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Mitchell Vazquez Offers Support to Global Arts and Culture Philanthropy Mitch Vazquez, an ardent philanthropic donor, recently offered aid to the cause of Global Arts and Culture philanthropy. The Global Arts and Culture philanthropy was enunciated by the Ludwig Foundation, an organization based in Aachen, Germany that aimed at promoting international understanding through the acquisition and maintenance of art and the promotion of exhibition activities. The Ludwig Collection has been a collective achievement of both Irene and Peter Ludwig. It comprises thousands of art objects. The collection includes individual works of art of the highest quality and, in addition, focuses on coherent work groups. It was in 1957 that Irene and Peter Ludwig began concentrating on collecting for the public in order to fill gaps in existing museum holdings. 1957 marks the beginning of a long-term commitment favoring numerous museums in Germany and abroad. Museums and Institutions bearing the Ludwig name are located in Aachen, Bamberg, Basel, Budapest, Koblenz, Cologne, Oberhausen, Beijing, Saarlouis, St. Petersburg and Vienna. Mitch Vazquez is a proud supporter of a number of regional causes. He financed his education himsel f through a scholarship, student loans, and part time work. He realizes the fact that arts and culture should be conserved as much as possible. To know more about his other philanthropies log on to

Mitchell Vazquez Offers Support to Global Arts and Culture Philanthropy