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Emergent Weed Control

Shore-Klear / AquaNeat- a nonselective liquid herbicide for use as a foliar spray for

the control of many species of herbaceous and woody plants. A very effective herbicide for the control of cattails, purple loosestrife, exotic phragmites, kudzu, thistle, willow and many other annuals, perennials, woody brush and trees. Also good for later season (after bloom) control of water lilies, waterhyacinth, and waterlettuce. Generally applied as a foliar spray combined with a surfactant like Cygnet Plus for best results. Follow label instructions for application rates and growth season timing of application for the species to be controlled. This product is sold in Quart containers as Shore-Klear and in 2.5 Gallon containers as AquaNeat. • Dosage from 2.5 - 6 pints per acre depending on species to be controlled, more for tree species. • See label for distance restrictions from potable water intakes, no other water use restrictions. SRO16 SRO25

1 quart Shore-Klear Liquid Herbicide 2.5 gallon AquaNeat Liquid Herbicide

$32.60 (SWt. 3#) $123.60 (SWt. 24#)

Surfactant / Penetrant Cygnet Plus--liquid surfactant additives for use along with liquid herbicides and algaecides to enhance effectiveness. The surfactant eliminates beading, and increases penetration by breaking down the waxy cuticle of leaves, ensuring maximum contact with the plant being controlled. Use three ounces per gallon of water when mixing with herbicides. SCK1 SCK2

1 quart Cygnet Plus 1 gallon Cygnet Plus

$14.99 (SWt.2#) $36.99 (SWt.11#)

Clean Rocks, Waterfalls and Streams Oxygen Based Pond Cleaner - Oxygen based pond cleaners have long been used

in decorative ponds and water features to clean rocks, waterfalls and streams. This same great formula is also available in larger sizes for use in earthen ponds and lakes. • • • • • •

Works immediately upon application Lifts debris to pond surface where it can be removed For spot treating use 2-3 pounds per 1000 square feet, for pond application use 12-15 pounds per acre-foot of water - a double dose can be used for problem situations. Treat no more than 1/3 of the pond at a time Allow 48 hours between consecutive applications Ships as Hazardous material with additional charges via UPS or motor freight

OXY25 OXY100

Oxy cleaner, 25lb. pail Oxy cleaner, 100lb. drum

$95.99 (SWt. 29#) $313.99 (SWt. 100#)


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