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From The Desk of The Executive Director: hrouhroughout my tenure with Camp Daggett, I have had the pleasure of attending a number of programs where youth were honored for their writing abilities. More often than not, it is a friendly competition amongst their peers to where their essay could be chosen to win scholarship funds for a local charity of their liking. Each and every time that I am invited, I am humbled to be in attendance to meet and listen to these exceptional students. In the spring of 2015, a young lady by the name of Sarah Johnson from Harbor Springs Middle School wrote a wonderful essay that was a “winner” of a composition! I would like to share it with you at this time. So here it is (word for word) - a winning composition written by Miss Sarah Johnson of Harbor Springs, Michigan.


ours in Service,


CAMP DAGGETT Motto “The Other Fellow First”

“If I had $100 to give to a local charity, I would choose Camp , I would choose them because I have been to Camp Daggett and I know how much it means to people. Not only are there 8, one-week sessions in the summer, but there is also an indoor-outdoor adventure center, and it is a summer camp, where kids can take a hike in the woods and explore. It gives kids a chance to get off the couch and get outdoors! At the camp, there is swimming, arts & crafts, sailing, sports, hikes, nature study, archery, and much, much more! There is a health director on duty 24/7, and the food is amazing. I’m speaking from experience. They cook wholesome family style meals with plenty to eat. Each cabin has two counselors, each the same gender of the campers in that cabin. The indoor-outdoor adventure center is a place to increase peoples’ confidence and self-esteem, and to try to reach a little outside their comfort zone. In order to do this, particpants must follow the “Full Value Agreement” by working as a team, being physically and emotionally safe, and speaking up when you have something to say. I have also been to this, and I went outside of my comfort zone and had a blast! In 1922, Walter J. MacMillan was hired as a physical education teacher at the Petoskey Middle School. Part of his job was also to hold a boys summer camp. In 1923, he held a ten-day camp south of present day Camp Daggett on Walloon Lake. In 1924, he held a camp once more, but this time it was held north of present-day Camp Daggett. In 1925 Walter J. MacMillan opened a boy’s camp....Canmp Daggett. The camp is now a boys and girls camp with many other things to do. Some kids will never get the chance to explore the woods, for they will never be able to afford it. I want all kids to live their lives to the fullest, and Camp Daggett is the perfect place to do so. People donate money to Camp Daggett to give scholarships to those who can’t afford it. This can sometimes cut down half the price, and sometines more! This way all kids can go, and I want them all to experience this amazing camp. Whenever I go, I feel right at home because the staff is not only working there but they are also a family. No only do they have these things but they also have places reserved for children with special needs. They are mainstreamed into different camp activities, because normally kids with special needs would not be accepted to a camp, but Camp Daggett wants EVERY kid to get the chance to explore. Camp Daggett also provides for the out-of-county campers and hosts educatinal programs to children during the school year. I hope my essay is chosen for I want ALL kids to do these things. The host of the camp told us that as long as kids get signed up, Camp Daggett will always be here.”

Brent A. Marlatt Executive Director

So there you have it! There is no better way to express the uniqueness, or share in the excitement of Camp Daggett than through the words of a camper, thank you for taking the time to share in the joy of this essay written by Miss Johnson.

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Charity (Huff) Patten’s Legacy

CDAC in the Community

Saving the Environment

Summer Camp Journal Week #1 June 18th – June 24th Griffin Riccinto (9) Week #2 June 25th – July 1st Finn Hillier (11) Week #3 July 2nd – July 8th Maeve Dunkel (12) Week #4 July 9th – July 15th Carson Grant (14) Week #5 July 16th – 22nd Jake Vogelhelm (14) Week #6 July 23rd – 29th Max Gualtier (13) Week #7 July 30th – August 5th Bella Caza (14) Week #8 August 6th – August 12th Jacob Prikkel (13)


still remember the first time I heard of Charity, it was 1993 and I had recently accepted the position of Summer Program Director at Camp Daggett. It had been ten years since I worked at Camp; I was excited to return and anxious to start with a great staff to continue the strong traditions that existed there. I knew staffing was going to be the most important element to develop and I knew little about the counselors and directors from the previous summer. I put my trust in a few of the veteran staff to help me decide on who to invite back. Obviously, a few counselor and area director names kept popiing up, but what struck me was how many times I heard the name of a Counselor-In-Training, Charity Huff. "Oh, you have to invite her back to be a counselor", they all said. I was impressed, here was a young woman who had only been to camp as a volunteer for two or three summers and already she had quite the fan club! Well, my mom didn't raise a fool, I took their advice and the rest is history.illstill harity (Huff) Patten has just completd her twentyseventh summer working at Camp Daggett. In those years, Charity served as a Program Aide, Counselor-In-Training, proud counseor of the Iroquois cabin, Waterfront Director, Arts and Crafts Director, Assistant Program Director, Program Director and Assistant Summer Camp Director. Oh wait, did I mention she also was a camper for eight years? When she was a camper, Charity earned the Director’s Award, given to the camper who most strongly embodies the motto of Camp, “The Other Fellow First”:. In all the years I have known Charity, I have never doubted her commitment to that honor. Charity lives her


Charity Huff Patten

life as a mirror of our motto and over the thrty-five years of Charity’s involvement with Camp Daggett, she has been a shining star! hereherefore, with much sadness, after so many summers at Daggett and all the wonderful memories, this past summer of 2017 was Charity's last year on staff. Charity is a full-time teacher, wife, and mother of two wonderful young girls who make her world complete. It is a desire to spend more time with her family in the summers that has lead her down this path. Living and working at Camp is a rich and filling experience but it comes with sacrifices, our days are long with few times to be at normal people summer events. The season often overlaps school with a short break before school resumes. In spite of this, I know it was one of the hardest decisions to make--leaving camp----nobody wants to do it, heck even the campers never want to leave.


aving worked with Charity longer than anyone else hopefully gives me the honor to say, "I will miss her the most". Charity never missed a chance to remind others why we worked so darned hard every single day. I always knew she had the children's best interests at heart. I know Charity's legacy at Daggett will be long-lived, heck we even named a buidling after her! When word spred of her plans, tons of staff members sent letters to camp that were stuffed into the Pooh box, which was given to Charity on her last night at camp. Below I have posted a few snippets from some of their letters. The words ring so true for what Charity means to so many, Enjoy!her planstons of staff members ent le


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Continued from Last Page ... “When I was six years old, after waiting in line at the fence, my Mom and I made our way up the hill to the rec field and got in line to sign in. I was nervous because my siblings had already run off to catch up with their camp friends, and was wondering whether I should just wait until next year instead of facing my fear. Lucky for me, an invitng young woman walked up to me and told me about my cabin and my counselor, and all of the fun activities I would have at the camp. You were there to make me feel welcome at camp from the beginning. You were there when I sang my last songs as a camper, when I first donned Darting Daggett’s paint for the first time and when I finally put the last bead on my bracelet.” Bobby Sullivan “I can still remember my first time going to Camp Daggett. It was the middle of the night when I was arriving. In the dark I remember seeing yacht clubs and equestrian clubs and I was just thinking, what have I gotten myself into (this yooper had never seen things like this before). But then as soon as I arrived I remember meeting this really happy smiley lady who brought me in the kitchen and gave me a huge hug. I will never forget how welcomed I felt and how I knew this was going to be a place I would never forget. Your warm welcome made me so happy and comforted me. Daggett will always be in my heart.” Amy (Quick) Fang “My ten years at camp is nothing compared to the lifetime you have spent on the shores of Walloon. You have done everthing: camper, volunteer staff, counselor, area director of several areas, program director and assistant director. You know everything about camp, from little things like which posters we already have made in the outpost, to how things worked in the past, what the old Mac Hall looked like, the creaking the metal bunks made, and the sound of each cabin door slamming closed.” Julie (Martin) Kelly “You have been a permanent fixture in my mind at camp. I know you have not always been there - but you have ALWAYS been there in my mind. The motto of camp and even the Daggett name itself is synonymous with Charity in my mind. I can’t even begin to put into words how much you affected my experience, and honestly my growth as a person. Your kindess, your energy, your true love fo every single camper and staff member, your love for the place itself is truly unmatched.” Mike Czerkes “You my firend, are the spirit of Daggett. You encompass all the values, all the kindness, all the dedication to putting The Other Fellow First. You have been a teacher for thousands of campers and hundreds of indescrbably lucky staff members.” Laura (Dillon) Lemmerman “I think of Camp Daggett, I think of you, and I always will. YOU give, and give, and give. You embody the motto “The Other Fellow First”. I truly wonder what the final number would be of kiddos whose lives you have influenced. It must be thousands!” Jen (Davis)Kelley

“In my mind, you will always be synonymous with camp and passion (and tenni-boppers!). The countless childrens’ hearts that you have touched over the years thank you from the fun loving 14 year olds to the shy, uncertain 7 year olds, to the enthsiastic 19 year olds. It always meant so much to me to call the Iroquois Cabin “my own” and the fact that it was your cabin was no small part of this pride for me. The example you set every day by simply being the wonderful you who you are has always inspired me to be the best version of myself. I cannot properly express the enormity of the impact that you have had on my life.” Laura Larsen

“My favorite thing is not just one specific memory but your overall presence as a person. You have a way of not just hearing what a person might say, but actually listening to them.. I just remember you alway caring about indivduals and what they had to say. Then following that up by always going above and beyond to keep a smile on that kids face all week.” TJ Christiansen If you have fond memories of Charity and want to share them in a letter to her you can address it to: Letters for Charity c/o Camp Daggett 03001 Church Road Petoskey, MI 49770 As always, thank you to everyone who supports Camp Daggett, and I look forward to seeing so many of you next summer on the shores of Walloon. In the spirit of Daggett, John “JJ” Guirey Summer Camp Director


The Camp Daggett Adventure Center (CDAC) has been fortunate to have had amazing community partners over the years that have helped us in building and enhancing our programs. Each day we seem to find new groups or individuals to work with as we continue this tradition of partnership, and have begun to provide new programs to our local schools and businesses at their own locations. The overall objective of our programming is to find commonality among one another, make personal connections, and to build positive character. Consequently, we feel confident that together we can help make our communities a wonderful place to learn and grow. We are always asked to measure our success and how we feel about “changing climate” and if we have made a difference in the world. So, I took some time to think about the world and came to a realization that changing the world is a daunting task, but being kind to people every day was a bit easier. This is the type of philosophy we practice in our work and play environments, and it seems to be affecting our community in some positive ways. Please see below for some examples.

“The School Climate Program has allowed our entire school system to more intentionally focus on programming and instruction that specifically targets the social and emotional aspect of a child’s development that are too often ignored in schools. Since we have partnered with Camp Daggett staff, I have seen our district work together across buildings of all levels to teach and reinforce what it looks like to work as a team, to be safe, and to speak up. The Full Value Agreement terminology is now even being utilized by community members. Our world would be a better place if everyone practiced the FVA. We may not be able to get the world to abide by this, but we can start with teaching it to our students.” Jon Wilcox, Petoskey Middle School Principal

“The things you do for yourself are gone when you are gone, but the things you do for others remain as your legacy” ~ Kalu Ndukwe Kala

“I’m a success today because I had a friend who believed in me and I didn’t have the heart to let him down.” ~ Abraham Lincoln “Challenge Mountain is a non-profit organization that provides year-round adaptive recreation for individuals and school students with special needs. For the past 2 years we have been partnering with the Camp Daggett Adventure Center and offering team building and challenge course activities. Feedback from the teachers, parents and students has been extremely positive. The team building activities encourage them to communicate with one another and learn how to work together to accomplish a task. The environment is safe and non-judgmental which allows them the freedom to try new things at their own pace. Every student or group arrives with different goals in mind. The fact that they are able to accomplish even the simplest goal leaves them with a great sense of pride & achievement. This gives them the confidence to try new things or to just handle everyday life situations! The opportunity to participate in this program at the Camp Daggett Adventure Center has had a positive impact for individuals with special needs that will last a lifetime.” Linda Armstrong, Challenge Mountain Program Director Continued on next page . on our website for you or your friends’ convenience. Our Newsletter, Wish List and Event Schedule are all available

Continued from previous page...... “What should young people do with their lives today? Many things, obviously. But the most daring thing is to create stable communities in which the terrible disease of loneliness can be cured” Kurt Vonnegut

“With the help of Camp Daggett Adventure Center, we have created a program that supports students in the development of leadership skills. Our goal is to have our students working within the Full Value Agreement, in such a way as to create a working knowledge of that agreement and be able to model it for younger students through play and socialization. We want to use this work to cultivate leadership qualities while providing model social and emotional supports for students to express themselves in healthy ways. This program is a work in progress that we are excited to see it cultivated throughout the school year.” ~Jennifer Dilworth, Pellston School Counselor It is always amazing to us how those inspirational quotes come to life out here at the CDAC and with our community partners. Thanks for always showing us that kindness is the cure and relationships with others is the way to a healthier community. Yours in adventure, Karen and Drew - Adventure Directors

Think you would like to get involved with Camp Daggett?! Contact Grace Ketchum to get information on volunteer opportunities!

DOING OUR PART TO SAVE THE ENVIRONMENT Camp Daggett has embarked on a new venture to establish a comprehensive recycling program. You are probably asking why we did not already have this in place. We have had pieces of it (i.e. bins for cans and plastic containers, “returnables,” office paper/magazines, cardboard, batteries, and scrap metal), but it has been up to individuals as to whether or not they take advantage of these things. There has never been an official policy or procedure regarding recycling at Camp. There are a couple reasons that Camp Daggett needs to do this. First, is the need to set an example of good stewardship of our environment given our focus on the natural environment and preserving it for future generations. Perhaps more critical, but not as obvious, is the need to keep food refuse out of our septic system and drain field. When the current drain field was created in 1987, it was suggested that it had a 30 year life expectancy – well, 2017 is its 30 year anniversary! Camp has done some upgrades since that time that have prolonged its life expectancy by adding a few more settling tanks and an aerobic bug system called the Sludgehammer System that naturally breaks down solids, but we need to continue to do more to insure that there is not a major crisis any time soon.

Representatives from the Charlevoix County Community Foundation (Maureen Radke & Mishelle Shooks, center) and Emmet County Recycling (Andi Shepherd, far left and Lindsay Walker, far right) checking out the program.

First, with the support of the Charlevoix County Community Foundation, we set up a program where the food waste from the dining room and kitchen does not go directly into the septic system via a food disposal. There is a pig and chicken farmer nearby that is willing to accept most of the food waste to fatten his livestock. We were able to purchase a trailer and barrels for hauling these food wastes to his farm. During the summer, this may be a couple times per week. A system was set up in the dining hall and in the kitchen to collect the food waste. This required all summer staff and campers to get involved in the program, and also involved some training on why we are doing it and how to properly execute it. Second, the Petoskey Harbor Springs Area Community Foundation provided funding to assist us in bringing in drop bins from the Emmet County Recycling for paper, cardboard, plastic and miscellaneous containers. Additional recycling containers have been placed in offices and around Camp for collection of these items. Continued on next page

Some campers got involved in taking food waste to the pigs. The piglets are enjoying a meal in the background!!

What we hope to accomplish with this program: 1. Teach the importance of protecting the environment. 2. Prolong the life of our septic and drain field. 3. Reduce the amount of garbage being picked up 4. By eliminating one the current garbage dumpster that is located near several of the summer camp activity sites storage space will be increased and get rid of the less desirable aspects of a dumpster (i.e. odor, critters, etc.).

Camp Daggett has been around almost 93 years as a resource for our communities because of good stewardship and constantly looking for ways to improve. We see this as an initiative that fits our mission of “The Other Fellow First� and safeguards our natural resources. For more information on how you might be able to help, contact Grace Ketchum, Development Director, at 231-347-9742, x 118 or

Amber Osterhout, Carlos the Bear, Eric Hoffman Grandpa Shorter Employees

Thank you to all our sponsors and participants in this event! For more information and links for sponsors go to the website!

The Lodge “Log”


amp Daggett is more than a summer camp. We are open all year, offering a variety of programs. One of the areas availabe is our beautiful Lodge. As we appproach the end of the year we look back at the groups we served and the many activities we sponsor. This is important because it allows us to remain true to our mission of “The Other Fellow First” with focus on our community. The “other fellws” included a wide variety of groups from all over Michigan. We begin in March with a discussion about Maple Syrup. Yes, Camp makes Syrup. Syrup is made by boiling sap which contains about 3% sugar until it gets to a concentration of 66% sugar. Pretty simple, but it requires ALOT of sap to make that 100% Real Maple Syrup bottle. It requires around 35 gallons of sap to make 1 gallon of syrup with the other 34 gallons being removed as steam. If you are around next March or early April, please stop by and see all the buckets hanging on the trees at camp. Be warned though, we may try to recruit you to help collect buckets from the trees! Winter is also when we have our annual Father/Son Weekend. We are looking for fathers, step-fathers, grandfathers, Big Brothers, and

their sons who want to enjoy some quality time together. The activities include ice fishing, fly tying, nature study, maple syrup production, and our Camp Daggett Adventure Center (CDAC). The Harbor Springs Outdoor Club does a great job with archery. I am not sure what the Michigan Department of Natural Resources will bring this year, but they are always very popular. Be prepared for our weekend menu that includes a variety of wild game dishes. If you know of anyone that would like to participate in next year’s event on February 16-18, 2018, please call me at 231-347-9742 ext.112. Space is limited. We also host our own Mother/ Daughter Weekend in May. It includes yoga, nature hikes, rock climbing, pontoon boat rides, the adventure center, and great food. Next year’s event will be May 18-20, 2018. Mothers, stepmothers, grandmothers, or “Big Sisters” and daughters age 7-17, who want to spend some quality time together, please call Grace at 231-347-9742 ext. 118 to learn more about this special weekend at Camp Daggett. We hosted a variety of school groups this past 6 months. This spring included the Atlanta Schools conducting

a 3 day science camp. May brought us the Pellston Public Schools 6th grade and Sanborn Elementary from Alpena. These schools participated in our Adventure Center, while spending an overnight in our Lodge. We finished May with the Boyne City Middle School for their annual mini summer camp with around 120 children enjoying 3 days of camp. This was their 21st year using Camp Daggett for this fun and educational experience. New to Camp was Roger City Elementary enjoying a couple fun days away from school. We are looking forward to their return next year. This newsletter would not be complete if I did not talk about our Special Needs Camps. We were visited by New Campus from Traverse City and our local Char-Em Intermediate School District. The children enjoyed boat and hay rides, singing by the campfire, catching frogs at the nature pond, and of course a fun educational day at the Camp Daggett Adventure Center. Camp is a great place to hold a party. This year he had a couple High School Post Graduation Parties, a wedding, and even a Friday the 13th party for the superstitious! The first group this fall was “Transition Zone”, a 5 day camp for youth with visual disabilities operated by the Michigan Commission for the Blind. The Camp allowed the participants an opportunity to get to know other children with visual disabilities and gain independence techniques and vocational skills that will last a lifetime. The campers were kept busy with activities that included job skills seminar, team building initiatives at the Adventure Center, and an actual Prom Night with a disc jockey and dancing.

Fall also brought us St. Francis Elementary from Petoskey and the Petoskey Cross Country Team. These children came away with some great memories besides many lessons learned. The Sault Tribe of Chippewa Indians returned again this Fall to conduct a youth retreat here at camp that included our team building program at CDAC. Another Native American group, Joseph K Lumsden Bahweting from Sault Sainte Marie, attended camp for 3 days. 134 children enjoyed canoeing, swimming, making smoked fish over an open fire, and skits in our Recreation Building. Although we are a children’s camp, we do host corporate groups here for conferences and seminars. One such group that meets here is Leadership Little Traverse, a group of local business leaders who start their yearlong leadership program with a retreat at camp. We also had EJ Iron Works and Irish Boat Shop holding conferences in our main lodge on beautiful Walloon Lake. The Rotary Club Foreign Exchange Students were back again this year. There were 25 high school students from around the world, plus their sponsors, spending a weekend at camp to get orientated for the year to come. I believe this makes 24 years in a row that they have been our guest. We are always looking to host additional groups! If you are interested in using Camp Daggett for your next special t or gathering, please call at 231-347-9742, ext. 112.

Our Newsletter, Wish List and Event Schedule are all available on our website for you or your friends’ convenience.



*Saturday, January 27 and *Saturday February 24, 2018 Bearcub Outfitters Torchlight Snowshoe Outings at Camp Daggett *Friday- Sunday, February 16-18, 2018 Father Son Weekend at Camp Daggett *Friday - Sunday, May 18-20, 2018 Mother Daughter Weekend at Camp Daggett *Thursday, June 7, 2018 15th Camp Daggett Golf Benefit at Walloon Lake Country Club *Saturday-Sunday, July 14-15, 2018 10th Annual Kayak for a Cause on Walloon Lake

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