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Question: 1 When discussing NEDC strategy, it is important to demonstrate the relationship between virtualization and resiliency. Business Resilience is a frequent byproduct of virtualization for which of the following reasons? A. Virtualization involves a system management layer for better control of recovery B. Fewer components means fewer points of failure C. Provisioning provides automatic recovery D. More disaster recovery offerings are available for consolidated clusters Answer: A Question: 2 A moderate sized regional bank is approximately mid way through deploying a data center project designed to cut energy costs within the data center by 20%. You were awarded the project months ago and genuine friendships have been developed within the teams working on the project because everything has gone very smoothly. The bank key stakeholder assigned to working with you and your team on this project has just excitedly informed you that they have accepted a position as CIO at another bank. Today is the first day of two week notice and the bank has already assigned another employee to take over his responsibilities on this project when they leave. Which of the following is the NEDC Sales Leaders first reaction to this change? A. Call the new employer and ask if you can schedule a meeting with the new CIO coming in a couple of weeks during so you can discuss possible new B. Attempt to schedule a meeting with all key stakeholders involved in the project to insure a smooth transition to his replacement assigned by the bank to the C. project D. Schedule a meeting with the bank CFO to offer IBM project management as an additional service and source of revenue E. Seek signoff on all completed milestones to ensure smooth payment flow Answer: B Question: 3 The board of a large regional hospital has just approved awarding you the purchase order for a server and storage virtualization project. You have been working for the last year to develop the solution and had presented the final proposal to the CFO the previous month. The project is to begin within 45 days of receipt of the P O. Which of the following would be the next logical step? A. Review the payment milestones with the customer accounts payable department. B. Immediately begin reviewing resumes to hire additional technical staff in order to insure success of the project C. Schedule a meeting with the previously defined project manager and technical delivery teams leaders that will be responsible for project D. Meet with the customer key decision makers over dinner within the next 30 days to review the implementation plan Answer: C Question: 4 System outages are very costly, especially in large complex implementations with multiple platform types. Which of the following causes the greatest number of outages? A. Hardware failure B. Human error and planned maintenance C. Network infrastructure For Latest 000-060 Exam Questions and study guides- visit-

D. System and application software Answer: B Question: 5 SAN Volume Controller virtualizes the storage infrastructure. Which of the following products provides platform management for multiple storage devices A. Tivoli Storage Manager B. IBM System Director C. TotalStorage Productivity Center. D. Tivoli Monitoring Answer: C Question: 6 A prospective manufacturing customer is concerned about virtualization and fear managing a virtualized environment. Which of the following is an answer to this objection? A. Use Tivoli Provisioning and Monitoring software B. Increase redundancy C. Lower TCO D. Use WebSphere Process Server Answer: A Question: 7 A finance customer plans to order several new BladeCenter servers to replace distributed Linux servers, and is concerned that the additional heat load may exceed the capacity of the current airhandling system. Which of the following options aid the customer in selecting a solution? A. Install optional Rear Door Heat eXchanger B. Facts and Features for each system to identify power requirements C. Red Books to confirm enough rack space is available for proper airflow D. IBM Installation Planning Representative Answer: D Question: 8 A fundamental driver for the efficiency of any server is the level of utilization that is achieved. Which of the following are the typical current utilization levels for various processor types? A. Mainframe 80% B. Unix 50-75% C. X86 10-20% D. Mainframe 95-100% E. Unix 40-60% F. X86 10-15% G. Mainframe >80% H. Unix 15-25% I. X86 5-10% J. Mainframe >80% K. Unix 50-75% L. X86 20-35% Answer: C Question: 9 For Latest 000-060 Exam Questions and study guides- visit-

It is becoming increasingly important that the energy being used in the data center is closely monitored to allow appropriate action. Which of the following IBM products could a client use to accurately measure and monitor energy consumption of IBM servers? A. IBM Power Executive B. Active Energy Manager C. Tivoli Provisioning Manager D. Tivoli Green Advisor Answer: B Question: 10 The NEDC project plan is complete and the implementation team is ready to start. As is typical, some of the customer departments are more supportive than others. The Implementation team leader requests critical background on the customer personnel they will work with in implementation. Which of the following actions is important as a first step at this stage for the NEDC sales leader? A. Host an introductory meeting with the implementation team and relevant customer groups. B. Remain an active participant in all meetings until the implementation team is comfortable. C. Internal meeting with the implementation team to discuss the observed willingness and capabilities of each customer group. D. Meet with the executive sponsor, and the implementation leader to discuss the willingness and capability of each customer group and enjoin the sponsors E. support Answer: C Question: 11 A customer has their IT user information for multiple platforms located in many databases. This currently requires multiple sign on. Which of the following would provide a single sign on? A. IBM Directory Integrator B. Proventia software C. Enterprise Identity Mapping D. IBM DB2 Wrapper feature Answer: A Question: 12 A financial business has a multi-tier mission critical application that runs on their z10 data base and web serving on Linux and Windows. They plan to provide protection from unplanned outages with a near zero RPO. Which of the following will meet this need? A. GDPS B. Tivoli Systems Automation C. HACMP/XD D. VMware Answer: A Question: 13 An NEDC Energy Efficiency prospect server consolidation includes a System z server. Which of the following pricing models is most appropriate for new application workloads? A. MLC B. NALC C. zIIP processor D. zAAP processor Answer: B For Latest 000-060 Exam Questions and study guides- visit-

Question: 14 A customer CIO is very concerned about the ability of his current staff to handle implementation of the desired NEDC BR project. They plan to implement immediately.Which of the following addresses this issue? A. Send the staff to IBM education to gain the skills B. Replace the staff with new skilled individuals C. Engage a consultant to establish a plan D. Contract with IBM or Business Partner to perform the critical work elements Answer: A

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For Latest 000-060 Exam Questions and study guides- visit-

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Exam 000­060 study material Made available by Exam 000­060 : IBM Dynamic Infrastructure Sales Leader For Latest 000­060 Exam...

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