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By Kevin, Mitch and Dave

Richie is going on an adventure. He loves to fly his plane and explore new places. Get that kangaroo off the runway!!

Hmm, I wonder where I am??

Richie has been flying through the night and he is hungry! What could he find to eat In this country?

I’m starving! What could I eat here??

Mild, medium or hot sir?

Richie has clocked up some miles now! Look out for that tower Richie!

Bonjour Monsieur McCaw, would you like a baguette?

What is that cool hat he is wearing?

Just what is that hat?

Richie has come across a huge city, and one very tall lady!

Statue bro?

Those hotdogs smell good!

Richie’s been away from home for a long time. He is getting home sick!

I miss my mummy!

Mum, Dad, I’m glad to be home!!

Richie has made it home after an exciting adventure around the world!

Where is richie now