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Question: 21 Which of the following options allows for secure communication over the Internet? A. RAS (Remote Access Service) B. RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) C. SLIP (Serial Line Internet Protocol) D. VPN (Virtual Private Network) Answer: D Question: 22 Which of the following is the 66 block termination point? A. Coaxial compliant. B. IEEE 1394 compliant. C. CAT6 compliant. D. CAT3 compliant. Answer: D Question: 23 Which of the following will have the MOST negative effect on network security? A. HTTPS B. RSH C. SNMPv3 D. SCP Answer: B Question: 24 has a token bus network. A break occurs in the network cable. How will this affect the network? A. The network will be split into two token bus networks. B. The nodes downstream from the break will have no network connectivity. C. The nodes upstream from the break will have no network connectivity. D. The network will collapse. Answer: D Question: 25 Which media type is NOT susceptible to electromagnetic interference (EMI)? A. Unshielded Twister Pair cable B. Shielded Twister Pair cable C. Co-axial cable D. Fiber-optic cable Answer: D Question: 26 In telecommunications, connectionless describes communication between two network end points in which a message can be sent from one end point to another without prior arrangement. Which of the following is considered a connectionless-oriented protocol? A. IP B. TCP C. SPX D. UDP Answer: D Question: 27 What is the purpose of the UDP protocol? A. Server to server connections B. Video conferencing C. Uploading files to a FTP server For Latest BR0-002 Exam Questions and study guides- visit-

D. Typical user LAN traffic Answer: B Question: 28 What is the maximum length for a 1000Base-SX cable segment? A. 300 meters B. 550 meters C. 10 kilometers D. 40 kilometers Answer: B Question: 29 Which layer 2 device will permit an administrator to connect two networks? A. Hub B. Bridge C. Router D. Firewall Answer: B Question: 30 Which is the most secure protocol that will allow a technician to remotely work on servers over a WAN? A. FTP B. SSH C. SIP D. Telnet Answer: B Question: 31 What is the maximum length of a 1000Base-CX cable segment? A. 25 meters B. 75 meters C. 100 meters D. 550 meters Answer: A Question: 32 Which tool will be installed in the server room to automate humidity drop reporting? A. Thermometer B. OTDR C. Environmental sensor D. Voltage event recorder Answer: C Question: 33 Which device can handle several secure tunneling connections? A. VPN concentrator B. NAT C. IPS D. IDS Answer: A Question: 34 A client noticed that traffic has increased steadily over the last few months and performance is beginning to suffer on its TCP / IP (Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol). Which network device can be installed to reduce the impact of network traffic without dividing the LAN (Local Area Network) into separate subnets? For Latest BR0-002 Exam Questions and study guides- visit-

A. Bridge B. Repeater C. Router D. Gateway Answer: A Question: 35 Network topology is the study of the arrangement or mapping of the elements (links, nodes, etc.) of a network, especially the physical (real) and logical (virtual) interconnections between nodes. Which network topology will provide the greatest protection against network outages due to a single line break? A. Ring B. Bus C. Mesh D. Star Answer: C Question: 36 Your company has implemented a VoIP phone system. Power is not available in all areas of the building. Which equipment can be used to solve this problem? A. Routers B. PoE switches C. Hubs D. CSUs Answer: B Question: 37 Which description is correct about configuring two network cards for failover in the event that one of the NICs becomes defective? A. constantly awake mode (CAM). B. Data redundancy. C. Hardware teaming. D. Full duplex mode. Answer: C

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For Latest BR0-002 Exam Questions and study guides- visit-

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