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Question:1 Svetlana has configured security features in Lotus Connections to allow only specific groups access to specific features. Activities security with the Profiles directory service, however, is not functioning correctly. Which of the following best describes the reason for this? A. The Profiles feature must NOT run SSL B. Single sign-on for LDAP is not enabled C. Basic form authentication must be configured for Lotus Connections D. The database utilized for the Lotus Connections installation is not group enabled Answer: B Question:2 Quinn has enabled virus scanning for Communities inside of Lotus Connections. He wishes to scan only specific file types and allow others to be uploaded without scanning. In which of the following locations is this function configured? A. wimcfg.xml B. CommunityConfig.xml C. D. LotusConnections-config.xml Answer: D Question:3 You are enabling and configuring the Home page of Lotus Connections and to scale properly, you have located the feature on a different node than the other features. Which of the following must be true for this topology to work correctly when using federated repositories? A. The realm name must be identical on each server B. You must enable automatic regeneration of LTPA keys C. The servers must all offer forms-based authentication D. The user must enter through the Home page to access all features once enabled Answer: A Question:4 Users are able to change their own passwords to ease the administrative burden. How long is the original user password honored by the Lotus Connections server? A. One day B. One hour C. Until a server restart D. There is no expiration for the old user password Answer: C Question:5 The ACME Corporation has planned to create multiple database instances for develpment and production. It has also chosen to use the provided scripts to install the databases. Which of the following is true regarding this type of deployment? A. The company must run the scripts once for each instance. B. The company must run the scripts one time for all instances. C. The company must modify the script to run once on each instance at the same time. D. The company must modify the scripts to create multiple database administrator accounts. Answer: A Question:6 While preparing to pull LDAP data into the profiles database in Lotus Connections, Caleb discovered that certain fields in the profiles database had a corresponding entry in the LDAP source with another value name. To define the mappings used when populating the Profiles database from the enterprise directory, which of the following files should be utilized to configure the mapping? A. B. C. D. Answer: D For Latest 190­957 Exam Questions and study guides­ visit­­957.html

Question:7 The user ID of the owner of the database instance to which you want to install the databases must have privileges to create which of the following? A. indexes, users, and groups B. tables, users, and profiles C. database, tablespace, and tables D. profiles, databases, and connections Answer: C Question:8 Lotus Connections uses at least two identifiers for entities such as user IDs, data objects, and data attributes for reliable login functionality. Which of the following is a system-oriented identifier that is used by the system for searching and indexing? A. Global Unique Identifier B. Human Oriented Identifier C. Tivoli Variable Identifier D. Login Properties Identifier Answer: A Question:9 Baxter was attempting to complete the Tivoli Directory Integrator installation. Upon creating the file paths for the main and subdirectories, which of the following should he avoid? A. Make sure the file path does not contain the name Tivoli B. Make sure all the file paths are not mapped to the temp directory for caching of the directory imports C. Make sure the installer is not located in the same location the Tivoli Directory Integrator will be installed D. Make sure the file path in which you create the subdirectory contains directories that have names that do not contain spaces in them Answer: D Question:10 In the single profile with one server process configuration, the WebSphere Application Server Integrated Solutions Console is available on which of the following default server processes? A. Aserver B. server C. serverA D. server1 Answer: D

For Latest 190­957 Exam Questions and study guides­ visit­­957.html

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For Latest 190­957 Exam Questions and study guides­ visit­­957.html

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