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Wilkes Bashford for Jewelry?

Oscar Heyman Temple St Clair Kwiat Paul Morelli Sylva & Cie Kimberly McDonald Paolo Costagli Kathleen Dughi pomellato Irene Neuwirth Loren Jewels Assael pearls Nam Cho Ashley Pittman Renee Lewis Martin Bernstein Syna Jewels Elizabeth & James Coomi yossi & many more featuring

introducing Jewelry as exciting as our legendary fashions!

from the world’s most talented designers...


expanded jewelry collections for life’s great occasions!

o s ca r h e y m a n

One of the most anticipated additions to our newly renovated stores is the major expansion of our jewelry departments! We invite you to discover cases and cases of world-class diamond, fine and designer jewelry... all specially chosen to suit the tastes and lifestyles of our discerning customers. Our GIA-Certified jewelry buyers have years of experience, longstanding relationships with many of the world’s top jewelry houses and an eye for spotting up-and-comers. Our Jewelry Experts are here to help you make just the right selection for that special gift, special outfit or special occasion. We are humbled by the extraordinary talents of the designers you will see on the coming pages and in our stores! Whether you’re looking for an heirloom-quality necklace of rare colored diamonds or fun bangles for your next vacation, you will find it in our new jewelry departments.

Blue sapphire and diamond necklace: 95.69ct blue sapphires, 14.35ct marquise diamonds, and 2.13ct round diamonds set in Platinum. Price upon request

Rings, top to bottom: 10.03ct Burmese Ruby with oval white diamonds 14.27ct Mexican Fire Opal with round canary diamonds 5.50ct Sri Lankan Sapphire with oval white diamonds 11.94ct Brazilian Catseye with oval white diamonds 14.37ct Australian Black Opal with oval sapphires and round white diamonds 8.96ct Vietnamese Star Ruby with half moon and round white diamonds 4.53ct columbian Emerald with half moon white diamonds prices upon request

o s ca r h e y m a n

assorted diamond studs in various sizes, cuts and settings. custom engagement rings can be created in any size, cut, clarity or setting. prices upon request

k wia t

the must-have ENGAGEMENT RING (or anniversary upgrade!)


l o u i s n ew m a n

Confetti Collection 18k white gold with blackened finish Large Snap Hoop Earrings with 2.00cts white diamonds $11,000 4mm Confetti Rings with 1.19cts white diamonds , in 20k rose gold, 18k yellow gold or 18k white gold $6,000 18k white gold Mixed diamond necklace 15.03cts white diamonds price upon request 18k white gold with blackened finish Confetti necklace: 10.99cts white diamonds pRice upon request

P a u l Mo r e l l i

the one-of-a-kind creation for the bride (or mother of!)


18k white gold 17mm baroque South Seas pearl and diamond earrings Price upon request

k a t h l ee n D u g h i jewe l e r

k wia t

assorted diamond hoops in varying cuts and sizes prices upon request

The one thing a girl can never get enough of!


all IN platinum: Diamond String Necklaces Half bezel oval diamond eternity ring Kwiat Signature shared prong round brilliant diamond eternity ring Half bezel Asscher diamond eternity ring Kwiat Signature shared prong oval diamond eternity ring prices upon request

k wia t


the way to make her birthday even more happy...

all in 18k yellow gold, top to bottom: cinnamon diamonds “shake” necklace $11,900

r e n ee l ewi s

diamonds rimmed cinnamon diamonds “shake” necklace $19,900 diamonds stone chain necklace $15,000

Sabbia earrings in 18k rose gold with white, brown and black diamond pavĂŠ $13,000 Tango bracelets in 18k rose gold with brown diamond pave prices upon request

po m e l l a t o

18k Yellow gold royal blue moonstone and diamond flower bracelet $13,500 18k yellow gold royal blue moonstone and diamond bracelet $7,950

a chance to give her the moon & the sea...


t e m p l e s t . c l ai r

18K yellow gold with Golden South Sea pearls: 15.1 - 12.1mm and 89.33ct moonstone necklace price upon request 13.2 - 12.5mm and 13ct moonstone earrings $7,600

A s s ae l

new & artistic ways to show your love...


18k noble gold “Ancient Americas� snake skin bracelet 25.1ct black and cognac diamonds price upon request

h. stern

47AG collection: Sterling Silver stacked bangles with two blackened rows of rose cut diamonds $4,900 Sterling Silver interlaced stacked bangles with two blackened silver rose cut diamond bands $4,700 Sterling Silver ring with top and bottom blackened rows of rose cut diamonds $480 Sterling Silver rose cut diamond earring $800

coo m i



gifts that are sure to light up her life...


Lilah pavé collection: oxidized “gilver” corset cuff with teal blue diamonds 29ct oxidized “gilver” assorted bangles in blue sapphire, blue diamond and white diamond prices upon request


One-of-a-Kind Boulder Opal Necklace with Diamond PavĂŠ price upon request

i r e n e Ne u wi r t h


treats you just may need to buy for yourself...

moonstone and diamond bracelet set in 18k White Gold, 2.85 cts, hand-crafted exclusively in New York City Price available upon request

P ao l o C o s t ag l i

“Braque� collection 18K blackened white gold Chocolate & champagne Diamonds 4ct, smokey quartz 2ct $13,570 18K Platinum White Gold Diamonds 3.4CT White Sapphires, 2.1CT $16,990 18K blackened white gold Blue sapphires, 5.5Ct Kyanite, 2.7CT Rose-cut Diamonds, .5 CT $8,970 18K Blackened White Gold Emeralds, 7.1Ct Rose-cut Diamonds, .5CT $11,970

Na m C Ho

14k gold and sterling silver rose cut diamond and pavĂŠ champagne diamond snake bracelets. clockwise from top: 7.01cts of diamonds $8,075 7.00cts of diamonds $8,280 with 6.80 cts of diamonds and 0.75cts of sapphires $9,110

l o r e n jewe l s


the “happy 40th from all the girls...”

E l i z abe t h & James

Jewelry doesn’t always have to be so serious! Aside from estate quality fine jewelry, we also have a wide selection of exciting and artistic “fun” jewelry from many of today’s most cutting edge jewelry designers. Spice up your look with some trendy bangles, necklaces, earrings and rings from designers like Ashley Pittman, Elizabeth & James, Martin Bernstein and more!

Ma r t i n B e r n s t ei n

a s h l e y pi t t m a n

375 Sutter Street San Francisco, CA 94108 415.986.4380

450 Stanford Shopping Center Palo Alto, CA 94304 650.322.7080

Presorted First Class US Postage PAID Wilkes Bashford

Shown on front cover:

Ki m be r l y Mc D o n a l d Chrysocolla druze ring with irregular diamond bezel set in 18k white gold with black rhodium finish $4,350 Rose Cut Diamond Bracelet in Platinum 108.35ct price upon request Boulder Opal Earrings with Fancy and Pave Diamonds and Diamond Slices in Platinum price upon request

18k Yellow Gold & Sterling Silver Oxidized 44� Blue Aventurine Chain $10,000 18k Yellow Gold & Sterling Silver Oxidized Hand-Carved, One-of-aKind Opal Snake Pendant with Rough Cut Diamonds Approx 5.06ct and Single Cuts Approx 2.70 ct $31,500

S y l v a & C ie

M IT C H E L LS f a m i l y of s t o r e s


Wilkes Bashford Jewelry 2012  

Jewels! Discover Our New Jewelry Salons

Wilkes Bashford Jewelry 2012  

Jewels! Discover Our New Jewelry Salons