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Question: 1 A customer has several high performance storage arrays from EMC and IBM (ESS), and capacity optimized (lower performance) storage arrays from HP and Hitachi. They want a cost effective solution to reduce backup costs and enable Windows systems not currently on the SAN to use this storage. Which of the following will meet the customers requirement? A. Implement IBM TotalStorage SAN Volume Controller (SVC), using IBM TotalStorage Productivity Center Replication Manager for point in time backups. Connect B. Replace the non-IBM storage arrays with an IBM TotalStorage DS8000, using FlashCopy for backup. Use an IBM Network Attached Storage Gateway to serve C. Implement IBM TotalStorage Productivity Center to manage the various storage arrays. Implement an IBM Network Attached Storage Appliance to provide D. Implement IBM Scale Out File Services ( SOFS) offering and pool the EMC and HP storage with SVC. Answer: D Question: 2 The journey to NEDC begins with establishing a new economic foundation in the current environment. Your customer wants to continue the journey and believes he is in the second stage of adoption of NEDC, the SHARED stage. Which of the following indicates they are at the SHARED stage? A. Management systems are simplified by breaking down silos of similar management tools and deploying end-to-end systems and network management tools, B. Infrastructure and services are deployed with highly virtualized resource pools, optimized networks, automated service management, and an underlying energy C. Groups of compatible systems that can scale efficiently and quickly are grouped together to allow business goals to drive IT. D. Steps include virtualization and consolidation of data centers and physical infrastructure including storage, servers. The data center becomes more resilient and Answer: B Question: 3 STG has an energy focused portfolio of products called Cool Blue. What are some of the products which are in the Cool Blue product portfolio? A. IBM Director Active Energy Manager, Rear Door Heat eXchanger, IBM System Storage. B. IBM Director Active Energy Manager, Rear Door Heat eXchanger, Power Architecture. C. Rear Door Heat eXchanger, IBM Tivoli Storage Manager, Power 6 Architecture. D. IBM Director Active Energy Manager, Calibrated Vector Cooling, IBM System Storage. Answer: B Question: 4 You have sold a solution based on IBM Systems Director Active Energy Manager (AEM) to help your customer monitor and understand their data center IT energy usage. What is the most effective way to validate that the customer's expectations have been met? A. Sell them implementation services for IBM Systems Director Active Energy Manager B. Check with the client's IT Systems Administration staff to ensure that IBM Systems Director Active Energy Manager is installed on the customer servers C. Give them a demonstration of how the collected energy data can also be used by Tivoli products to perform asset management and usage accounting and D. chargeback E. Talk to the client IT and Data Center Facility management to ensure that the desired energy usage For Latest 000-061 Exam Questions and study guides- visit-

data is being accurately measured and used in the Answer: D Question: 5 A customer has their IT user information located in many separate databases. These user access systems are not compatible. Which of the following will provide a single sign on? A. IBM Directory Integrator B. Power 6 Single Sign On C. PCI Security Standards Council guidelines D. IBM DB2 Wrapper feature Answer: A Question: 6 A Technical and Delivery Assessment (TDA) previously called SAR is a technical inspection of a completed solution design. Which of the following should conduct the review? A. The sales team B. An uninvolved SME C. Original solution designer D. The customer Answer: B Question: 7 An NEDC prospect wants an overall IT virtualization solution. They currently have: System z has its Parallel Sysplex with LPARs. Windows HP servers are virtualized with VMware. SUN infrastructure uses Solaris Containers. Some of the storage systems are served by IBM SAN Volume Controller.Which of the following addresses the customer request? A. Provide an assessment about the current implementation and develop a blueprint for an overall virtualization approach including servers, networks and storage B. . Involve a Business Continuity Services consultant to analyze the business processes to cover a total virtualized environment. Move business applications to C Stress the advantage of bare metal hypervisors bringing virtualization very close to the hardware with a D. minimum of code lines and maximizing security. E. Optimized usage of IT resources (server, networks storage) can only be achieved with virtualization and reduction of workforce. Answer: A Question: 8 An installed Power6 server with AIX customer is suffering outages in a core SAP environment. IT infrastructure runs very lean (80-90% utilization on servers) and is lacking appropriate infrastructure resilience. Which of the following is a most appropriate proposal to this customer? A. STG HA Assessment Workshop to evaluate the environment, identify points of failure in infrastructure and make recommendations to improve IT availability B. Engage with GTS following the BCRS Resilient Enterprise Blueprint to help client understand range of threats C. Engage GTS to follow BCRS Business Impact Analysis Assessment to understand costs and risks associated with unplanned downtime D. Request the customer to collect nmon data and implement Flash Copy with Global Metro Mirror For Latest 000-061 Exam Questions and study guides- visit-

Answer: A Question: 9 An NEDC prospect is also considering HP. Which of the following compare the two vendors? A. Both vendors offer solutions to most business problems B. All IBM services and products are superior to HP in every instance C. HP is not a reliable vendor because they really are Compaq with only a few of HP original products D. HP newest product are based on technology from the old Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) Answer: D Question: 10 What is the meaning of NEDC? A. New Enterprise Data Center B. Node Equalized Data Center C. Non Existent Data Center (Cloud Computing) D. New Energy Data Center Answer: C Question: 11 Energy efficiency can be accomplished by employing the correct tools. Which of the following will result in the design of a more arbon friendly solution for a customer? A. Performance Tool Box for monitoring servers B. Full management solution including tools (i.e. Active Energy Manager) C. Implement a portal tool for monitoring applications and end-user systems D. Tivoli Provisioning Manager for managed clients Answer: B Question: 12 The NEDC solution has been implemented on a z10, and the customer requests a projection of their capacity for planning purposes. Which of the following IBM tools can perform capacity planning from customer SMF data? A. zPCR (z Processor Capacity Reference) B. zAAPCon (z Application Assist Processor Configurator) C. zCP3000 (Capacity Planner 3000) D. OMEGAMON Answer: C Question: 13 Which of the following controls the CPU time on a Power 6 server with multiple LPARs? A. CPU Entitlement B. IVM on HMC C. Target CPU Utalization D. Non priority CPU weighting Answer: A Question: 14 When it is necessary to do a Proof of Concept (POC), which of the following steps are critical to its success? For Latest 000-061 Exam Questions and study guides- visit-

A. Define the success criteria, determine the timeline, assign responsibilities, checkpoint often, and set a final review date B. Determine the timeline, assign responsibilities, checkpoint often, involve procurement, and set a final review date C. Define the success criteria, agree on price with procurement, prepare a project document, checkpoint often, and proceed with the POC D. Gain upper level management approval, prepare a project document, assign responsibilities, and set a final review date Answer: A Question: 15 Your client has expressed a desire to obtain an Energy Efficiency Certificate at the completion of a server consolidation and virtualization project. They ask how to determine the typical energy consumption. Which of the following meets this need? A. Active Energy Manager to report the before and after trend B. Analyze the electric bill for the data center before and after the installation C. Analyze HMC System Activity Display to determine if the processors are running at high utilization for the point of time measured. D. Multiply the power label rating by a .6 derating factor Answer: A

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