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Question:1 Which three are used to access shared storage? (Choose three.) A. SCSI B. Fibre Channel C. iSCSI D. IDE E. SATA Answer: A, B, C Question:2 Which two system components are verified during a pre-installation check for Storage Foundation High Availability? (Choose two.) A. Shared disk storage compatibility B. Total physical memory C. Aggregate CPU performance D. Active Directory E. Available installation disk space Answer: B, E Question:3 You have just installed Storage Foundation for Windows. Which step can you take to verify that installation was successful? A. Start the VEA GUI and connect to the system B. From the command prompt, type the vxverify -install command C. From the command prompt, type the vxdctl -verify command D. Start the Cluster Manager Java Console and connect to the system Answer: A Question:4 Storage Foundation for Windows is going to be installed on two systems with a push install process. Which three should be verified before installation? (Choose three.) A. Supported operating systems are verified on the software compatibility list. B. Local administrative rights are only needed on the local system. C. Local administrative rights are needed on both systems. D. Sufficient disk space is available as specified in the Release Notes. E. Domain administrative rights are required to perform a push install. Answer: A, C, D Question:5 VxCache improves the performance of which of the following? A. Specific disks B. Specific dynamic volumes C. Specific dynamic disk groups D. Specific operating systems Answer: B Question:6 You want to upgrade a third-party application that is actively running in a Veritas Cluster Server (VCS) cluster. What is the first step you should take? A. Perform the upgrade from the system where the third-party application is offline B. Check to see if the third-party application upgrade version is supported and the resource type is included in the file C. Check to see if the upgrade version of the third-party application is supported with the current version of VCS agent D. Perform the upgrade from the system where the third-party application is online Answer: C Question:7 Which application is capable of being clustered? A. One that is bound to a system using a hardware dongle B. One that is hardcoded to store its data on the C:\f0 drive For Latest 251-351 Exam Questions and study guides- visit-

C. One that is bound to a system using a MAC address D. One that is bound to a system using an IP address Answer: D Question:8 Which agent entry points are required in order to make an application highly available in a two-node cluster? A. Online, offline, monitor B. Offline, monitor, clean C. Monitor, online, clean D. Clean, monitor, offline Answer: A Question:9 Which three items can you select when you create a cluster configuration using the Veritas Configuration Wizard? (Choose three.) A. Notifier B. Global Cluster Option C. Web Console D. Fileshare E. Volume Replicator

Cluster Server

Answer: A, B, C Question:10 What is the default Veritas Cluster Server Web console service group? A. WebService B. WWWService C. ClusterService D. ClusterWeb Answer: C Question:11 Which command is used to install Storage Foundation High Availability for Windows in a silent mode? A. setup.exe B. vxinstall.exe C. install.exe D. vxsetup.exe Answer: A Question:12 Which Windows user rights must be given to a Windows account in order to install Storage Foundation High Availability for Windows on the S1 and S2 systems? A. Local Administrator access B. Domain Administrator access C. Account Administrator access D. HelpAssistant access Answer: A Question:13 What is a requirement for clustering an application? A. The application must utilize storage that is shareable among the cluster systems. B. The application must be able to restart to a known state after a failure. C. The application must be able to run simultaneously on all clustered systems. D. The application binaries must reside on shared storage. Answer: B Question:14 A system has two HBAs with only two paths to a supported Active/Active array. Before installing Storage Foundation for Windows, what should you do? A. Disable one of the HBAs B. Enable both of the HBAs For Latest 251-351 Exam Questions and study guides- visit-

C. Set paths equal to Active/Passive D. Set paths equal to Active/Passive concurrent Answer: A Question:15 In a four-node cluster, a simple application requires one volume for shared storage. How many times will the cluster administrator be required to create the clustered disk group for the shared storage volume? A. One B. Two C. Three D. Four Answer: A Question:16 Which feature does FlashSnap enable when installed? A. Dynamic disk group split and join B. Dynamic disk group deport and import C. Volume shrinking D. Volume shredding Answer: A Question:17 In addition to Domain Administrator, which security group membership is required to add a system to a cluster? A. Account Operator in the domain B. Enterprise Administrator in the domain C. Local Administrator for the new system D. Domain User in the domain Answer: C Question:18 What are two ways to verify that the installation of Storage Foundation or Storage Foundation High Availability was successful? (Choose two.) A. Verify that the Veritas Enterprise Administrator has replaced Disk Management in Computer Management B. At the end of the installation, review the Late Breaking News to confirm any successful or failed packages C. Switch the service group that contains the VMDg basic disk group resource from System1 to System2 and confirm that the resource is online D. Open the Microsoft Windows Services applet and verify that the Veritas Enterprise Administrator Service and High Availability engine are present E. From the command prompt, run the hastatus -sum command to confirm that the cluster is in a running state and all service groups are online Answer: A, D Question:19 Which minimal Active Directory permission do you need if you plan to add a new Veritas Cluster Server Helper service account when configuring a new cluster? A. Domain User group member B. Local Administrators group member C. Account Operators group member D. Schema Admins group member Answer: C Question:20 A critical SQL resource in the SGa service group faulted, resulting in a failover to System2. The critical resource then faulted on System2. What must you do in order to bring SGa back online? A. Probe the resource on both systems, SGa then comes online B. Clear the faulted resource, SGa then comes online C. Probe the resource on both systems and manually bring SGa online D. Clear the faulted resource and manually bring SGa online Answer: D Question:21 For Latest 251-351 Exam Questions and study guides- visit-

Application I/O is performing poorly. You want to change the path settings so that the path with the fewest number of waiting I/O requests is used for the next data transfer. Which Dynamic Multipathing (DMP) load-balancing setting should you select? A. Dynamic least queue depth B. Weighted Paths C. Round-robin with subset D. Least Blocks Answer: A Question:22 A power problem causes all systems in the cluster to crash. One system fails upon reboot and smoke is coming from the power supply. When the gabconfig -a command is run, the GAB port has two nodes registered, but fails to register GAB on the third node. Which command should be used to start the cluster? A. Edit gabtab.txt and change the -n3 option to -x B. Run hasys -force on one of the systems to force HAD to start C. Run hastart -force on both of the running systems D. Run gabconfig -cx on one of the running systems Answer: D Question:23 The failover service group named SG1 is FROZEN and is ONLINE|PARTIAL in a two-system cluster. The power is unplugged from the system on which SG1 is ONLINE|PARTIAL. Given the following configuration file: group SG1( SystemList = { SystemA = 1, SystemB = 2 } AutoStartList = { SystemA, SystemB } ) What will be the state of SG1 on the surviving system? A. ONLINE B. OFFLINE C. ONLINE|FROZEN D. OFFLINE|PARTIAL Answer: B Question:24 Given the following lltstat output: LLT node information: Node State Link Status Address 0 SystemA OPEN Adapter0 CONNWAIT 00:03:BA:37:20:84 Adapter1 UP 00:03:BA:37:20:85 1 SystemB OPEN Adapter0 UP 00:03:BA:36:E7:B0 Adapter1 UP 00:03:BA:36:E7:B1 * 2 SystemC OPEN Adapter0 UP 00:03:BA:37:20:83 Adapter1 UP 00:03:BA:37:20:82 3 SystemD OPEN Adapter0 DOWN 00:03:BA:36:E7:B2 Adapter1 DOWN 00:03:BA:36:E7:B3 On which system was the lltstat command run? A. SystemA B. SystemB C. SystemC D. SystemD Answer: C Question:25 You run the following command and receive error messages: C:hastatus -sum VCS ERROR V-16-1-10600 Cannot connect to VCS engine VCS WARNING V-16-1-11046 Local system not available What could be the cause of these error messages? A. The files contain syntax errors. B. GAB has yet to seed on this system. C. Systems are in STALE_ADMIN_WAIT state. D. Systems are in ADMIN_WAIT state. Answer: B

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