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Answer: C Explanation: 1MB of free space is not enough for e-mail messaging to work. Being connected to the Internetand emailing is space intensive. Moving the Exchange Server database to a partition that has more free space on it would help. Incorrect answers: A: Compressing the disk will mean more space, but when you work with the compressed "data and software" then it uncompresses, thus leaving you with no free space. B: Restarting the Microsoft Exchange Services is not going to create more space. D: Restarting the server is not going to create more space. Question:29 You are the network administrator for Company. Company uses a server that runs Microsoft Windows Small business Server 2003 on its network. The network has 15 client computers. Employees connect to the network from home by using Remote Access Service (RAS) PPTP connection to the server. You limit the DHCP scope on the server to 25 IP addresses due to the address limit on the network firewall. You add 10 new clients computers to the network. Users report that client computers can only connect to the Internet intermittently and never more than 15 computers at a time. You need to ensure that all 25 client computers can always connect to the Internet without restricting access to the RAS client computers. What should you do? A. Configure all new client computers with reserved IP addresses. B. Shorten the DHCP lease time to one hour. C. Change the DNS server entry on the new computer. D. Change DHCP in RAS to a static scope. Answer: D Explanation: Changing the DHCP in RAS to a static scope will ensure that all 25 clients can always connect tothe Internet without restrictions to access. The Server can be configured to use an alternate static IP configuration if a DHCP server is unavailable. Incorrect answers: A: Using address reservations in DHCP, allows devices the ability to always have the same same address does not always relate to the ability to connect. This is a restriction. B: Shortening the lease time to one hour will not solve the problem. C: Changing the DNS server entry on the new computer?? What new computer?

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Reference: J. C. Mackin, and Ian McLean, Implementing, Managing, and Maintaining a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Network Infrastructure, Microsoft Press, Redmond, Washington, 2004, Chapter 7 Question:30 You are a network administrator of Company. The network consists of five Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional computers and 20 Microsoft Windows XP Professional mobile computers. A single Microsoft Windows Small Business Server 2003 computer hosts e-mail messaging and file sharing. The company wants to increase productivity and communication among the employees. The employees need the ability to share documents, schedule meetings and set up surveys. You need to set up the network to meet the company’s needs. What should you do? A. In Server Management console, enable the Allow logon to Terminal Server property in the User Properties. B. Add a new member server that runs Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server. C. Add a calendar Web Part to the SharePoint site. D. Add users to Mobile User Template. Install Connection Manager from the Remote Web Workspace site. Answer: C Explanation: You can interact with pages on a SharePoint site in a number of ways: Change the view, Add items, Check out items, Get alerted to changes, Import and export files and Discuss pages and documents. A calendar Web Part added to the Sharepoint site will improve communication amongst employees since it will aid them in sharing documents as well as schedule meetings and set up surveys. Incorrect answers: A: This will not increase productivity and communication. It will only grant the ability to log on to the Terminal server which means that employees still has to be informed about documents, meetings and surveys. B: Adding a new member server running Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server will not be sufficient in proving for the needs For Latest 70-282 Exam Questions and study guides- visit-

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