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Question: 1 The application developer is trying to build a map rule but cannot get the syntax right. What is the next troubleshooting step? A. Try another function, which may work just as well. B. Hard code the expected output value into the rule as a workaround. C. Run the map rule through the syntax checker wizard in Design Studio. D. Comment out parts of the rule until it valid. E. Change the map build settings to ignore syntax errors. Answer: D Question: 2 Refer to the Exhibit. Consider the audit log fragment below: level="2" size="243" status="E07">CustomerOrder</object> level="3" size="36" status="E07">Detail Record</object> level="4" size="2" status="E01">UOM Field</object> <Text>NN</Text> level="3" size="9" status="E09">Trailer Record</object> <User>TotalLineItems Field contains invalid Count</User> Which one of the following statements is true?

A. The component rule for the Trailer Record uses the REJECT function. B. The component rule for the Trailer Record uses the ONERROR function. C. The data audit setting for CustomerOrder is set to Track=Error, Details=Error and Item Data=Occurrence. D. The data audit setting for Trailer Record is set to Track=Error, Details=Error, and Item Data=Occurrence. Answer: B Question: 3 A map fails with the following error message: INPUT 1 exists, but its type is in error. An input content is trace is generated. The following excerpts contain all the lines in the trace file that contain the words failed or INVALID Based on the trace results, what is the next logical step to take to determine the exact cause of the map failure?

A. Verify that the Group Subclass properties defined for the File group accurately describe the data. B. Verify that the Group Subclass properties defined for the Record group accurately describe the data. C. Verify the Item Subclass properties for the Price field accurately describe the data. D. Verify that the Record component has been defined with component range of (s). E. Verify that the Type selected for input card #1 is correct. Answer: C Question: 4 What Design Studio function cannot be completed using command line utilities? A. Export type trees and maps B. Compile maps for the z/OS platform C. Logical and Structural analysis of type trees D. Create a type tree using the text file importer Answer: D Question: 5 Select the item that applies to the following two statements: Pre-built templates that comply with the latest standards and data validation Decrease implementation time A. Industry Packs B. Enterprise Packs C. Imported Type Trees D. Trees created from scratch Answer: A Question: 5

Which tool defines relationships and manages collections of runtime maps at design time? A. Launcher B. Design Studio C. Business Monitor D. Integration Flow Designer Answer: D Question: 7 If a map contains two input cards with default settings and the second card fails validation, what happens to the map execution? A. The map fails B. The map executes successfully C. The map execution continues the mapping process D. Trace and Audit log will turn on to capture the error Answer: A Question: 8 What WebSphere Transformation Extender component would be needed in a production environment in addition to the adapters? A. Design Studio B. Transformation Engine C. Database Interface Designer D. Integration Flow Designer Answer: B Question: 9 Which WebSphere Transformation Extender stand-alone engine has the following characteristics? Can be run on a variety of platforms Can be triggered by a time event Can run multiple instances of the same map at the same time A. Launcher B. Map Designer C. Command Server D. Software Development Kit Answer: A Question: 10 Referring to the Exhibit, which map rule function takes the most time to run?

A. BUILD_CARD B. MAP_NAME C. TYPE_NAME D. LOOKUP Answer: D Question: 11 Which setting has the most negative impact on map performance? A. Map Retry B. Audit Log C. Map Trace D. Backup Answer: C Question: 12 A map is being developed to process input data that contains invoices and purchase orders. The first 5 records of the data is provided below. 177735,PO,Acme Products,1000.23,10102008<NL> 334,INV,Acme Products,373.56,10112008<NL> 385,INV,Some Co.,775.75,09282008<NL> A336,PO,CompanyB,344.65,10092008<NL> 394,INV,MyCo,200.65,11112008<NL> The characters INV in the second field identify the record as an invoice. The characters PO from the second field identify the record as a purchase order. The application requires only processing purchase orders. Which function can be used in the functional map call to process only the purchase orders? A. CHOOSE B. EXTRACT C. UNIQUE D. LOOKUP Answer: B

Question: 13 Given the following scenario: There is one input file (SOHeader), which contains 200,000 records. The records in SOHeader file are comprised of three fields: SONumber, SOOrdType, and ShipToCustomer. The file is sorted by SOOrdType (ascending order). Given a snapshot of a few records in the file: 1000*OR*Ryan 1098*OT*Peter 1056*PA*John 1075*PA*Joanne 1020*QD*Alice 1099*ZP*Aaron 1036*ZX*Aali What is the most efficient function to use to find the first record where ShipToCustomer = "John". A. LOOKUP() B. CHOOSE() C. EXTRACT() D. SEARCHUP() E. SEARCHDOWN() Answer: A Question: 14 The following map rule returns the incorrect results; however the map rule does return the expected results when each LOOKUP is run independently. =IF(PRESENT(Name:.:AddressFile), LOOKUP(Record:input,Field1 Field:Record:input=aa"), LOOKUP(Record:input,Field1 Field:Record:input=ic")) Why does the rule return the incorrect results? A. IF(PRESENT) was used instead of WHEN(PRESENT) B. Both LOOKUPs reference the same series object. C. Two LOOKUPs are not allowed in a single map rule. D. The syntax of the object name Name:.:AddressFile is incorrect. Answer: B

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