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Free 1Z0­108 Exam Preparation Questions  Exam  1Z0­108    : Oracle WebLogic Server 10g System Administration

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Question:1 Click on the Exhibit button. Consider a WebLogic Server 10.x domain with four managed servers. Two managed servers "S1" and "S2" are part of cluster "A" and the other two ("S3" and "S4") are part of cluster "B." Server "S1" is hosting a JMSServer "JMS-server1" (deployed to a migratable target configured for JMS-related services) with four queues and two topics for the application "App" deployed to both the clusters. For some reason, the machine hosting the server "S1" crashed. The JMSServer "JMS-server1" needs to be reactivated for message production and consumption by the application and also the messages on the server "S1" need to be recovered. Which of the following must be done to reactivate the JMSServer and to recover all the messages from "S1"?

A. Migrate the JMS Service from "S1" to "S2". B. Migrate the JTA Service from "S1" to "S3". C. Migrate the JMS Service from "S1" to "S3". D. Migrate both the JMS Service and JTA Service from "S1" to "S3". Answer: A Question:2 If you are configuring a Java-based Node Manager, select three options that are applicable to its configuration. A. You can configure Node Manager as a Windows startup service or Daemon process on a Windows and a UNIX platform, respectively. B. You can specify Node Manager properties in the command line or in a file. C. Node Manager cannot be configured on a multi-homed system. D. If you are running more than one Managed Server on a single machine, you must install separate Node Managers for each Managed Server. E. Properties that you specify for the Node Manager on the command line override the properties in the file. Answer: A, B, E Question:3 An application-wide deployment plan was used to deploy an application. Based on post performance diagnosis, the HTTP post size needs to be reduced. Following would be a valid approach: A. Configure the http maximum post size value in the existing deployment plan for redeploying using the For Latest 1Z0­108 Exam Questions and study guides­ visit­­108.html

weblogic.Deployer utility. B. Update the http maximum post size for the application using weblogic.Deployer. C. Use weblogic.PlanGenerator to update http maximum post size configuration and redeploy the application. D. Use weblogic.Admin to set auto-tune-http-setting to be true and redeploy the application. Answer: A Question:4 Consider a WebLogic instance that reports several failures with respect to multiple subsystems and applications. Logging and debugging is enabled for all the subsystems including configuring diagnostic monitors to capture diagnostic data at both the system and application levels. If the requirement is to be able to perform the analysis in both online and off-line modes, which one of the following would help in meeting the requirement? A. Configuring diagnostic archive B. Redirecting the server standard output to a file C. Capturing server log files D. Configuring diagnostic monitors to log to a file Answer: A Question:5 Consider a cluster of eight WebLogic Managed Servers, each hosted by a different machine. Machine "A" goes down and as a result Server "A" is migrated to another physical machine "Backup_A" to restore all the services hosted by Server "A." Migration is successful but which two of the following are requirements for server migration? A. SSH version of Node Manager B. Fixed-IP address for each migratable managed server C. Pinned services must be migrated prior to server migration D. A database for storing lease information Answer: A, D Question:6 In a domain of three clustered instances hosted by three physical machines, two instances started fine but the third one on Machine "C" failed with the following exception: <Error><Cluster><myserver> <weblogic.time.TimeEventGenerator> <<System>> <> <BEA-000109> <An error occurred while sending multicast message: ...> Which one of the following would NOT help in resolving this exception? A. Run utils.MulticastTest to confirm multicast working on the machine "C." B. Restart the failed WebLogic instance. C. Perform the action described in the message catalog for the error code in the above exception. D. Reconfigure the clusters multicast configuration. Answer: B

For Latest 1Z0­108 Exam Questions and study guides­ visit­­108.html

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For Latest 1Z0­108 Exam Questions and study guides­ visit­­108.html

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Made available by Exam 1Z0­108 study material Exam 1Z0­108 : Oracle WebLogic Server 10g System Administration For Latest 1Z0...

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