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Question:1 Which type of subset will ensure the Products dimension includes an up to date list? A. Private B. Default C. Dynamic D. Filtered Answer: C Question:2 Which of the following options makes it easier to access objects like worksheets and cube views? A. Application folders B. Microsoft Excel C. Cube Viewer D. Active reports Answer: A Question:3 How can an analyst make a report available in TM1 Web? A. Save it as a websheet. B. Upload it to the TM1 web server. C. Upload it to an application folder. D. Save it on the TM1 server. Answer: C Question:4 Which of the following Microsoft Excel features can be used to limit entries to the items the analyst has defined? A. Data filter B. Data table C. Data validation D. Data sort Answer: C Question:5 Where would an analyst place a large dimension to display many elements? A. In the column. B. In the row. C. In the measures. D. In the title. Answer: B Question:6 Which of the following is an example of a proportional spread? A. Spread the same value to all leaf cells. B. Distribute a value in the same ratio to all leaf cells. C. Distribute a value in the same ratio as existing data in leaf cells. D. Spread a value in increasing amounts to all leaf cells. Answer: C

For Latest COG­300 Exam Questions and study guides­ visit­­300.html

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For Latest COG­300 Exam Questions and study guides­ visit­­300.html

Exam COG-300 Preparation Questions  

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