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Free HP0­A22 Exam Preparation  Questions  Exam  HP0­A22    : Implementing HP StorageWorks Virtual Library Systems

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Question:1 Which security right does a normal user have on a NonStop NS-series system? A. Add users B. Purge any files C. Change own password D. Starting and stopping devices Answer: C Question:2 What does the Guardian file security string of "AOCO" mean? A. The owner can write to the file remotely. B. Any user (remote or local) can read the file. C. The owner's user group can purge the file locally. D. The owner's user group can execute the file remotely. Answer: D Question:3 Which utility is used to read the SAFEGUARD audit files and create reports? A. SAFEART B. SAFECOM C. SAFEREPT D. SAFEGUARD Answer: A Question:4 Which utilities are used for configuring hardware on a NonStop NS-series system? (Select two.) A. SCF B. VHS C. OSM D. MEASURE E. PATHCOM Answer: A, C Question:5 Which utility program is used to change configuration of EMS $0 logging options? A. EMSDIST B. EMSCINFO C. EMSDINFO D. EMSCCTRL Answer: D Question:6 What does the default CIIN file initiate? A. The SUPER.SUPER security settings B. Bringing up network lines and starting applications C. Reloading the remaining processors and starting an initial TACL D. The command file located in the $SYSTEM.SYSTEM subvolume Answer: C Question:7 What manages the I/O functions for one or more ServerNet addressable controllers of the same type? A. IPU B. IOP C. IOAMF D. I/O Controller Answer: B

For Latest HP0­A22 Exam Questions and study guides­ visit­­A22.html

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For Latest HP0­A22 Exam Questions and study guides­ visit­­A22.html

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