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ISSUE 2, 2013

Appreciation Gathering Neumann Conservation Easement

(only minutes from Gates Au Sable Lodge)


August 10th, 2013 from Noon to 2:00 pm


t’s that time of year again and we are pleased to announce that HWLC’s Annual Appreciation Gathering will be hosted at the Neumann Conservation Easement! The Neumann Conservation Easement is located on the north branch of the Au Sable River approximately 1 mile southeast of the town of Lovells, MI. The scenic landscape and natural character of this property makes it a perfect location for our annual gathering. Over 1,000 feet of undeveloped frontage on the shore of the North Branch of the Au Sable River is protected forever because of this conservation easement. This location is a very special place not only for fly fisherman, but for people within the conservation community. The property hosts a cabin that was part of the original High Bank Lodge, built by William B. Mershon in 1909. William B. Mershon was one of Michigan’s first conservationists. It is for conservationists like Gary Neumann, our dedicated volunteers and supporters that will bring us together on this special day. We look forward to seeing you!

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of Trustees

John Dallas, Chairman Jim Supina, Vice Chairman Virginia Pierce, Treasurer Martha Eberly, Secretary Jim Gregart Mike Mang Desiree Worthington Dr. Don Inman, Director Emeritus Stephen Qua, Director Emeritus Roger Rasmussen, Director Emeritus

Headwaters Land Conservancy

A Special Note from the Executive Director Throughout the last 20 years, HeadWaters has had the support of foundations, individual supporters, grantors and organizations. As a nonprofit land conservancy, we could not be successful without these collaborations. You are the reason we exist. Coming from the for-profit sector, I’ve had to adjust my thinking to understand the generosity of supporters and their motivations to help us financially. I am more accustomed to the process of making a widget and then selling that widget to the consumer. At HeadWaters, we are not producing or selling anything – we are protecting land and water and the ecosystems that depend on it. As a foundation member recently explained to me, in their eyes, we are their contractor responsible for fulfilling the

goals of their Board. This partnership works because the goals of that foundation align with our mission. We are fortunate to have these collaborative partnerships with organizations like Huron Pines, Great Lakes Fisheries Trust, Heart of the Lakes, The Land Trust Alliance, Community Foundations and The J.A. Woollam Foundation. When you donate to HeadWaters, you become an investor in our long term success. You make it possible for us to perform all the daily tasks that lead to the big accomplishment of placing a conservation easement on a piece of land or opening a Preserve. Because you support us financially, you are just as responsible for these accomplishments as we are. There are many conservation easements on the horizon and we’ll share great stories with you as they are completed. In the meantime, I have wonderful parting news to share. The J.A. Woollam Foundation has generously increased their match grant for the second time this year! What started as a dollar-fordollar increase of your donations up to $20,000.00 has now become an opportunity to raise an additional $40,000.00 in 2013! For every new membership, lapsed membership, increased donation or $500+ donation, the amount will be matched dollar-for-dollar! Your early and generous support led to the J.A. Woollam Foundation increasing their support – and because of this and all that you do for HeadWaters – I thank you.

Spending time on the Au Sable River


J.A. Woollam Foundation pledges to match every dollar raised in 2013 up to a maximum of $40,000! • All new memberships (You can ask a friend to join our mission…) • All memberships that were lapsed in past year or years and renew in 2013 (If you have missed your renewal join us today…) • Any increase membership level (If you increase your donation from $50 in 2012 to $75 in 2013- the entire amount of that donation to us will be matched…) • The entire amount of any donation to HWLC greater than $500 from a single source

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Matching requirements are:

ISSUE 2, 2013

Headwaters Land Conservancy

Land Protection Update There is much more to land protection than the final signature on a conservation easement. To me, the protection of northeast Michigan’s special land and water stems from family history, an individual’s passion for the woods and the excitement on a child’s face when they catch their very first fish or spot an elk through the trees. The preservation of our natural resources is essential for the overall health of the environment but our organization, and others working toward a similar cause, would not exist without a group of dedicated

stewards putting a priceless value on these important places. When I visit with landowners on their Property I see a passion for their surroundings which is often absent in another setting. Some people I meet remember their father planting a row of trees when they were children, fifty years ago. Others make a point to show me the pair of loons that have been nesting near their home, in the same spot, year after year. That being said, not everyone is a long time resident of northern Michigan. There is as much fervor coming from those just planting roots in our beloved state. Instead of a century of memories, these new residents have an entire future to plan, with stories on standby, waiting to be written. I look forward to visiting a person’s land not just because it may someday be placed

HWLC has been protecting views like this since 1993

in an easement, but because I get to share one’s passion for their Property, hear about its history and truly learn why it is worth protecting - a view that differs between each person. This year, HeadWaters Land Conservancy is working with a partner organization, Huron Pines, to offer complimentary management plans for landowners. These plans provide information on forest type, soils, river health, and wildlife. Each one is unique to your land, just like your reasons for protecting the land are unique. I encourage you to contact me to schedule a site visit. Whether you already have an easement on your Property, or are just considering placing one in the future, I would love to hear the story of your land and work towards perfecting its next chapter.

2012 Supporters of HeadWaters Land Conservancy (list continued from Issue 1, 2013)

HWLC is grateful for your generosity. We thank you for your support and commitment to saving northeast Michigan’s most precious places for future generations to enjoy.

• Mason Griffith Founders Chapter of Trout Unlimited • Mike Mang • Paul & Carol Rose • Rev. Roland Schaedig • Roger Rasmussen • Simon Yoder

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Emily Cook Land Protection Specialist

ISSUE 2, 2013

Students from the Vanderbilt Area Schools enjoyed a day on the Sturgeon River Preserve learning how to indentify plants and trees.

Paul Kogelschatz, AmeriCorps Member for HWLC Although spring was slow to make its entrance, May was a month busy with event planning and site visits. May also brought my first snow free visit to the Sturgeon River Preserve and I can tell you without a doubt that I prefer the early spring bloom to the frozen destruction that claimed many of our pine and hemlock trees this winter. With the help of 10 volunteers on two separate days we were able to get the entire trail system clear and ready for visitors. Thanks to those of you who helped in the rain and snow to clear the trails of debris. With freshly cleared trails and not a cloud in the sky it was time to host our first official Sturgeon River Preserve event of the season. A collaboration with the Otsego Conservation District the Spring Wildflower Walk introduced visitors to the techniques used to identify native plants and trees. Fellow AmeriCorps volunteer Justin Burchett provided a wealth of knowledge which contributed to the success of the event. All those in attendance received a custom Sturgeon River Preserve plant identification guide to keep (now available at the HWLC office).

Following the success of the Spring Woodland Hike fellow AmeriCorps member Joy Leisen and I hosted twelve 7th and 8th grade students from Vanderbilt schools at the preserve. Having recently studied environmental conservation with their teacher, Ms. Littleton, the students were very eager to learn how to identify native trees and plants. Equipped with their own Sturgeon River Preserve plant I.D. guide students were able to distinguish specific trees and native plants. While many of the students acknowledged a previous interest in their natural environment most were astonished when they discovered how much fun geocaching was and how easy plant identification could be. Each student was able to take home their “cache” prizes including a detailed atlas of the Great Lakes region, a map of Otsego County, and informational posters about pollinators and jack pine ecosystems. It was a great day at the preserve. It’s great to see the next generation of land stewards taking an interest and exploring what they can do to protect and preserve the “Up North” we all enjoy.

Emily Martin, Vanderbilt Area Schools

“It was very interesting to be outdoors with the slugs. I loved it! I want to come again.” Samantha Luft, Vanderbilt Area Schools

“Learning how to identify plants was very cool. The trails were amazing. I had lots of fun and will recommend this to all of my friends.” Renee Renaud, Vanderbilt Area Schools

Photo By James Mayer

Opportunities for Students & Adults

“Keep the wildflower walk the way it is. I really enjoyed it!”

Photo by James Mayer

The Sturgeon River Preserve Promotes Educational

Headwaters Land Conservancy

2013 Events Geocache & Scavenger Hunt Description: Bring your family out to the Sturgeon River Preserve for a day full of fun! Learn how to Geocache with GPS units, participate in a scavenger hunt, and then recapture your day with a complimentary coloring book. Date: July 18th, 2013 Time: 1:00 to 4:00 pm Location: Sturgeon River Preserve, Vanderbilt, MI

Land Guardian Photography Club Field Trip- Neumann Conservation Easement Description: Join us as we explore the Neumann conservation easement located on the North Branch of the Au Sable. It will be an excellent opportunity to capture life on the river! Date: July 20th, 2013 Time: 10:00 am to 12:30 pm Location: Grayling, MI

Sturgeon Moon Walk Description: Enjoy the natural light of the Sturgeon Moon while spending time with friends and family. Learn about constellations and how to identify them. Telescopes will be available for viewing stars. Date: August 20th, 2013 Time: 9:00 pm to 10:30 pm Location: Sturgeon River Preserve, Vanderbilt, MI


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ISSUE 2, 2013

Headwaters Land Conservancy

HeadWaters Land Conservancy

Non Profit Presorted Paid Crossroads Ind. Inc. Gaylord, MI 49735 Permit #281

110 South Elm Avenue Gaylord, MI 49735 989-731-0573

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Leadership Circle The Conservation Leadership Circle is a group of distinguished individuals and organizations who recognize the importance of preserving northeast Michigan by providing charitable gifts annually at leadership levels to HeadWaters Land Conservancy. Members of the Circle enjoy some benefits and —more importantly— know that they are leaders in conserving the “Up North” we all enjoy.

Watershed Guardians ($10,000 and above) Benefits: • “Outdoor Lovers” classroom experience learn the basics of fly fishing, hunting, snow shoeing, bird watching or other outdoor activity from a HeadWaters Board Member • Personalized float trip and catered lunch • Personalized wild flower or birding tour • Invitation to Private Board member Reception and other events • Listing in newsletter

River Guardians ($5,000 thru $9,999) Benefits: • Personalized float trip and catered lunch • Personalized wild flower or birding tour • Invitation to Private Board member Reception and other events • Listing in newsletter

Stream Guardians ($1,000 thru $4,999)

Photo by James Mayer

Benefits: • Personalized wild flower or birding tour • Invitation to Private Board member Reception and other events • Listing in newsletter

Spring Guardians ($500 thru $999) Benefits: • Invitation to Private Board member Reception and other events • Listing in newsletter

Guardians ($250 thru $499) Benefits: • Invitation to Private Board member Reception • Listing in newsletter

HeadWaters Land Conservancy: Currents Summer 2013  

HeadWaters Land Conservancy is a Michigan based 501c3 non-profit land trust comprised of a Staff, Board of Directors, Volunteers and Members...

HeadWaters Land Conservancy: Currents Summer 2013  

HeadWaters Land Conservancy is a Michigan based 501c3 non-profit land trust comprised of a Staff, Board of Directors, Volunteers and Members...