo homepage above.

Three: THE PRODUCT An 11 stage process, taking the user through the multiple choices and features available.

Four: THE PRODUCT Iphone application of the interactive hub.

_BOTZ BRIGADE Client and self lead brief to create the visual identity of Botz Brigade, a hip-hop influenced record and clothing label. The logo design was the client deliverable, the rest however was personally driven, giving me a chance to extend the range of products and merchandise.

One: LOGO Primary logo design which can be broken down to just the primary mark, the double B.

Two: THE PRODUCT Branded stationery set using tangerine stock. Business cards, one for artists signed to the label and one for the brand in general, stating online store.

Three: THE PRODUCT Range of proposed merchandise, available online for general sale.

_SNOWBOMBING 2 The second brief, a more direct means of promoting the festival. The product, an informational brochure of everything you need to know about Snowbombing 2011. The brochure including a fold out poster being a supplement of the Metro newspaper.

One: THE PRODUCT The brochure, poster and distribution method.


Direct means of displaying the full festival line up.

One: THE PRODUCT Coverwrap for the Metro, tag-line design on front and anonymous countdown display on the back.

Three: THE PRODUCT Each double page spread using quotes from critical reviews to sell the festival

_NDNR RECORDS Client lead branding and promotion brief for an up and coming record label. The project allowed me to create and propose many designs, from logo’s to clubnight promotion and merchandise. The core of the brief mainly being the visual identity of the record label along with it’s four signed artists.

One: LOGO Final full logo design for the record label, including both titles of the company.

Two: STATIONERY SET Considered letter-heads, compliment slip, enevelope and business cards.

_SNOWBOARD LABELS Self lead brief to re-design and reinvent labels for snowboards in a retail environment. Moving away from the sticker format which causes aesthetic problems such as clashing or covering the design of the board. Using the information and details from my Nike iDB creation as the content and context for the labels.

One: THE PRODUCT Two page booklet containing an intro to the custom board and the features chosen. Showing the booklet as it would sit with the board, attached by Nike shoe strings.

Two: THE PRODUCT Inside pages from the booklet, displaying all choices made with explanation of them.

_BAGD YEARBOOK Live brief to design the yearbook for the graduating year of BA (Hons.) Graphic Design. The project was a collaboration with myself and 3 others, working together across a range of disciplines to best portray the course and the students. My personal roles within the brief included organisation, printer liason, designer and art direction.

One: THE PRODUCT Front cover design for the book, half tone style imagery used throughout.

Two: DESIGN TEAM Introducing the design team. The photo taken during one of our arranged photoshoots, which we then used within the book.

Three: THE PRODUCT Spreads from the book, showing the different models of pages included within, Tutor quotes, student spreads, breakers and the class of 08/11.

Mille Haugnaess +44 (0) 7540 106 997 +44 (0) 7511 552 738

08 / 11


BA (Hons.) Graphic Design

BA (Hons.) Graphic Design

08 / 11

Leeds College of Art

Leeds College of Art

End of Year Show

End of Year Show

Craig Laing


Four: THE RANGE Extending the yearbook designs across our end of year show, creating labels for all the students.

_K2 LAST WORDS Self lead brief to create original board artwork. Taking and illustrating answers from interviews with K2’s professional snowboarders to create a range of board designs for each of the riders.

One: ILLUSTRATIONS Taking the answers from the questionnaires and illustrating them.

Two: BOARD DESIGNS Five riders, five boards. Each board having 4 variations of the design to correlate with sizes available.

Three: STICKERS Producing stickers to exteend the product range. Custom logos from each board plus the illustration.

_EPITHINY Client and self lead brief to create the visual identity of a electro - house DJ. The client aspect of the brief was the deliverable of the logo from which I then chose to develop by creating a double E.P release, designing artwork for along with a fold out insert.

One: LOGO Modern, contemporary type design. The client had asked for some form of an eye to be included within the design, which I have represented within the ‘P’.

Two: THE PRODUCT Artwork for one of the E.P’s.

Three: THE PRODUCT Double E.P release, minimal design with images relatable to the title of the E.P.

Four: THE PRODUCT Fold out insert, stating the tracks with info and a description, double sided print, red and blue to separate the designs a little more.

_GOOD50X70.ORG Live competition brief, taken from the above site. Named, Tiger Extinction, the brief was to create a poster raising awareness on the dangers of tigers becoming extinct.

One: THE PRODUCT Poster design using arguably the worlds most famous tiger.

Decrease in land occupied by tigers in the last decade

Tigers killed in India over the last 10 years

Drop in wild tiger numbers over the past 100 years

Years until tigers could be extinct

40% 417 95% 12 Two: THE PRODUCT Cereal box design, extending the original brief to create a more substantial awareness campaign.

Three: CONTEXT The cereal box in it’s natural environment.

_Mitch R. Gibbons _Portfolio.11 +44 (0) 7969 318 025

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