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Submersed Weed Control

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Sonar – An excellent liquid herbicide that controls a wide range of aquatic weeds. Sonar

should be applied early in the season, when weeds begin active growth. It is very effective on duckweed and milfoil, as well as many other species of weeds. Treatments can last for multiple seasons, increasing the value of using this product. Sonar is effective in very dilute concentrations, requiring comparatively small amounts of herbicide per acre-foot of water. • Dosage range is 0.12-0.24 QUARTS per acre-foot depending on plant species to be controlled. • 14-30 day irrigation restrictions following Sonar treatment. • Application restrictions within 1/4 mile of potable water intakes. SSO8 SSOP SSOQ SSOG

8oz. Sonar 1 Pint Sonar 1 Quart Sonar 1 Gallon Sonar

Treats Treats Treats Treats

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1/4 Acre ½ Acre 1 acre 4 acres

$312.99 (SWt.1#) $482.99 (SWt.2#) $879.99 (SWt.4#) $2,196.99 (SWt.12#)

Clipper Herbicide

Controls submersed and floating aquatic weeds by subsurface application. Non-corrosive, dry powder - mix with water to apply Species controlled include: Coontail, Duckweed, Fanwort, Hydrilla, Southern Naiad, Pondweed Family (Curlyleaf, Illinois, Sago, Variable Leaf), Water Fern, Water Lettuce, Watermeal, Eurasian Watermilfoil, Variable-Leaf Watermilfoil. • Application rate is 0.53-2.1 lbs. per acre foot depending on species. • 5 day water use restriction for irrigation, no restriction for drinking, fishing or swimming. SCLIP1 SCLIP5

1 pound Clipper Herbicide dry powder 5 pound Clipper Herbicide dry powder

$198.99 (SWt. 2#) $941.99 (SWt. 6#)

Komeen is a copper based liquid herbicide for the control of Elodea, Hydrilla, Naiads,

Coontail, Water Lettuce, and Waterhyacinth. Komeen may be applied to slow moving or quiescent bodies of water including potable water reservoirs and recreation lakes, golf course, ornamental, fish, and fire ponds. Komeen can be sprayed on the surface if water is 4 feet deep or less, or may by subsurface injected in water deeper than 4 feet. • Dosage Ranges from 1.7-3.3 gallons per acre-foot • There are no water use restrictions following treatment with Komeen • 2.5 gallon ships with additional hazardous material charges. SKOM1 1 gallon Komeen Liquid Herbicide SKOM 2.5 gallon Komeen Liquid Herbicide

$52.99 (SWt.12#) $106.99 (SWt. 24#)

Navigate is a 2,4-D based granular herbicide for spot control of Water lilies, Water stargrass, Coontail, Water Milfoil, Watershield, Water chestnut and Bladder wort. • Application rate is 100-200 pounds per acre. • Some water use restrictions SNV50


50 pound bag Navigate

$195.99 (SWt. 54#)

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