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EKH8KO;HI7H; H;7:O<EHJ>;?H 9BEI;#KF Fashionistas... have no fear! Our hip & happening buyers Lauren Perez and Angela Pieretti are out scouring all the fashion capitals... Milan, Paris, New York... to bring you the most exciting and sought-after new looks, just off the runway! Fresh off of their pre-fall buying jaunt, here we ask the magic question... What’s hot?

evergreens, haunting sea blues & fine wines

Let’s start with COLOR. What should we look for this Fall? Color is very rich and saturated. Think Evergreens, Sea Blues and Wines... the palettes are truly exquisite! Lauren Perez Think your favorite bottle of burgundy!

Linda Mitchell When in doubt, go blue! This has become a family motto:)

“Pre-collections are the fashion industry’s latest obsession, almost surpassing runway collections in importance and a statement to what a brand is about. It started and exploded with Resort.” — Lauren


Are leggings still in? What kind of leg or waistline is in for pants? We all have leggings in our closet. They’re comfortable and versatile... the trick is making them look fresh & sophisticated. Make ’em leather or suede! Anything goes for pants... slim, wide, cropped, whatever!

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What about “ladylike”? We’re seeing both ends of the spectrum... super ladylike details AND lots of menswearinspired... a juxtaposition of feminine vs. masculine.

Any ‘must have’ trends in Outerwear? Ellen Finlayson Pared-down military.

Lauren Perez Leathers, feathers, fur required! Fabulous leathers... braided, woven, perforated. Angela Pieretti Mixing very contemporary styling with designer sophistication and fabric.

“ You gotta have what I’ve dubbed the ‘jacardigan’... a cross between your favorite sweater and jacket... all cozy! They’re like warm milk to me!” — Angela


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Alexander McQueen was founded in 1992 by the late fashion icon, Lee Alexander McQueen, who gained recognition and countless awards for his innovative designs and dramatic runway shows.

“Sarah’s brilliant— I loved her last collection... She worked with Lee for so long so she knows what to do. She’s not Lee, but I think he’d be happy with her doing it. She learnt from him.”

Sarah Burton joined Alexander McQueen in 1996 while still in school and was named Creative Director in 2010. As Lee’s close collaborator for many years, Sarah truly understands his ethos and vision. Sarah gained international acclaim when commissioned to design Kate Middleton’s wedding dress for the Royal Wedding.

Sarah Burton,

Creative Director

Daphne Guinness British Vogue

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IKCC;H:7D=B;I &87D=B;I ?DJHE:K9?D=;BOII787II Having developed a love for jewelry as a girl in her grandmother’s antique shop, Elyssa Bass designs luxury, statementmaking pieces that mirror the glamour and panache of the early to mid 1900’s. Committed to offering distinctive creations

and superior quality, Elyssa searches the world, acquires the finest gems available and designs powerful, show-stopping creations that command attention and combine the worlds of fashion, fantasy, and extravagance!



J>;87D=B;87H 9EC;C?NC7J9>7D:>7L;IEC;<KD Vintage and modern. Jeweled and geometric... Bangles are all the rage and our new Bangle Bar is stocked with many of our designer’s most stunning creations. Bring in any bangles you want to work with... and let’s play!

HUGS + HAPPENINGS... Breast Cancer Alliance Junior Fashion Show, Red Lulu Tuesday and Flower Shows!

Breast Cancer Alliance Junior Fashion Show

Red Lulu Tuesday

The BCA Junior Fashion Show at Richards raised funds and fun with the lovely daughters of BCA friends and survivors as models. Customers partied with their favorite associates for a Girl’s Night Out at Red Lulu. Mitchells and Richards welcomed Spring at our Flower Shows, featuring exquisite floral arts by local florists, event planners and landscapers.

Red Lulu Tuesday Breast Cancer Alliance Junior Fashion Show

Red Lulu Tuesday

Mitchells Flower Show

Richards Flower Show Breast Cancer Alliance Junior Fashion Show

Red Lulu Tuesday

Red Lulu Tuesday

Mitchells 670 Post Rd. East Westport, CT 06880 203.227.5165


Richards 359 Greenwich Ave. Greenwich, CT 06830 203.622.0551

Marshs 270 Main St. Huntington, NY 11743 631.423.1660

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<78KBEKI<?D:I$=H;7JI7L?D=IAll Women’s & Men’s Spring

Clothes, Shoes &Accessories on sale now! Find something great to wear to this weekend’s party!

Hermès Excluded.

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M Buzz No. 5  

Sale + Pre-Fall!

M Buzz No. 5  

Sale + Pre-Fall!