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Free 1Y0-A03 Exam Preparation Questions Exam 1Y0-A03: Citrix XenDesktop 2.0 Enterprise Edition: Administration

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Question:1 On which component should an administrator install the Virtual Desktop Agent for a XenDesktop environment that includes Provisioning Server and XenServer? A. Target device B. Virtual machine C. Provisioning Server D. Desktop Delivery Controller Answer: B Question:2 An administrator is using the Provisioning Server Image Builder to build target devices in a XenDesktop environment. What minimum information must the administrator input for the Image Builder to work in this environment? A. The optimization options B. The drive letter assigned to the vDisk C. The IP address for the Desktop Delivery Controller D. The Microsoft Active Directory Domain for the XenDesktop environment Answer: B Question:3 An administrator has been tasked with adding additional target devices to a Provisioning Server database for a XenDesktop environment using BIOS prompts. How should the administrator add the target devices to the database for this environment? A. Set the Provisioning Server Properties to add new target devices automatically using BIOS prompts B. Create a target device template which prompts for computer name and description in the XenCenter console C. Configure the Provisioning Server to detect new target devices with BIOS prompts using the Management API D. Set the Target Device Properties to add new target devices using a template that includes prompts for computer name and description Answer: A Question:4 Scenario: An administrator is converting a XenDesktop pilot environment into a production environment. The administrator needs to add many additional virtual desktops. Because of the quantity of devices, the administrator does not want to add the new virtual desktops to the Provisioning Server database manually.In which two ways can the administrator have these virtual desktops added automatically? (Choose two.) A. Running the XenDesktop Setup Wizard B. Creating the virtual desktops using BIOS prompts C. Running the Presentation Server Configuration Wizard D. Creating the virtual desktops using a target device template Answer: A, D Question:5 Scenario: An administrator recently edited several properties in a desktop group. Some of the changes the administrator made include:' 1 changing the desktop group name 2 modifying the idle pool settings 3 changing the logoff behavior 4 allowing all connections without the need for Access Gateway Standard Edition. Before editing the desktop group, the administrator also set up a policy to disable USB drive mapping for the desktop group. However, when the administrator tests the policy by logging into a virtual desktop as a user, USB drive mapping is still allowed. How can the administrator configure the environment to work properly for the desktop group? A. Configure the policy so that all drives are disabled B. Edit the policy to log off all users and reboot their virtual desktops C. Edit the desktop group name in the policy to match the new desktop group name D. Configure the farm to disallow connections through Access Gateway Standard Edition Answer: C Question:7 Which two methods can an administrator use to enable users to save personal information on a provisioned virtual For Latest 1Y0-A03 Exam Questions and study guides- visit-

desktop within a XenDesktop environment using only standard image vDisks? (Choose two.) A. Use a profile management tool B. Configure on-demand assignment C. Configure Roaming Profiles by GPOs D. Use Provisioning Server to cache on client Answer: A, C

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For Latest 1Y0-A03 Exam Questions and study guides- visit-

Exam 1Y0-A03 Preparation Questions