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Question: 1 Which backup step(s) are necessary to create a full backup of the configuration manager repository? A. mqsibackupconfigmgr <ConfigMgrName> -a <ArchiveName> B. mqsibackupconfigmgr <ConfigMgrName> -d <DirectoryPathName> -a <ArchiveName> C. mqsibackupconfigmgr <ConfigMgrName> -d <DirectoryPathName> then back up the file D. mqsibackupconfigmgr <ConfigMgrName> -d <DirectoryPathName> -a <ArchiveName> then back up the configuration manager database Answer: B Question: 2 A broker administrator is having problems deploying a bar file to a WebSphere Message Broker (WMB) V6.1 running on UNIX. The return code is: BIP8081 An exception was caught while processing the command, 'Unable to format an ImbException message for output, ImbException message number is BIP2164'. What will cause this error? A. The broker has not been started. B. The bar file does not contain a META-INF/keywords.txt file. C. The new deployment has caused corruption of the broker runtime memory. D. The broker administrator's user ID does not have mqbrkrs group membership. Answer: D Question: 3 For a broker domain with one or more brokers, an administrator has moved the Configuration Manager (CM) to a new Queue Manager. Which action needs to be taken to have the brokers report status to the moved CM? A. Adopt each broker. B. Restart each broker. C. Do a Full Deploy of the topology. D. Do a Delta Deploy of the topology. E. Remove and add each broker in the topology. Answer: C Question: 4 An administrator needs to install a maintenance update and fixes to the broker runtime environment on Windows. Which command or tool can be used by the administrator to install the maintenance? A. Perform the update using Rational Product Updater. B. Perform the update using IBM Installation Manager. C. Perform the update using Rational Agent Controller. D. Perform the update using the fixpack launcher .exe file. Answer: D Question: 5 A broker BRK consists of a single execution group EG which contains flows F1 and F2. An administrator needs to delete the flow F1 from the execution group. Which methods can be used to delete this flow? For Latest 000­314 Exam Questions and study guides­ visit­­314.html

A. mqsideploy or Message BrokerToolKit B. mqsichangebroker or Message BrokerToolKit C. mqsichangeproperties or Configuration Manager Proxy API D. mqsideleteconfigurableservice or Configuration Manager Proxy API Answer: A Question: 6 Which command is run to delete the Configuration Manager named ConfigMgr1 along with its trace files from the working directory C:\WMB_WorkDir and its queue manager QM1? A. mqsideleteconfigmgr ConfigMgr1 -q -t B. mqsideleteconfigmgr ConfigMgr1 -q -n C. mqsideleteconfigmgr ConfigMgr1 -q -w D. mqsideleteconfigmgr ConfigMgr1 -q QM1 -t C:\WMB_WorkDir E. mqsideleteconfigmgr ConfigMgr1 -q QM1 -n C:\WMB_WorkDir F. mqsideleteconfigmgr ConfigMgr1 -q QM1 -w C:\WMB_WorkDir Answer: C Question: 7 A WebSphere Message Broker (WMB) administrator wishes to determine all of the active execution groups for broker WBRK_BROKER. Which command should be performed? A. mqsilist -a B. mqsilist WBRK_BROKER C. mqsilist WBRK_BROKER -e D. mqsilist WBRK_BROKER -e all Answer: B Question: 8 A WebSphere Message Broker (WMB) V6.1 was installed and configured for a test environment on a server TestServer1. The Configuration Manager name is ConfigMgr1 using queue manager QMgr1 with listener port number 1415. The broker name is BRK1 using queue manager QMgr2 with listener port number 1416. Which parameters are required to connect the broker domain using Configuration Manager Proxy API Exerciser? A. TestServer1, BRK1 and QMgr2 B. TestServer1, ConfigMgr1 and QMgr1 C. TestServer1, QMgr2 and listener port number 1416 D. TestServer1, QMgr1 and listener port number 1415 Answer: D Question: 9 An administration team needs to build multiple environments for DEV, QA, Pre-Prod and Prod. They want to do all the commands from the command line so that scripts can be written to build all the environments the same way. They have created and started a Configuration Manager and Broker from the command line already. What else is needed to deploy the minimum for each broker domain? A. Enable a User Name Server B. Register the ODBC data source C. Create a BAR file and deploy a flow D. Register the broker to the topology E. Create an Access Control List entry to allow deployments Answer: D Question: 10 A broker developer is having a problem where messages appear to be getting lost in a new For Latest 000­314 Exam Questions and study guides­ visit­­314.html

message flow they have developed. The broker developer wants help finding out the path the messages are taking through the message flow, so the broker developer asks the broker administrator to help turn on and capture a user trace. This is a shared environment and the developer is not in the broker administrative group. Which action is needed to capture the user trace? A. No action is required as the developer can turn on and capture a user trace in their own toolkit. B. Log onto the broker box as the developer and use the mqsichangetrace command to capture everything. C. The developer should enable the user trace in their toolkit and then the broker administrator retrieves the trace output with the mqsireadlog and mqsiformatlog commands. D. Give the developer access to the broker box so they can log on as the system administrator and use the mqsichangetrace command to capture all trace files related to the message flow. Answer: C Question: 11 An administrator issued a deployment to a broker called BRK1 and never received a successful deployment message in the Event Log. As a last resort, the administrator has cancelled the deployment. What is the risk of canceling this deployment? A. The configuration manager will no longer be able to recognize the broker as part of its domain. B. Deployment messages will be deleted from the SYSTEM.BROKER.ADMIN.QUEUE and SYSTEM.BROKER.EXECUTIONGROUP.QUEUE. C. An inconsistency can exist between what is running on the broker and the information that is provided by the configuration manager. D. Impact to the broker domain would be such that there would be incorrect broker entries in the broker domain used by the configuration manager. Answer: C Question: 12 An execution group is failing to startup during a broker stop and start on an AIX system. This occurs regardless of the number of times the stop and start is attempted. The broker administrator checks for error messages regarding the execution group and notices that there are no WebSphere Message Broker (WMB) messages of any kind being written to /var/adm/user.log. What should the broker administrator have the AIX system administrator do to troubleshoot this problem? A. IPL the LPAR that is running the execution group. B. Update the syslog.conf file and restart the syslog daemon. C. Restart the execution group and restart the syslog daemon. D. Copy the WMB messages from the system log file to the local error log file. Answer: B Question: 13 After an administrator finished configuring a Visual Debugger, the developer asks for a capability demonstration. Which two activities are possible using the Visual Debugger? A. Skip over a Node. B. Run to the end of code. C. Skip over a line of code. D. Change the value of a variable. E. Alter source ESQL statements. Answer: B, D

For Latest 000­314 Exam Questions and study guides­ visit­­314.html

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For Latest 000­314 Exam Questions and study guides­ visit­­314.html

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