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SUPERSTARS Grant Photos by John

MANDIE FAUSTICH / Bella Lei Salon Spa Cedarburg, W62 N560 Washington Ave., Cedarburg, 262-375-5500 Working in a collaborative environment fuels my creativity and allows me to go above and beyond for my clientele.

DANA SEMENSKE / Hairstylist and

Education Director, Carenza Color. Cutting. Experience., 15455 W. Bluemound Rd., Brookfield, 262-827-1000

Color chemistry, geometry of features and the physics of hair type are three major elements I use to create a look.


a total beauty transformation, Milwaukee’s got the stylists who can give you the change you desire. From coloring or cutting to makeup applications and eyelash extensions, nothing is beyond the realm of possibility for these experienced stylists, colorists, cutting specialists, nail technicians and barbers. And, lucky for us, these aren’t just any stylists – they’re salon superstars. ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭✭✭✭

STACY GRAY / Hairstylist, Craig Berns Salon Spa, 645 Wells St., Delafield, 262-646-7406 I love styling for special events, and am always excited to help someone make a change and try something new.

SHAUN WILLIAM REISCHL / Hairstylist, Carenza Color. Cutting. Experience., 15455 W. Bluemound Rd., Brookfield, 262-827-1000

My overall goal is to co-create styles with my clients. From dramatic cuts to inspiring color, I strive for versatility in my designs.

MARYANNE RIEGE / Aesthetician,

LAVINIA STOICA / Nail Technician, Well Spa + Janice Salon, Pfister Hotel, 424 E. Wisconsin Ave., 414-277-9207

DAVEN L. HINES SR. / Owner and Master Barber, Dart Salon and Spa, 121 N. Jefferson St., 414-763-6438

YOLANDA WILLIAMS / Master Stylist, Signature Hair Studio at Dart Salon & Spa, 121 N. Jefferson St., 414-228-5877

I am passionate about helping you create and achieve your desired beauty goals! I focus on applying luxurious eyelash extensions and results-oriented skin care.

I love that I can bring happiness to people with something as simple as a change of color. I find a beautiful peace in what I do.

You cannot create experience, you must undergo it. With more than 20 years of experience, we appeal to multicultural consumers with sophisticated urban style!

My multicultural education allows me to enhance any guest with the latest trends. I will customize and rock the canvas I have to work with. Thanks to my guests for making my job so fun.

Salon Nova, 1437 E. Brady St., 414-273-6682

78 Milwaukee Magazine July 2012

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Christina Gifford / Hairstylist, Vici Park Salon & Spa, 4111 S. 108th St., 414-525-0100

Michelle Parks / Hairstylist, Vici Capilli Salon Bayshore, 5780 N. Port Washington Rd., 414-967-7400

From hair and nails to the arch in your eyebrow, my creativity and passion are never-ending.

I love developing a relationship with my client, and together creating a hair design that will make them feel both beautiful and confident!

Kara (Coco) Michaelson / Hairstylist,

Darryl Tucker / Barber, Dart Salon and Spa, 121 N. Jefferson St., 414-763-6438

Styling is more than a career, it’s my passion. I live to provide the experience of enhancing someone’s splendor.

Time is one of the most valuable things in life, and I keep this in mind at the salon. I want to maximize each experience and provide the best barbering service for my clients!

Nova Beschta / Owner, Salon Nova,

Michael Grober / Owner, Salon Nova,

If it’s beauty-related, it’s what I love to do. My passions are the things that can change your look in one appointment; that’s what led me to hair eyelash extensions.

If you have struggled with or despise your naturally curly hair, let me help you fall in love with it! Ouidad specialty cutting can transform your unruly curls.

Vici Capilli Salon Brookfield, 95 N. Moorland Rd., Brookfield, 262-821-2800

1437 E. Brady St., 414-273-6682

1437 E. Brady St., 414-273-6682

July 2012 79

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MYA JOHNSON / Hairstylist, Neroli Salon & Spa Brookfield, 3885 N. Brookfield Rd., Brookfield, 414-227-2888 It’s the best feeling when I combine my guests’ personal style with current trends knowing they leave looking and feeling great.

JASNA VASILIC / Hairstylist, Erik of Norway Downtown, 726 N. Milwaukee St., 414-223-0896 Creativity is constantly flowing in my fiery veins. You can expect nothing but the best when sitting in my chair.

NICHOLE BESCHTA / Hairstylist, Salon Nova, 1437 E. Brady St., 414-273-6682

SIDNEY GRAVEN / Hairstylist, Neroli Salon & Spa Downtown, 325 E. Chicago St.,414-227-2888

CHRISTINE HEIN / Hairstylist, Neroli Salon & Spa Bayshore, 5714 N. Bayshore Dr., Glendale, 414-227-2888

Eyelash extensions are an amazing service I love to specialize in. They’re subtle enough to make your friends think, “What is she doing different?”

A consultation is key. My top priority is to know my guests’ needs so I can offer customized change to fit their lifestyles.

As a cutting specialist, I believe in designing precision cuts that maintain shape and style. I love to travel for education and share it with guests.

KELLY BRUSH / Hairstylist, Erik of Norway Mequon, 1505 W. Mequon Rd., Mequon, 262-241-5111

SHANI WIGGINS / Hairstylist, Erik of Norway Mequon, 1505 W. Mequon Rd., Mequon, 262-241-5111

TAMMI SAVIC / Hairstylist, Erik of Norway Downtown, 726 N. Milwaukee St., 414-223-0896

I specialize in Keratin treatments (removes 80 percent of curl and frizz), which is perfect for current trends.

The more I learn about the person in my chair, the better I understand the look we are going to achieve.

Veteran hair colorist, international hair color educator, manager and mentor, you can count on me to keep you current and happy.


PAUL WERESCH / Hairstylist, Erik of Norway Downtown, 726 N. Milwaukee St., 414-223-0896

EMMY ROTHBAUER / Owner, Exclusively Emmy, 5300 S. 108th St., Hales Corners, 414-425-7474

Professional hairstylist for 20 years, specializing in cut, color and a killer blow out, I’ve styled for magazines, commercials and more.

I enjoy sharing my knowledge with salons as a coach with Salon Spa Business Solutions while keeping up with all my wonderful clients here.

Hairstylist, Erik of Norway Downtown, 726 N. Milwaukee St., 414-223-0896

Being a stylist/makeup artist is so much more than what others think. I bring art and textures into all of my work, which is a great attribute.

80 Milwaukee Magazine July 2012

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STEPHANIE ABTS / Hairstylist, Carenza Color. Cutting. Experience., 15455 W. Bluemound Rd., Brookfield, 262-827-1000

JACKI SUSLER / Hairstylist, Carenza Color. Cutting. Experience., 15455 W. Bluemound Rd., Brookfield, 262-827-1000

I love searching for clients’ “perfect” look that will maximize their image and happiness. My favorites: color, long hair, men’s cuts, and extensions.

My career allows me to use my creativity in color and cuts. I’ve built relationships with clients, and that’s one of the best parts.

COURTNEY MARTIN / Hairstylist, Carenza Color. Cutting. Experience., 15455 W. Bluemound Rd., Brookfield, 262-827-1000

MONICA PEETERS / Hairstylist, Carenza Color. Cutting. Experience., 15455 W. Bluemound Rd., Brookfield, 262-827-1000

If I won the lottery, I would still be a stylist. After 14 years in this industry, I work with a creative zest that keeps my clients coming back.

I’ve trained under globally renowned educators in cuts, color, extensions and styling. Together, we will create a look to match your lifestyle.

JULIE PERO / Aesthetician, Craig Berns Salon Spa, 645 Wells St., Delafield, 262-646-7406

SARA LISS / Owner and Stylist, Sara Jane’s, 15807 W. National Ave., New Berlin, 262-785-9640

Guests need a variety of suggestions from makeup to skin care. The best reward is when clients leave satisfied and excited to return.

I love customizing color and cuts to fit my clients’ individuality and lifestyle. I will always inform them of the current products, trends and techniques.

IMPRESSIONS DAY SPA 11134 N. Cedarburg Rd., Mequon, 262-242-4620,

A Q&A WITH OWNER KITTY TIERNEY WHAT IS UNIQUE ABOUT IMPRESSIONS? We’re not all about hair, skin and nails. It’s about making a commitment to our guests, the community and the environment.

HOW IS IMPRESSIONS ECO-FRIENDLY? We purchase wind turbine energy, and now we purchase solar energy as well. Through the nonprofit Matter of Trust, we’ve donated hundreds of pounds of cut hair to help soak up environmental oil spills. We donate our old towels to the Humane Society. Plus, we have motion sensitive lights that save on energy costs.

WHAT KIND OF REPUTATION DOES IMPRESSIONS HAVE? Impressions just won a 2012 BizTimes Entrepreneur Business of the Year award; Mequon-Thiensville Chamber of Commerce chose us as a Business of the Year; last year,

the North American Hairstylists Association recognized our business practices with a Master of Business award; we are regularly published in both national and local publications such as Modern Salon, Salon Today and many others; we’ve been named five times in the “Top 200 Salons in America” by Modern Salon and Salon Today. I’ve also garnered numerous national hairstyling awards.

WHAT ELSE MAKES YOU A STEWARD OF THE COMMUNITY? We do free Locks of Love to make wigs for children with medical hair loss. We also give free cuts to anyone losing her hair due to cancer treatments. We are well-known for our philanthropic efforts in the community because we feel it is important to give back. We are definitely more than great-looking hair. Impressions means “an effect of favorable improvement or influence on feeling, sense or mind.”

82 Milwaukee Magazine July 2012

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Element Style 630 Milwaukee St., Delafield, 262-646-4747,

A Q&A with Owners Chris and Carrie Rozek

Salon talk

What kind of designer salon Accessories do you offer?

Carrie: We came up with a concept for designer disinfectant jars. They have been a huge hit in the beauty industry and are sold all over the world. Because so many salons are updating their look to attract customers, we thought they could also update their disinfectant jar. We offer 10 designer styles that add unique beauty to a stylist’s station. They can reflect the individual personality of the stylist or the feel of the salon as a whole. Jars can be customized, too.

What was the idea behind the designer aprons?

Carrie: We noticed that many of the aprons stylists use are old-style BBQ aprons. They protect the clothes but look humdrum, so why not offer something special for the stylists? We offer five styles of aprons that were designed to look like little black dresses. Each apron will update your look instantly. They are colorsafe and bleach-resistant. They each offer two hidden pockets and different types of embellishments such as a bling-y belt buckle, a cute flowerette, or darling ruffles.

Any new items on the horizon?

Chris: Currently, we offer four styles of designer shear cases; one has a black crocodile texture case with a cross embellishment, another has a black-andwhite leopard case with a fleur-de-lis on the front. Both have rhinestones and are tres chic. We are about to release two more styles of shear cases – one is pink with a fleur-de-lis, and the second is a modern-looking black case with rhinestones and studs. Stylists can stop by our boutique and see everything we have to offer.

bangs …the original botox color cutting experience 15455 W. Bluemound Rd. Brookfield, WI 262.827.1000 July 2012 83

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GINA CIURRO / Hairstylist, Carenza Color. Cutting. Experience., 15455 W. Bluemound Rd., Brookfield, 262-827-1000

LASH BOUTIQUE BROOKFIELD 18895 W. Capitol Dr., Brookfield, 262-373-0101,

TRISHA LYSAGHT / Hairstylist, Carenza Color. Cutting. Experience., 15455 W. Bluemound Rd., Brookfield, 262-827-1000

I love updating my clients’ looks by adding new details to their haircuts or creating a new tone in their color.

Inspiration is a doorway to success. I enjoy transitioning my clients into updated and evolving looks. Specialty styles for events is my favorite salon service.

DESIRAE RAMIREZ / Hairstylist, Carenza Color. Cutting. Experience., 15455 W. Bluemound Rd., Brookfield, 262-827-1000

KATIE BOHN / Hairstylist, Bella Lei Salon Spa Mequon, 1556 W. Mequon Rd., Mequon, 262-241-7099

A Q&A WITH CO-OWNER NOVA BESCHTA WHAT IS UNIQUE ABOUT THE SERVICES PROVIDED AT LASH BOUTIQUE? The boutique’s specialty is eyelash extensions. Other services we provide include makeup application, waxing, mini facials, permanent makeup, Botox and dermal fillers.

WHY DID YOU CHOOSE TO OPEN A NEW LOCATION IN BROOKFIELD? The owners, Kelline Verbeke, Michael Grober and myself, feel that already having a salon presence in Mequon and Milwaukee made Brookfield a logical option. We are excited to share the new eyelash extension technology, LiquiFan Lashes, and new line of skin care and cosmetics with Brookfield customers.

WHY WOULD YOU RECOMMEND GETTING EYELASH EXTENSIONS? Eyelash extensions are for all ages; they reduce daily makeup routines and create a more youthful and vibrant look. Lash Boutique uses a revolutionary application system called LiquiFan Lashes that makes eyelash extensions more wearable for our clients.

WHAT IS UNIQUE ABOUT LIQUIFAN? LiquiFan is a patent-pending system I invented. Its major benefit is that lashes are instantly dried

and cured. This allows the lash artist to get more lashes on within your appointment time, and you can get your lashes wet the same day as opposed to waiting 24 to 48 hours as with other eyelash extension systems. It is safe, effective and one-of-a-kind.

WHAT IS DIFFERENT ABOUT YOUR BOUTIQUE COMPARED TO OTHER SALONS WHO OFFER EYELASH EXTENSIONS? Eyelash extensions aren’t just another service we provide. It’s the service we specialize in. The artists have had intense training and are providing this service several times a day. They have dedicated their careers to eyelash extensions by working for Lash Boutique Brookfield. They will have continuous education on the eyelash extension service and the other face services we provide. It’s our goal to have every client walk out completely happy.

Beauty is my passion. I specialize in color, cutting, facial waxing and makeup, and specialty styles.

Keeping up with the latest techniques and hair trends in fashion, I enjoy creating movable cuts and flawless color.

WHAT INSPIRED YOU TO OPEN LASH BOUTIQUE BROOKFIELD? People have been so excited about the eyelash extensions service since I started doing them in 2005. The joy this service evokes from clients was a great basis for a feel-good boutique like Lash Boutique Brookfield.

SAM KASLICK / Hairstylist Bella Lei Salon Spa Port Washington, 531 W. Grand Ave., Port Washington, 262-284-4400


Bella Lei Salon Spa & Boutique, W62 N560 Washington Ave., Cedarburg, 262-375-5500

I give my clients a style that complements their face shapes and skin tones, and expresses their identities.

I’m blessed to be able to create styles that have an immediate and positive impact on my clients’ self-esteem.

84 Milwaukee Magazine July 2012

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Salon talk

vici capilli 4111 S. 108th St., 414-525-0100; 95 N. Moorland Rd., Brookfield, 262-821-2800; 5780 N. Port Washington Rd., 414-967-7400,

A Q&A with Stacy Plale, Greg Rushing and Patrick Ludtke What makes Vici Capilli a great place to work?

Stacy Plale: Opportunity. I’ve worked for VC for 20 years and I’m still not bored. Our owners, Penny and Marvin Rushing, have always understood the powerful role quality education plays in our industry. It’s the driving force behind our culture; it is who we are.


What makes Vici Capilli different?

SP: It has got to be the people. It starts with our owners who, from day one, have encouraged our team spirit to grow. We offer many levels of experience and price points. Each guest gets the best VC has to offer, because we all draw from each others’ strengths. In an industry that can be very

competitive, it is an incredible experience.

Why is Vici a great place to work?

Greg Rushing: It’s an enjoyable atmosphere filled with music, excitement and laughter. Vici’s main goal is employee retention, which includes a 401(k) with partial match, a large portion of health insurance is paid for, and fantastic incentive programs. It motivates me!

What about Vici’s history?

Patrick Ludtke: The Rushings have been involved in the business of beauty for more than four decades, and our flagship salon in Brookfield is about to celebrate its 20th anniversary.

What are some current trends? PL: I personally love the way warm and cool tones blend into dimensional color. Most important though is taking what’s current and making sure it is personalized for the guest sitting in my chair.

What makes Vici different? PL: Vici is in a unique position to hire the best students coming through our beauty schools and recruit them into one of our three salons. Once in the salons, we have an intensive training program and ongoing education from all of our brand manufacturers. I only wish when I was new to the business I had access to the amount of education we offer.

stressed out? Feel relief with AvedA’s neW stress-Fix products & massage. Request an appointment on our website or call 262-646-7406 today.

Find us on

645 Wells Street Downtown Delafield July 2012 85

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726 N. Milwaukee St., 414-223-0896,

A Q&A WITH OWNER SCOTT YANCE WHY CHOOSE ERIK OF NORWAY DOWNTOWN? We are a boutique salon that redefines creativity and excellence in the world of hair artistry. You can find us in the heart of downtown on Milwaukee Street. We are an unparalleled salon with unique services and have a truly unique team. Talented and vibrant stylists create an atmosphere of total beauty, where the ultimate inspiration is the client. Plus, parking isn’t a problem because we offer complimentary valet parking for our guests.

WHAT KIND OF HAIR CARE PRODUCTS DO YOU USE? We carry only the finest products like Kérastase, Aveda, and Goldwell hair color.

WHAT KIND OF SERVICES DO YOU OFFER? Services include personalized fast-acting hair treatments, followed by a relaxing scalp massage. We also offer hair coloring, hair extensions and occasion styling, among other services.

WHAT IF A CLIENT NEEDS LUNCH OR A GLASS OF WINE? We can order something for you or make

ERIK OF NORWAY / MEQUON 1505 W. Mequon Rd., Mequon, 262-241-5111,

dinner reservations at any of the finest restaurants in town.

TELL US ABOUT YOUR STAFF. All of our team members mentor and help each other on a daily basis. We have a hair team of 12. I’ve trained at Vidal Sassoon, and lead our team with skill and dedication to the craft. I attend Fashion Week yearly, where I create looks for the runways and then bring them back to Milwaukee to share with everyone at the salon. For our coloring team, we are fortunate to have a Goldwell International hair color educator who attends trend releases before they hit the states and shares her insight with our staff.

WHAT’S YOUR PHILOSOPHY AT THE SALON? Aristotle said, “Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.”

ANY UPCOMING EVENTS? Join us for our open house July 13 from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the downtown location for an evening of complimentary Kérastase treatments, consultations, food and a live DJ. Treatment services are limited, so call now to reserve your appointment.


A Q&A WITH COLOR SPECIALIST BARBARA BLUNCK AND STYLIST PIERCE SCHEITHAUER WHAT SETS ERIK OF NORWAY APART FROM OTHER SALONS? Barb: First, it’s innovation. Erik of Norway was one of the first salons to create a department with stylists specializing in color only. Second, we pride ourselves on the education we receive to make us the best at our craft. We never stop innovating. We stay current on trends by listening to our clients about what they see and hear.

BARB, WHAT MADE YOU WANT TO SPECIALIZE IN COLOR-ONLY TREATMENTS? Barb: When I started at Erik of Norway 20 years ago, I felt it was important to focus on being the best I could be at color. I was fortunate enough to be given that opportunity with Erik’s vision of a Color Department. I was able to train in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, London and Paris, and now filter that education down to our younger staff.

PIERCE, WHAT DO YOU LIKE ABOUT WORKING WITH A COLOR SPECIALIST? Pierce: I really enjoy working as a team. Working together challenges us on a daily basis and keeps you inspired as a stylist. You collaborate on ideas to create a look that best suits the client. What’s exciting is that the hair color can be customized based on the haircut, or you can create a new haircut to complement the color selection.

WHAT STYLE ADVICE WOULD YOU GIVE YOUR CLIENTS? Barb: Hair color is an accessory that reflects who you are at that moment. As you grow and evolve, your hair color should change with you. Pierce: Always wear your hair in a look that makes you feel comfortable and confident, but leave it to your stylist to keep you in style.

86 Milwaukee Magazine July 2012

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Be WELL. Feel WELL. Spa WELL. An oasis for nourishing mind, body and soul. A spa and salon that is all about your well-being, inside and out. WELL Spa + Janice Salon features Milwaukee’s only private-suite day spa. From the moment you enter, it’s all about you. Rejuvenating facials, advanced massage therapy, exotic body rituals and signature salon services are provided in a gracious comforting setting where you can relax in quiet elegance. WELL Spa + Janice Salon is your respite from the day’s events, your time of renewal or your invigorating transformation. Take time for your well-being at WELL Spa + Janice Salon.

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Salon Superstars Milwaukee Magazine July 2012  

Whether you need a trim or a total beauty transformation, Milwaukee's got the stylist who can give you the change you desire. From coloring...

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