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Order Toll Free: (877) 389-2514 1/20 HP Gast Diaphragm Air Compressor

This small, continuous duty GAST diaphragm compressor is surprisingly powerful! Permanently lubricated ball bearing motors are designed for years of trouble free service. One year warranty. Compressor draws 1.5 amps and pumps .7 CFM of air. SDC22

1/20 HP Gast Diaphragm Compressor

$249.62 (SWt.7#)

1/8 HP Gast Diaphragm Air Compressor

This oil-less compressor works well for continuous pond aeration. Its higher pressure allows for aeration in ponds up to 35' deep. Also because of higher pressure, this air compressor can be located up to 2000' from the pond and still effectively operate, making it a good choice for ponds needing aeration but not having electricity nearby. Pumps .8 CFM. Each compressor comes with 6' power cord and inlet air filter. One year warranty. SDC12

1/8 HP Gast Diaphragm Compressor

$348.91 (SWt.12#)

Gast Rotary Vane Compressors

These long lasting, continuous duty compressors produce more air volume than other compressors, but create less pressure. All models have an 18’ maximum operating depth. Oil free compressors are excellent for pond and lake aeration and de-icing. The carbon vanes self adjust to maintain maximum efficiency and are easily replaced when worn out. All units come with air filter, 7' power cord and a one year warranty. All units available in 115 and 230 Volt, please specify when ordering. One year warranty. Part # SRV33 SRV75 SRV100

HP 1/4 3/4 1

Max Depth 18' 18' 18'

Amps 5/115 6/230 7/230

Voltage CFM @ Water Available SWt# 0’ 6’ 115/230 34 4.5 4.3 115/230 53 10.0 9.6 115/230 58 13.5 12.4

Valved Outlet Assemblies for RV Compressor

Depth of: 12’ 18’ Price 4.0 3.6 $551.68 9.2 9.0 $763.29 11.7 10.4 $1,063.36

Use these valved outlets when operating two or more pond diffusers from a single pump. A built-in pressure relief valve protects the pump in case airlines become kinked, plugged or frozen. A union coupling allows for quick and easy removal of the pump. Air flow to each diffuser is controlled by a heavy duty brass ball valve. All fittings are galvanized steel. A 2' piece of flexible heat-resistant hose is included on each line to dissipate heat and allow for easy pipe connection at any angle. Use pressure gauges to monitor system pressure and prevent costly motor damage. Part# SV02N SV04N SV06N

Description Two Valve Outlet Four Valve Outlet Six Valve Outlet

Price $95.61 (SWt.4#) $148.09 (SWt.6#) $195.78 (SWt.8#)

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