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Summer 2018

From The Desk of The Executive Director: continue to offer traditional outdoor ver the years I have gained a heightened appreciation for our natural wonders and the seasonal transitions that accompany them in Michigan. The spring season ranks a close second to autumn in my opinion.


activities that enlighten and peak the interest of today’s youth. Activities that are simply not just fun, but educational to serve our future generations. I could easily go on about all of the little, yet special teachable and memorable experiences that I witness through the eyes of a number of campers each and every summer on the shores of beautiful Walloon Lake.

s a young, freckle-faced lad growing up in our northern region, I would continually “frog around” in whatever ecosystem presented itself to bide my time; exploring, experiencing, and learning about our unique environment. During this chapter of my life, I was unknowingly exercising the concept of experiential education; an empowering education to say the least by simply learning by doing. Consequently, when I see firsthand the opportunities that abound for our young campers over the course of a year at Camp Daggett, I am grateful and provided a peace of mind that they are experiencing the same types of education. I am thankful there are still organizations such as Camp that



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Snowy Owls of Summer

our continued support of Camp Daggett- be it by volunteerism, networking, program participation, or inkind and monetary contributions enables each program participant the opportunity to expand his or her horizons. The way I see it, we are continually improving our future by investing in our youth. I have often heard and firmly believe that children are 25% of our population, yet 100% of our future. The “returns” are often difficult to see from afar, but trust me - as a firsthand witness they are real, apparent, and very much alive on the grounds of Camp Daggett. These are memorable experiences, friendships that last a lifetime, etc., etc., etc. These are all wonderful does of positive, personal growth. In short, to fill up our gas tanks with gasoline today: $30 to $50. To sponsor a Camp Daggett camper with lifelong returns: PRICELESS!!


Yours in service,

Brent Marlatt

Executive Director

Contributions made to benefit Camp Daggett, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, are tax deductible. Tax ID #38-1617980.

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Summer Camp Journal For the Summer Camp Journal in this issue we thought we would do something different. John “JJ” is generally the one who writes this column, but this time we thought we would tell you about him and his wife Julie.

that it has been a wonderful gift to be involved in something so powerful every summer. They both love watching the campers stream into camp each week to experience the fun and caring environment.

John and Julie Guirey are two staff members who have been part of the Camp Daggett family for quite some time. Both John and Julie worked at camp before they even knew each other; John was a counselor in 1982 and 1983 while finishing his Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree at Northern Michigan University, while Julie (Lutzenkirchen) was the Arts and Crafts director in 1984 as she was completing her BFA degree from Michigan State University. While their paths never crossed then, John and Julie met at Wayne State University in the early 90’s while studying Art Education. Marriage came next and shortly afterwards, John accepted the position of Summer Camp director.

Working each summer with the talented and dedicated group of summer staff that John hires has been a very rewarding experience for him. John spends many hours in the winter pouring over applications and conducting personal interviews to find the best candidates.

2018 Summer Camp Staff

In the early years, John was teaching art and experiential education in Ferndale Public schools while completing his degree in Educational Administration at Oakland University. Julie was substitute teaching and working in the floral design field. Each summer though, John and Julie would pack up their belongings and head north from their home in the Detroit suburbs to run the summer camp. After a few years of all the travel, they got smart and relocated to Petoskey Michigan. Since 1999, John has been teaching art at Charlevoix Middle High school and since 2008, Julie has been working in the front office at Camp Daggett as the Camp Registrar. John and Julie have two wonderful boys, Sean and Jack, who have grown up spending their summers at camp. Both boys were campers, volunteer staff and recently have been working on paid staff. In 2017 Sean served as summer maintenance director while Jack was the counselor in the Chippewa cabin. John and Julie love everything Camp Daggett stands for, especially camp’s commitment to serving the needs of children throughout our community and beyond. John and Julie feel

Summer is a very busy time for Julie as she helps purchase all programming supplies, assists with summer budget and runs the popular camp store. Julie also helps the staff feel at home; she is affectionately referred to as “Camp Mom” by summer staff, a title she holds dearly. In the off-season Julie plays a vital role in managing the camper registration process in addition to watching the waiting lists and arranging financial aid for families in need. With over twenty-five years of experience at the camp, John and Julie continue to support the strong traditions that have made Camp Daggett a popular summer camp for children while embracing all the possibilities that will guide the camp into the future and they thoroughly enjoy being a part of it all. Brent Marlatt, Executive Director, said “Camp Daggett is fortunate to have received many blessings over the past 93 years. The experience and passion that John and Julie have contributed for just over 25 of those years is a wonderful gift in itself. They are a very special couple.” As JJ would say, “In the Spirit of Daggett”.

WALLOON LAKE WATER TESTING This summer, Camp Daggett is participating in the Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council’s Volunteer Lake Monitoring Program, with assistance from the Walloon Lake Trust and Conservancy. The prgram monitors the quality of many Northern Michigan lakes. Camp Daggett is ideally situated to help monitor one of the deepest basins of the lake with depths averageing 80 - 90 feet. Camp Daggett staff has always tried to instill a sense of respect for nature in our campers and providing educaiton and encouraging good stewardship of our lake Campers help measure is one way we are building positive character in youth. Here are some pictures of our campers working with depth of the water and

Deanna, our Nature Director to do the testing.

collect a sample

Campers gather at the bow to collect sample

Deanna explains how to perform a test

Deanna helps camper prepare the Secchi dish

Measuring water clarity with a Secchi dish


Random Act of Kindness A Very Special Camper Mom




It is not unusual for parents dropping off their children for camp on Sunday afternoon to talk to each other while waiting to register their young campers. One Mom was expressing how much she appreciated the fact that there are scholarships available so that her child could experience summer camp. The mom she was talking with recognized that the experiences that her children more easily have available to them are not available to all children. Later, after getting her child registered, this Mom made arrangements for the Summer Camp Staff to provide goodie bags for ALL of the children receiving scholarships during that session! This anonymous donor wants no recognition, but we want her to know how much her act of kindness is appreciated. What a fantastic example of “The Other Fellow First”. Thank you!!



Think you would like to get involved with Camp Daggett?! Contact Grace Ketchum to get information on volunteer opportunities!


Camp Daggett Adventure Center (CDAC) SNOWY OWLS OF SUMMER This past winter, in late January, Mother Nature sent us a very special gift here at Camp Daggett in the form of a beautiful snowy owl that decided to take up residence over the course of four or five days. Initially spotted watching over an upper parking lot just before our Snowshoe Demo, our staff was delighted just to catch a glimpse of the snowy owl and considered it a rare treat, but figured that we most likely wouldn’t see the elusive bird again. However, over the course of the next few days, the owl was spotted again, and again; turning each day into a visual scavenger hunt for our new friend. And believe us when we tell you this owl did not make it easy; snowy owls are nature’s ultimate hide and seek players! Never the less, we were up for the challenge and moreover, it became a large part of our daily social interactions as a staff. Each day we would check in with one another on the whereabouts of our visitor. “Have you seen the owl today?”, “Any sightings yet?”, “I saw it perched on a fence post on the far side of the rec field…keep an eye out!” Along with the fun of locating the snowy owl each day, we were fortunate enough to snap some wonderful pictures of the bird watching over our winter wonderland here at Camp. And needless to say, this amazing creature brought some extra excitement and curiosity to Camp Daggett, if only for a few days. Now you might be saying to yourself, “That’s awesome, but what does that have to do with the Adventure Center?” Well, that is a good question, and the truth is, the appearance of our feathery friend just got us thinking about the wilderness adventures we do in the summer season. In so many ways, the campers who join us for our excursions are like our snowy owl visitor. They bring a curiosity, a little bit of elusiveness and a whole lot of excitement to each of our trips. Much like our snowy friend, peeking over some canoes, our campers are curious about what’s ahead of them for the week…what will they encounter out there on the trail? They often keep their distance at first but are curious about what’s going on around them. In addi tion, our campers are often hard to “find” when they first arrive, as well. They are silent or still and maybe even try to fade into the background a little so as not to be seen. We have to seek them out, find out who they are, get to know them; and once we “spot them”, how fun it is to see them every day and get to experience what they have to share. Lastly, and maybe the most obvious is the excitement that each camper brings to a wilderness trip. Excitement for experiencing something new, for taking in a rare sight, or for having the opportunity to do something that they’ve never done. That excitement spreads throughout the group much like it did with our own staff this past winter and brings the team together, which ultimately is a great gift in its own right. We were thankful to have the time we did with our snowy friend this winter, but we are even more excited for the snowy owls of summer that join us for our wilderness trips each year. See you down the trail!

Karen and Drew (Check out the pictures on the next page of some of this summer’s “Snowy Owls” enjoying their time on a wilderness trip.)

Have you seen it yet?! Camp Daggett has an e-newsletter now! This is a monthly newsletter that will help keep you up-to-date on the latest things going on at Camp Daggett and much, much more. It includes a section that highlights a different trustee each month, a section that introduces you to a staff person or persons and then Jerry Donnelly has been providing a section on the history of Camp Daggett with old pictures that illustrate how much has changed and how much has remained the same over the past 93 years. Camp Daggett plans to continue to provide two Fireside Chats per year that will be available on the website and in hard copy. In the past these have been Spring and Fall, however this one is Summer and we are planning to do another in early Winter to get you all the information for 2019. To get a hard copy contact Grace Ketchum at Camp Daggett and one will be sent to you. There are also links on the website,, for the monthly e-newsletter and the Fireside Chats. What is great about the online version of Fireside Chats is that it reads like a book and it is in color so you can enjoy the pictures more! The decision was made to do an e-newsletter for several reasons. First, more and more people look for ways to connect online. Another reason is that when we do our regular newsletter twice per year we are not always providing timely information about the activities going on at Camp Daggett. We were looking for another way to celebrate and show appreciation to all those who help Camp Daggett. You can sign up on the website to receive the e-newsletter or contact Grace ( at Camp Daggett and we will get you added to the mail list. We also put a link on the Camp Daggett Facebook page where you can get to the E-newsletter and sign up to receive it each month. Camp Dagget is very excited to be able to offer this to you. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us. Grace Ketchum, Development Director

THANK YOU ! Camp Daggett would like to thank the Petoskey-Harbor Springs Area Community Foundation (PHSACF) for providing funds to help purchase 16 sleeping bags. These are being used by the campers that go on the Wilderness trips that are part of the Summer Camp Program for campers ages, 13-15. These trips are rustic and the campers sleep in sleeping bags in tents. Often the campers do not have appropriate sleeping bags for these trips and the families are not able to purchase them. The typical sleeping bags that youth have for sleepovers with friends are not going to keep them warm and dry on one of the wilderness trips. Having these sleeping bags will help insure that the youth participating in these events have a positive experience. Wilderness trips for 2018 include canoeing the Platte, Betsie and Crystal rivers, backpacking South Manitou Island and backpacking Pictured Rocks. Here are some pictures of this year’s campers from the trips this year!


10th Annual

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

15th Annual Cause Golf Benefit

Kayakfor a

on Walloon Lake

THANK YOU 2018 Paddle Sponsors Platinum Sponsor: Bear Cove Marina Gold Sponsors: Walloon Central Power Sports & Marine, Michigan Lake Products, The Outfitter of Harbor Springs, Bulmann Dock and Lift & Personal Graphics Silver Sponsors: Dr. Paul Alguire, Burt Lake Marina, Bearcub Outfitter, Columbia Sportswear, Evening Star Joinery, Fustini’s Oils & Vinegars and Ryde Marine. Bronze Sponsor: Edgewater Design Group

2018 Kayaking Crew >Ryde Marine for kayak rentals >John and Julie Guirey for a Saturday morning brunch at Camp Daggett >The Roudis for providing a place for lunch on Saturday. >The MCcMurrays for hosting Saturday dinner. Fustini’s and Kilwin’s for providing the snacks for the “We Did It Party.” >Bear Cove Marina for use of their launch site and picnic area. >Brent Marlatt, Jerry Hepner and Drew Baar for manning the spotter boat

2018 Kayaking Team KAYKER Amy Basel

Mike Farrimond’s daughter

Kristen Bates

paddling for Girls Get Fit

Madison Bates

paddling for Girls Get Fit

Suzi Blanckaert

Boyne City

Kim Danks

Mike Farrimond’s daughter

Mike Farrimond

Emeritus Trustee

Jim Ford

Harbor Springs

Laurie Ford

Harbor Springs

Mary Ling

paddling for Petoskey schools

Karen Marietti

Camp Daggett CDAC Director

Brandon Morrill

Boyne City

**Jock Rader

unable to kayak this year

**Justin Weisler

unable to kayak this year

Richard Zech


** Raised support!

2018 Kayak for a Cause on Walloon Lake Kayak Raffle Winner The Outfitter of Harbor Springs donated a kayak to be raffled this year. The winner was Sarah Saddison. Thank you Josh Baker for donating the kayak and for all of you who purchased tickets. Over $3,000 was raised with the raffle.

The Camp Daggett Fifteenth Annual Golf Benefit broke all records for participation and funds raised for the third straight year. It

was a tremendous success thanks to the support from sponsors, contributors, participants and volunteers. 100 golfers enjoyed lunch before teeing off to play a round of golf at Walloon Lake Country Club, an exclusive private golf course located on Walloon Lake. After golf the golfers were joined by friends and family for cocktails, silent and live auctions and a fabulous dinner, hosted by the Walloon Lake Country Club. Prior to dinner John Guirey, Summer Camp Director, introduced Lauren Hitesman who shared with those present what Camp has meant to her as a camper and how she is looking forward to being a Program Aide this year. Funds raised from the Golf Benefit provide scholarships for children and youth to attend Summer Camp and participate in yearround programming with the Camp Daggett Adventure Center (CDAC) in addition to supporting the programs and facilities at Camp Daggett. We also wish to thank all of our generous donors and supporters for thier ongoing commitment to Camp Daggett. As we celebrate 93 years of providing memorable experiences for children we want to thank the many individuals and organizations who have given of their time, energy and resources to help ensure that Camp Daggett will be here to benefit future generations. The smiles on the faces of these children are proof that your investment is making a difference. If you would like to know how you can help or wish to contribute, please contact Grace Ketchum, 231347- 9742 x 118,



Terry and Laurie Marrs Ron and Cathy Scriven Walloon Lake Country Club Howard and Margery Ternes David and Linda Johnson

Ketchum Legacy

50/50 SPONSOR Ralph and Pattie Miesel

“FUND THE MISSION” SPONSOR David and Linda Johnson


Donald and Margaret Austin Colby and Mary Crall KorthaseFlinn Insurance and Financial Service Ralph and Patti Miesel

LUNCHEON SPONSOR Joe and Muriel Alexandrowski EJ USA (East Jordan Iron Works) Jim and Marilyn Keller



Steve and Renee Alexandrowski Dave Kring Chevolet Cadillac Donnelly Ask Mike and Jacque Harrington Raymond and Bridget Hausbeck Hill Schroderus and Co Ralph and Patti Miesel Brock and Lynne Johnson David and Linda Johnson Memory of Ed Lapekas Mason, Kammermann & Rohrback, PC MDC Contracting, LLC Personal Graphics Preston Feather Building Centers W.W. Fairbairn & Sons

PUTTING CONTEST Austin Hardware & Supply Wequetonsing Cottage Care, LLC

HOLE-IN-ONE SPONSORS Fletch’s GMC Buick Audi of Petoskey Irish Boat Shop


Bella Vita, Boyne City Boyne City Marathon (next to Family Fare) Boyne Valley Lions Club Brown Motors Camp Daggett Board of Trustees Charlevoix Kiwanis Youth Foundation Charlevoix Rotary Club Derrer Oil and Propane John and Ann DiMartino East Jordan Rotary Evening Star Joinery, Inc. Ginop Sales Kilwin’s Chocolate Kitchen and Tours Terry and Kathleen Kittleson KIwanis Club of Petoskey Kiwanis of Little Traverse Bay In Memory of James W. Baar In Memory of Rod Marlatt Mitchell Graphics Odawa Casino Resort Petoskey Plastics The Print Shop of Petoskey Stone Funeral Home Michael and Roberta Tweddle

CONTRIBUTORS American Spoon Foods Anonymous Bella Vita, Boyne City Birchwood Farms Golf Club Blarney Castle Oil-EZ Mart, Shawn Gray Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Crystal Blumke

“The Other Fellow First”

Boyne USA (Bay Harbor Golf Club) Charlevoix Ace Hardware Chateau Chantal Chestnut Valley Golf and Restaurant Ernesto’s Cigar Lounge and Bar Fabiano Brothers Fletch’s of Petoskey Flowers from Sky’s the Limit Fustini’s Oils and Vinegars Gordon’s Food Service Harbor Point Country Club Hilton Garden Inn, Detroit Pete Kelbel, Golf Pro, WLCC Kilwin’s Chocolate Kitchen and Tours Mackinac Island Carriage Tours McClutchey’s Casual Clothing Scott McKenzie, Auctioneer Maple River Pub and Golf Club Meyer Ace Hardware Patti Miesel Jerry and Karen Mulligan Petoskey Bay View Country Club Petoskey Cheese Plath’s Meats RSVP Program (volunteers) Ruff Life Pet Outfitters Shepler’s Mackinac Island Ferry Ralph and Mike Stowe Sturgeon River Pottery The Circus Shop The Clothes Post The Grand Hotel The Rocking Horse Toski Sands Deli and Wine Shop Lake Country Club Wequetonsing Country Club White Cedar Rustics Yankee Rebel Tavern, Mackinac Island


Crystal Blumke Jerry Donnelly Grace Ketchum Brent Marlatt Laurie Marrs Ralph Miesel Amanda Truman

Established 1925 03001 Church Rd • Petoskey, MI 49770 • (231) 347-9742 •

or early April, please stop by and see all the buckets hanging on the trees at camp. Be warned though, we may try to recruit you to help collect buckets from the trees!

The Lodge “Log”


amp Daggett is more than a summer camp. We are open all year offering a variety of programs. One of the areas available is our beautiful Lodge. Yes, I say this is in every issue of the Fireside Chats, but it bears repeating. As we near the end of traditional summer camp, we look back at the groups we have served and the many activities we sponsor. This is important, because it allows us to remain true to our mission of “The Other Fellow First” with a focus on our community. The “other fellows” included a wide variety of groups from all over Michigan. very year we open Camp Daggett to the community on the last Saturdays of January and Februay for the Bearcub Torchlight Snowshoe event on the trails through the woods. Please plan to join us!


ebruary is when we have our annual Father/Son Weekend. We are looking for fathers, step-fathers, grandfathers, Big Brothers, and their littles who want to enjoy some quality time together. The activities include ice fishing, fly tying, nature study, project to make and take home and the Camp Daggett Adventure Center (CDAC). The Harbor Springs Outdoor Club has provided archery.


The Michigan Department of Natural Resources always provides a very popular, educational, and fun activity. Be prepared for our weekend menu that includes a variety of wild game dishes. If you know of anyone that would like to participate in next year’s event on February 8-10, 2019, please call me at 231-3479742 ext.112. Space is limited. arch is when we start collecting say from our maple trees to make maple syrup. Yes, Camp Daggett makes syrup. Syrup is made by boiling sap which contains about 3% sugar until it gets to a concentration of 66% sugar. Very simple, but it requires a lot of sap to make that 100% Real Maple Syrup. It requires around 35 gallons of sap to make 1 gallon of syrup with the other 34 gallons being removed as steam.


We started producing syrup here at camp about 10 years ago with only 4 trees being tapped and cooking the sap in a large kettle from the kitchen on our outside grill. We produced a half gallon of syrup that first year. This year we tapped around 350 trees and produced about 70 gallons of syrup. We have a homemade evaporator that is 15’ long by 5’ wide but we still use 5 gallon buckets to collect the sap from the trees. If you are around next March

In May we host our annual Mother/Daughter Weekend. It includes yoga, nature hikes, rock climbing, pontoon boat rides, CDAC activities, and great food. Next year’s event will be May 17-19, 2019. Mothers, stepmothers, grandmothers, or “Big Sisters” and littles aged 7-17, who want to spend some quality time together, please call Grace Ketchum at 231-3479742 ext. 118 to learn more about this special weekend at Camp Daggett. We host a variety of school groups including, the Sheridan Elementary Enrichment Program, Atlanta Schools science camp., Saint Francis of Petoskey, Pellston 6th grade, Sanborn Elementary from Ossineke, Roger City Middle Schools and Petoskey 5th graders. Every May, Boyne City Middle School has their annual mini summer camp with pproximately 100 children enjoying 3 days of camp. 2018 was their 2nd year using Camp Daggett for this fun and educational experience. This newsletter would not be complete if I did not talk about our Special Needs Camps. In 2018 New Campus from Traverse City and Char-Em Intermediate School District utilized Camp Daggett for their students. The children enjoyed boat and hay rides, singing by the campfire, catching frogs at the nature pond, and of course a fun educational day at the CDAC. Camp is a great place to have a party. This year we had a couple High School Senior Post Graduation Parties, a 25th

Wedding Anniversary Party, a Baby Shower and a wedding. In addition the Walloon Lake Association and Conservancy had a social gathering of their board members and guests in the spring. In the fall we look forward to groups from a couple college sports teams for training camp, the Sault Tribe of Chippewa Native Americans and the Traverse Bay Bands of Odawa Indians both conducted youth retreats includng team building at CDAC. Although we are a children’s camp, we do host corporate groups here for conferences and seminars. These included Leadership Little Traverse, EJ Iron Works, Irish Boat Shop. In addition the Rotary Club Foreign Exchange Students return annually in September. This includes high school students from around the world, plus their sponsors, spending a weekend at camp to get orientated for the year to come. They have been doing this for close to 25 years. After traditional summer camp ends, “Transition Zone”, a 5-day camp for youth with visual disabilities operated by the Bureau of Services for Blind Persons will be at Camp Daggett. The camp allows the participants an opportunity to get to know other youth with visual disavilities and gain independence techniques and vocational skills that will last a lifetime. The campers will be kept busy with activities that include teambuilding initiatives at CDAC and a Prom Night with a DJ and dancing. We are always looking to host additional groups and if you are interested in using Camp Daggett, please call Ed Leverenz at 231-347-9742 ext. 112.

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Contributions made to benefit Camp Daggett, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, are tax deductible. Tax ID #38-1617980.

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