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Transcript (1 EXT. / INT. Northwestern Untied States highway roads in a car – Day 1) Scene starts with camera focused at an angle towards the driver’s side mirror of a car. The mirror reveals the face of a middle aged man, JAMES, taking long drags from a cigarette. There is introduction music playing but it is muffled to give the feel that it is the radio being played within the car. Camera pans around from different side and eagle-eye views of the automobile as it travels across a variety of different landscapes. The journey starts somewhere within the Pacific Northwest of the United States, most likely Oregon. The trip makes its way through the rich forest and mountainous landscapes of this region before transitioning into a scene of “America’s Heartland”, or states such as Iowa, Nebraska, etc. (Camera continues to pan across many third person camera angles of the car driving.As well as several shots of both JAMES and DEREK sitting silently, looking out the windows, taking in the various changes to their surroundings.) The time of day also consistently alternates several times consistent with the camera angles, showing daytime and night scenes of the car and its two occupants’ journey. The two men then pass through the skyline of Chicago where the music now makes its transition from a slightly muffled radiolike sound to a high quality movie introduction song. This new implementation of music continues for a brief time as JAMES and DEREK are now making their way through the Indiana country side. (We come to find out they are driving through Indiana by the camera panning left to a “Welcome to Indiana” sign as well as several fairly well known Indiana landmarks are displayed across the screen in a “drive-by” fashion.) (2 EXT Outside WILL’s Indiana home – DAY 2)

The music then fades out as JAMES and DEREK pull up to a very modest and average home. The street, and one driveway in particular, are crowded with cars bumper to bumper. It is evident that there is something of importance being hosted at the household. The two men find a place to park the car amongst the chaos of automobiles. (Camera pans out to get a view of the two men exiting the car) (The camera then pans to both individual men and gives a close up of JAMES’ face) JAMES is again taking a drag from a cigarette. His hair is salt and pepper, more heavily on the white side. His face looks young, yet worn by a possibly stressful life or due to his smoking. He is a handsome man, well dressed in his suit in tie; but has presumably gone days without saving and keeps a head of unkempt, long flowing hair. (The camera next pans to close up of DEREK) He looks considerably younger than JAMES even though it is supposed to be assumed they are the same age. He has dark curly hair that it closely trimmed. Getting out of the passenger seat with a more youthful and somewhat clueless look it is meant to be signify he is the “second” member of the partnership) JAMES You ready for this shit? DEREK As ready as I’m going to be I guess. JAMES Good enough for me. Let’s do this. The two men walk up to the front of the house and ring the doorbell. A frail, old woman comes to answer the door. The two men greet her with warm closed-mouth smiles. OLD WOMAN/WILL’S MOM

Why hello gentlemen. You two must be James and Derek I presume? JAMES Yes ma’am that would be us. OLD WOMAN/WILL’S MOM I’m so touched that you both traveled all this way for my WILL. DEREK Of course, MRS. HAYES. You know how close we all were… JAMES How close we all ARE… WILL’S MOM Oh yes, yes. I can’t begin to tell you boys how good it is to see you again. I know that Willy will be so happy to see his best friends again. Please, come in and make yourselves at home. (3 INT. Inside WILL’s childhood home) The two men step inside the home and scan across the room of formally dressed individuals. There are small groups of people scattered amongst the living room having conversations amongst one another. The two of them continue to look around the room before spotting BRIAN and DANIEL in the back corner of the room. JAMES and DEREK make their way over to their two long lost friends BRIAN Jesus Christ look at what the cat dragged in. How ya guys doing?! JAMES Goddamn it’s been way too long you guys. It’s great to finally see you again

The group another









DANIEL It’s just too bad that the first time we all get back together in almost a decade is over something like this. BRIAN Yeah, no shit. DEREK Has anyone heard how he’s been doing lately? DANIEL I talked to Mrs. Hayes earlier when we first got here. I guess it’s taken a turn for the worst. BRIAN She said the shit has spread all the way up to his fucking lungs. It’s the same exact thing that took my mom. (Camera pans from whole group to BRIAN’s face where he begins to tear up) DEREK puts an arm around BRIAN in an effort to console him JAMES You gotta be kidding me. What are they doing for him now then? What kind of treatment is he being given? DANIEL He starts an accelerated chemo treatment on Monday. I think it would be a good idea if we all went in as a group and paid him a visit. I’m sure it would mean a lot to Ole BEAR if we did. DEREK Has anybody heard from MATT yet? DANIEL

I tried reaching him several times before I left. No luck. DEREK Unreal. He’s the only one not here. We have a friend that’s dying and he can’t put shit behind him and pay his respects. JAMES For fuck’s sake Derek you’re talking like the man’s already dead. I don’t care how bad it is, we at least should still show a little optimism. If not for our own sake, for MRS. HAYES’. James lights up another cigarette, takes a look at immediately puts it out. Looking almost disgusted with It is at this moment when MRS. HAYES is seen making slowly down the stairs holding a large box. JAMES goes take the box out of her hands.

it, and himself. her way over to

BRIAN What’s all this Mrs. H? MRS. HAYES It’s a box of all WILLy’s favorite college memories, there’s a lot of you guys in that box of stuff. You all mean so much to him. MRS. HAYES clearly works hard to crack a smile at the group before walking to the kitchen and letting the friends go through the boxes’ contents. (In my full working version it is here where I would insert the comical relief of the script by placing the groups flashbacks to their college experiences and memoires found in the box) JAMES Holy shit! Check this out bros! The bucket list we made together our freshman year! The group huddles around James (The camera pans from a group view to a close up of all 4 men’s faces crammed around looking over the piece of paper in childlike awe)

DEREK I can’t believe he still has this fuckin’ thing! BRIAN (Chuckles) James just called us all “bros”. That sure took me back. DANIEL We were so committed to doing everything on this list. It was like our college Bible. JAMES And look, we damn near finished everything on here too. BRIAN All but one...


Project 1 Transcript  
Project 1 Transcript  

Project 1 Transcript Sorry it's late, I emailed you last week about my illness