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Table of contents Introduction Persona Logo Color Typography Label Photography Poster & Pattern Poster & Pattern 2

Introduction This is our brandbook of the expansion AA energy drink. AA kids is an expansion for the target group 8 till 12 years old to drink healthier. The conclusion after our research is that children still drink too much sugar. We need to motivate kids to drink healthier thats why we came up with a new milkshake. This milkshake is not only healthy, but also very delicious. Everything in this branbook makes clear how a designer has to design AA kids promotions. The rules of this book can not be broken unless you discuss this with the designer.


Persona Name Max van de Berg Age 9 years old Gender male Personality School primary school: St. Jozefschool Max is a social and sportive boy. Hobbies playing outside, sport on

He likes to play outside with his

school and soccer

friends. Max goes to sport on school after his lessons. His parents

Place of residence Breda

support him to eat and drink healthy. This means that he takes healty food and drink to school.


Logo The AA kids logo is an illustrated vector work made in Illustrator. It is a strawberry and pinapple, to give it a healthy and childish look. The logo can’t be changed in composition or ratios. On a more busier background or an background where you can not see the colors well, you can use it in white. Only in the worst case senerio you can do this because the colors are very important in this logo.


Color Illustration pattern en letter colors (colors for head text or interior and graphic promotion.)

PANTONE 1215 U CMYK 0% 17% 58% 0% #fad982

Logo colors

PANTONE 1797 U CMYK 14% 79% 60% 3% #b55054

PANTONE 100 U CMYK 3% 0% 61% 0% #fbf185

PANTONE 144 U CMYK 0% 56% 79% 0% #df8943

(Can be used in other graphic and interior promotions.)

PANTONE RED 032 U CMYK 0% 80% 55% 0% #db5158

PANTONE 1797 U CMYK 0% 5% 93% 0% #fee729


Typography The typography that is be used for AA kids is PT Sans and Vanilla. The PT Sant

PageTitle PT Sans Bold 40 pt

is being used for like you see in the right for a website. Vanilla is being used in the

Auteur title of or caption

logo. The lettertype vanilla can be used

PT Sans Caption Bold 15 pt

in other promotions. Colors in the typography can be used

AlineaTitle Pt Sans Caption Regular 20 pt

only if they are the colors on page 6. Words that need to stand out PT Sans Italic 13 pt Content text Pt Sans Regular 13 pt


Label This label is made for the AA kids milkshake drink. The label needs to be cut out so the red around it will dissapear. The right side of the label will be put under the left side up to the red edge.

0,5 L


100 % FRUIT

Water 100 % fruit Melk This is made from a minimum af 30% recycled plastic. Please recycle it.


Photography AA kids products need to have a school background when the photo is being used for promotion like a poster. There can be people on the photos but only if they are the target group. All attention needs to be focused on the product.


Poster & Pattern This poster is made for a bus stop. It can

This pattern can be used in interior and

also be used as poster. In promo items

Graphic promotion. The pattern supports

you have to illustrate things around the

the 100% fruit in the milkshake

picture. On the poster there needs to be a logo. and typography like the slogan fruit milkshake for kids



Brandbook aa  
Brandbook aa  

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