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Question:1 You want to set your view so that you see only your PDF document and the menu bar. Which should you choose? A. View > Reading Mode B. View > Full Screen Mode C. View > Page Display > Single Page D. View > Page Display > Single Page Continuous Answer: B Question:2 Which search criteria is available only if you are searching multiple documents or a PDF index? A. stemming B. whole words C. case-sensitive D. XMP metadata Answer: D Question:3 You have just clicked on a hyperlink that has taken you to another location in your document. Which icon should you click to return to the previous view?

A. C Answer: A Question:4 You have just used your mouse to create a signature field. Immediately after creating the signature field, the Add A Digital ID dialog box appears. Why does this happen? A. Acrobat has detected a digital ID and you must click Sign to complete the certification process. B. Acrobat has detected a digital ID and you must immediately enter the required ID password to continue the certification process. C. Acrobat has NOT recognized an existing digital ID and you must locate one or create a digital ID to continue the certification process. D. Acrobat has NOT recognized an existing digital ID and you must cancel the current certification process. After acquiring an appropriate digital ID, you can start Answer: C Question:5 Which type of security allows you to dynamically modify the security settings for a document? A. certificate security B. password security C. a security envelope D. Adobe LiveCycle Rights Management ES Answer: D Question:6 Before distributing your PDF document you want to search for and remove any hidden text. Which method should you choose? A. Preflight For Latest 9A0­084 Exam Questions and study guides­ visit­­084.html

B. PDF Optimizer C. Examine Document D. Compare Documents Answer: C Question:7 Which type of digital ID is stored on a server where it can accessed when needed? A. A roaming ID B. An ID on a security hardware token C. A self-signed ID in PKCS#12 format D. A self-signed ID stored in the Windows Certificate Store Answer: A Question:8 You want to restrict your PDF document so that it can be printed at no higher than 150 dpi. Which method should you choose? A. Document > Reduce File Size B. File > Print and select the Advanced option C. Advanced > Print Production > PDF Optimizer D. Advanced > Security > Encrypt with Password Answer: D Question:9 You are using the Geospatial Location Tool to discover geospatial data. You want to change the measurement units for all geospatial data in your PDF documents. What should you do? A. Choose Edit > Preferences > Measuring (3D) B. Choose Edit > Preferences > Measuring (Geo) C. Right-click in the PDF document containing the geospatial map and select Page Display Preferences. D. Temporarily switch to the Measurements Tool, right-click inside the map, and choose Distance Unit or Area Unit. Answer: B Question:10 You want to send a document which includes non-PDF documents as attachments. You want only the recipient to be able to view the attachments. Which should you choose? A. File > Properties B. Advanced > Security Settings C. Document > Examine Document D. Advanced > Security > Create Security Envelope Answer: D

For Latest 9A0­084 Exam Questions and study guides­ visit­­084.html

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For Latest 9A0­084 Exam Questions and study guides­ visit­­084.html

Exam 9A0-084 Preparation Questions  

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