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Question: 1 What is the most important step in the process of creating Safety Plans? A. identification of Hazards B. identification of Precautions C. associating Safety Plan to Job Plans D. establishing Lockout/Tagout procedures Answer: A Question: 2 When creating a purchase contract, what is the purpose of checking the Change Price on Use field? A. It specifies that the price in the purchase order (PO) is only an estimated price. B. It specifies that when a PO is issued against this contract, the price must be changed. C. It specifies that the price of a given related item can be changed on related POs or purchase requests. D. It specifies that the price of a given item specified in the Master Contract is reduced or increased, based on market conditions. Answer: C Question: 3 Where is Admin mode turned on and off? A. Organizations B. Security Groups C. System Properties D. Database Configuration Answer: D Question: 4 Which two ways can tool costs be recorded? (Choose two.) A. Tool Report application B. When a purchase order for tool rental is received C. As the Work Order is completed and tool costs are calculated D. As the tools are checked out from a tool room and returned to a tool room E. As the tools are checked out from a tool room and returned to a tool room, and tool usage is recorded against a Work Order Answer: B, E Question: 5 When creating a purchase requisition, which statement is true about an external requisition? A. It is intended to go to an external vendor. B. An external requisition requires a vendor. C. It is intended to go directly to an external storeroom. D. External requisitions are created from internal requisitions. Answer: A Question: 6 What are the three attributes for defining a unit of measure? (Choose three.) A. Category B. Description C. Abbreviation D. Unit of Measure E. Standard Reference Unit F. Metric (indicated with a check box) Answer: B, C, D Question: 7 Labor is used to record time spent on a Work Order. When the labor record is created, what also must For Latest 000-015 Exam Questions and study guides- visit-

be created before or during the record creation? A. User B. Crew C. Person D. Person Group Answer: C Question: 8 In a Preventive Maintenance (PM) hierarchy, what is the result of selecting the use this PM to Trigger PM Hierarchy check box? A. changes the PM status to Active B. allows the PM parent to generate Work Orders. C. instantly triggers the Work Order generation process D. allows this PM to trigger the Work Order generation process if the frequency is reached Answer: D Question: 9 Which statement is true about Item Masters and Item Sets? A. Item Sets are created within Item Masters. B. Item Masters are created at the organization level within an Item Set. C. Item Masters and Item Sets are created independent of organizations. D. Item Masters are created at the top level and shared with Item Sets within different organizations. Answer: B Question: 100 Where can a Meter Group be referenced? A. Asset, Location, Rotating Item B. Asset, Item Master, Service Item, Tools C. Asset, Location, Preventive Maintenance D. Asset, Preventive Maintenance, Condition Monitoring Answer: A Question: 11 What are two purposes of the maximo.log? (Choose two.) A. to log User Activity and connection information B. to log Application Server messages and errors C. to log Maximo deployment messages and errors D. to log Maximo messages and errors based on settings in the Logging application E. to log Maximo messages based on some settings in the System Properties application Answer: D, E Question: 12 Which record type(s) can belong to a Collection? A. Users B. Asset, Location, Item C. Asset, Location, Configuration Item D. Asset, Actual Configuration Item, Deployed Asset, Configuration Item Answer: C Question: 13 What are two types of Roles? (Choose two.) A. Data Set B. Login ID C. Manager D. Email Address E. Workflow Process Answer: A, D For Latest 000-015 Exam Questions and study guides- visit-

Question: 14 To what can a Person Group be assigned? A. Work Orders, Tickets, Roles B. Assets, Roles, Work Orders C. Roles, Crafts, Owners, Custodians D. Assets, Locations, Work Orders, Tickets Answer: A Question: 15 When creating a storeroom, what is the purpose of a Receipt Variance Account? A. It tracks variations in purchase costs for items. B. It tracks cost on all inventory receipts made in the storeroom. C. It tracks the differences in either the average price or the standard price from manual inventory price adjustments. D. It tracks the differences between the inventory standard cost and the receipt cost for any items in the associated storeroom location. Answer: D Question: 16 What is utilized to consistently apply planned labor or crafts to a Work Order? A. Job Plans B. Safety Plans C. Work Order Plans D. Activities and Tasks Answer: A

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For Latest 000-015 Exam Questions and study guides- visit-

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