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Question: 1 A customer with IBM System Storage DS3400 attached to Windows servers calls IBM asking for configuration assistance. What is the appropriate response? A. send a Service Support Representative (SSR) B. suggest the customer purchase a Supportline contract C. send Field Technical Sales Support (FTSS) D. engage the nearest Business Partner Answer: B Question: 2 The client is concerned that the IBM System Storage SAN Volume Controller is inappropriate for mission-critical UNIX applications due to its use of Intel-based x86 processors. What is the recommended response to this objection? A. The SVC uses SDRAM cache memory. B. The SVC uses Linux instead of the Windows operating system. C. The SVC supports Fibre Channel Protocol. D. The SVC is running at "five nines" (99.999%) availability in the field. Answer: D Question: 3 A customer's IBM System Storage DS4800 has several volumes fail over to their non-preferred path. What should the customer do prior to contacting IBM technical support? A. save the Major Event Log (MEL) B. gather Read Link Status (RLS) diagnostics C. capture all support data D. open a Critical Situation Answer: C Question: 4 During installation of a N3600, IBM support has instructed you to boot the controller into maintenance mode. Which command(s) do you use to accomplish this? A. restart, boot_maintenance, 1 (for Disk Maintenance) B. halt, boot_ontap, Ctrl+C, 5 (for Maintenance Boot) C. disk maintenance config D. halt, boot_ontap, Ctrl-M Answer: B Question: 5 What information is most important in creating a proof of concept? A. IBM resources for deployment B. interoperability matrices C. customer resources for deployment D. customer requirements and expectations Answer: D Question: 6 Who leads an expert level Technical and Delivery Assessment (TDA)? A. National Duty Manager For Latest 000­111 Exam Questions and study guides­ visit­­111.html

B. Quality Assurance Facilitator C. IBM IT Specialist D. Customer and Account Representative Answer: B Question: 7 The client is a financial services institution that manages large transactions. The client has a goal of recording all transactions at the secondary site in the event of a disaster because each transaction represents millions of dollars in international trade. How would the IT storage industry describe this business goal? A. The Recovery Point Objective (RPO) must be zero seconds. B. The Recovery Time Objective (RTO) must be zero hours. C. The Network Recovery Objective (NRO) must be zero packets. D. The Outstanding Transaction Balance (OTB) must be zero dollars. Answer: A Question: 8 An organization currently has an IBM System Storage DS4800 and an EMC CX3-80 installed in its data center that provides storage capacity for existing Windows servers. The organization wants to preserve their investment in these systems by implementing an IBM System Storage SAN Volume Controller to virtualize the storage. What must the customer do with regard to their multi-path I/O drivers for the Windows servers? A. The customer needs to continue using RDAC and PowerPath. B. The customer needs to migrate all servers to RDAC. C. The customer needs to migrate to MPIO only with no additional drivers. D. The customer needs to migrate to SDD. Answer: D Question: 9 What is the recommended tool to document SAN connection diagrams? A. Microsoft Visio B. GIMP C. Pro Tools D. 3D Studio Max Answer: A Question: 10 What is the key advantage of implementing an IBM System Storage SAN Volume Controller rather than a DS4000-only storage configuration for a Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery solution? A. Dynamic Volume Expansion B. 1024 LUN consistency group support for Metro Mirror C. Dynamic RAID Migration D. Space Efficient FlashCopy Answer: B Question: 11 Which resource provides information about the general availability date for a new IBM System Storage product? A. Sales Manual B. Announcement Letter C. Interoperability Matrix or Guide D. Competeline For Latest 000­111 Exam Questions and study guides­ visit­­111.html

Answer: B Question: 12 Whom should IBM tier-1 Business Partners contact if they need assistance with pre-sales detailed product-related information? A. Field Technical Support Specialist (FTSS) B. Service Support Representative (SSR) C. Inside TeleSales Representative (ITSR) D. IBM Techline/Partnerline Answer: D Question: 13 A client is concerned about the cost-per-GB of the proposed Fibre Channel disk-based solution, and suggests using SATA disk technology in order to reduce costs for their 24x7 mission-critical Microsoft SQL Server application. What is the least desirable response to the client's suggestion? A. SATA disks fail more frequently for random access workloads. B. Fibre Channel drives are designed for 24x7 duty cycles. C. More SATA drives will be needed to meet performance requirements. D. Fibre Channel drives are designed to resist vibrational variances. Answer: D Question: 14 After the last tropical storm, a client has decided that it needs a Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery (BC/DR) solution. To which decision maker would you present IBM's broad range of BC/DR solutions? A. IT Director B. Network Administrator C. System Administrator D. Storage Administrator Answer: A Question: 15 A customer lacks the technical expertise to install a new DS4700. Which service offering would help walk them through the set up process? A. a 3yr, 24x7 Hardware Maintenance contract B. a 1yr, 24x7 SupportLine contract C. a 1yr, 9x5 Software Maintenance contract D. a 3yr, 24x7 DS4000 Storage Manager Support contract Answer: B Question: 16 The client has just activated encryption on the new LTO4 drives in a TS3310Tape Library using Library-Managed encryption policies. Which methodology would confirmthat the service to provide keys to the tape drives is operational? A. issue the "rsa-keygen" command to confirm the public and private keys match B. issue the "OAM" command to confirm Tape Configuration Data Base (TCDB) contains the appropriate keys C. issue the "keytool" command to confirm the RSA 2048-bit certificate D. issue the "EKMDataParser" command to confirm the EKM server is running Answer: D

For Latest 000­111 Exam Questions and study guides­ visit­­111.html

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For Latest 000­111 Exam Questions and study guides­ visit­­111.html

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