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Question:1 The maximum number of connections Community Services on a single server may support is which of the following? A. 8,000 B. 10,000 C. 20,000 D. 25,000 Answer: C Question:2 The below field in STCONFIG.nsf provides which of the following functionalities? URL for UIM Provisioning A. This provides a location for managing multiple multiplexer installs B. This provides a central place for clients to pull Sametime Connect updates C. This provides a URL for clients to download the install file for Sametime Connect D. This provides a place for servers to download policy information for community clusters Answer: B Question:3 While in an online meeting, all the users are able to screenshare and utilize the whiteboard. However, chat between the users will not function. Which of the following is most likely the cause of this issue? A. Community services have stopped running B. Chat is not allowed in the Meeting Room client C. The administrator has disabled meeting room chat D. The meeting manager has deselected the chat feature when creating the meeting Answer: A Question:4 Client-based location awareness requires each user to manually populate his geographic details for each new location. What information is utilized to build the awareness? A. The user's password B. The user's machine name C. The user's network information D. The user's home Sametime server Answer: C Question:5 While in a scheduled meeting, you have made changes to an uploaded file for the whiteboard. When saved, in which of the following file formats is the document available? A. pcu and scr B. doc and pdf C. swb and rtf D. txt and gif Answer: C Question:6 Through the use of Stlinks, users are able to chat anonymously with individuals in your organization. You wish to allow these outside users to also transfer files via Sametime. Which of the following steps is the best solution, as the Sametime administrator, to allow this ability? A. Enable file transfers in the default Sametime policy. B. Add -Anonymous- to the stcenter.nsf database with the Transfer role assigned. C. Change -Default- to the stresc.nsf database with the ability to create documents. D. Force the anonymous users to authenticate and then allow them to file transfer through a policy assigned to extranet users. Answer: A Question:7 A user that does not authenticate to access a meeting from the Sametime Meeting Center, appears as which of the following names by default? A. User B. Guest For Latest 190­800 Exam Questions and study guides­ visit­­800.html

C. Unknown D. Anonymous Answer: A Question:8 Which one of the following is required to enable multicasting for Recorded Meeting Broadcast services? A. All of the network routers involved must be multicast-enabled B. Users must have loaded the Sametime Multicast client package to attend multicast-enabled meetings C. The Sametime server must be multicast-enabled in STCONFIG.nsf by enabling the multicast ports and users D. The Sametime server that will be distributing the multicast meeting must have more than one network connection Answer: A Question:9 Users are actively attending scheduled meetings with no issues. During the meeting, teams are created to work on certain projects. Team leaders begin to create chat-only breakout meetings. However, some team leaders are unable to successfully create the breakout meetings. Which of the following best represents the reason that they were unsuccessful? A. The policies for some team leaders do not allow instant meetings. B. The unsuccessful team leaders do not have video cameras attached to their systems. C. You have administratively limited the number of breakout meetings on the meeting server. D. The meeting moderator did not properly assign some team leaders the rights to create the chat-only breakout meetings. Answer: A Question:10 Jasmine has moved the Sametime Connect client installer file to the server to prepare for a Macintosh client network installation. However, the users installations are failing. Which of the following components are required to be available to the user during installation? A. An update site, site.xml file and rpm file B. A rpm file, update site and install manifest C. A setup executable, update site and an install manifest D. A plug-in folder, site.xml file and plugin_customization.ini file Answer: C

For Latest 190­800 Exam Questions and study guides­ visit­­800.html

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For Latest 190­800 Exam Questions and study guides­ visit­­800.html

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