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Question: 1 A customer plans to consolidate several web applications whose workloads change frequently. Upper management is very concerned about data security between applications but is very cost conscious. Which of the following will best meet their requirements? A. IVM B. VTOS C. DLPAR D. Partition Mobility Answer: C Question: 2 Which of the following are the standard SWMA options for Linux on Power System Servers? A. 9x5 with 24x7 as an upgrade B. 12x5 with 24x7 as an upgrade C. One year 9x5 from Linux distributor D. 12x5 with 24x7 as an upgrade from Linux distributor Answer: A Question: 3 A customer is rolling out a new application and needs four processors and 16 GB of memory to start with but will grow to over double this size within 6 months. The Power Systems sales representative wants to propose CoD but needs to verify which servers this feature is available on. Which of the following resources should the Power Systems representative use? A. IBM System Planning Tool B. Fix Level Recommendation Tool C. Power Systems facts and features D. Redbook: Manage Capacity on Demand Answer: C Question: 4 A large financial services company would like to have a disaster recovery system for their production environment that handles daily processing. What type of server solution should be discussed to accomplish these objectives? A. FlashCopy B. Partition Mobility C. CBU (Capacity BackUp) D. Application Mobility in WPARs Answer: C Question: 5 A distribution company is planning the transition to a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) based environment. They are concerned about getting started properly. Which one of the following describes the Power Systems for SOA Entry Points? A. Highest web server performance based on industry standard SOA benchmarks. B. Integrated Enterprise Service Bus with specialized RAS features to reduce downtime for SOA C. Dynamic service level monitoring with automatic workload provisioning for new SOA services. For Latest 000-331 Exam Questions and study guides- visit-

D. Tested configurations and sizing for IBM SOA foundation software, server and storage offerings. Answer: D Question: 6 AIX has integrated System Management capabilities with which product? A. Management Express for AIX B. Management Edition for AIX C. Tivoli Management Edition for AIX D. Tivoli Management Express for AIX Answer: B Question: 7 A competitive customer frequently misses deadlines while provisioning new servers. Which of the following is a major business value of using PowerVM for provisioning on Power Systems servers? A. Improves backup and recovery time B. Improves application response time C. Reduces the total resources required D. Reduces time and cost of implementation Answer: D Question: 8 Which of the following properly describes the 4-port Ethernet PCI adapter card used in IBM Power Systems servers? A. A single physical connection with four virtual MAC addresses B. The four Ethernet connections on the card share a common PCI bus. C. A single connection provides the virtual bandwidth of four Ethernet cards D. Four separate LPARs can each use a port on the 4-port Ethernet PCI adapter card. Answer: B Question: 9 A customer with several older pSeries servers plans to consolidate to a single Power Systems server. Which of the following tools can provide output that can be merged with Work Load Estimator to size the upgrade based on utilization and growth trends? A. Insight Manager B. System Planning Tool C. Tivoli Capacity Planner D. Electronic Service Agent Answer: B Question: 10 The IBM BladeCenter JS22 blade server offers significant improvements in performance and reliability over the previous generation JS21 blade server. Which chip is used to provide three times the performance over the JS21 blade? A. IBM POWER6 Dual Core For Latest 000-331 Exam Questions and study guides- visit-

B. IBM POWER5+ Dual Core C. IBM POWER5+ Quad Core D. IBM PowerPC?970MP Dual Core Answer: A Question: 11 A local Power Systems server prospect requires four logical partitions (two Linux, one AIX,and one IBM i). They only plan for a single Blade with four cores. Which of the following technically describes the required configuration? A. JS12 with PowerVM Express B. JS22 with PowerVM Express C. J512 with PowerVM Standard D. JS22 with PowerVM Standard Answer: D Question: 12 A retailer selling books on the internet is considering a Power System server running AIX or a Dell Xeon Windows server. Which of the following characteristics favors AIX? A. The AIX solution has a built in firewall. B. The AIX solution can share the boot devices. C. The AIX solution provides a more secure environment from hackers. D. The AIX solution provides higher performance due to processor speeds. Answer: C Question: 13 A distribution company is running Oracle 9i and Solaris 8 on a Sun E10K. The prospect wants to upgrade their technology and lower their TCO. Which of the following is the first thing the sales representative should do to move them to a POWER6 solution? A. Conduct an Oracle SAR. B. Offer a proof of concept system C. Engage the IBM Migration Factory team. D. Determine if funding and skills are available. Answer: D Question: 14 A Power Systems prospect is making a competitive UNIX server decision. They are comparing a proposed POWER6 server with HP and Sun servers for an ERP package. The client is referencing the SPECint_rate2006, the SPECjbb2000, and the updated SPECjbb2005 benchmark results supplied by an IBM competitor. Which statement below summarizes why these benchmarks are misleading to the customer? A. These benchmarks are largely application-layer benchmarks with very little changed data. B. These benchmarks do not include a database and do not stress memory, storage or network I/O performance. C. These benchmarks drive a heavy load to log processing and a reasonable mix of read/write workload to the storage subsystem, not the server. D. Customers should be highly suspicious of the throughput characteristics of any server vendor who doesn't publish "changed data" benchmark results. Answer: B For Latest 000-331 Exam Questions and study guides- visit-

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