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Different types of human hair extensions and their advantages Human hair extensions are perfect for those who are highly fashion conscious and would like to look good and updated on the latest styles doing the rounds. Fashions change by the day and it is truly difficult to keep abreast of the changes as and when they happen; hair styles too keep changing so often, sometimes it is the short crop that is in and the next time it is long flowing hair. How does one manage to adapt to these changes in hairstyles within no time? Yes the answer is hair extensions, clip-ins, wigs, hair weaves, and other types of hair craft that lets you have long hair within minutes! Let us learn a little about different types of hair extensions Hair extensions are basically of two types, human hair extensions and the synthetic hair extensions. Human hair extensions are made out of real human hair and look very natural. Synthetic hair extensions are made from man made fiber that is made to look like hair but is a far cry from the original human hair. Human hair extensions are pretty expensive if high quality hair is used and the synthetic ones come much cheaper. Why are human hair extensions more popular in spite of being more expensive? The main reason for this is human hair is real hair and looks natural and retains the sheen making the hairs look lustrous. Whereas the synthetic hairs appear fake and tacky and become brittle very fast, they further tangle easily damaging the extensions within no time. What are the different types of human hair extensions available? Again human hair is divided into two categories, the virgin variety and the non-virgin variety. Virgin hair is the purest of human hair available; it has never before been treated with harsh chemicals either for bleaching, coloring, or perming. This is truly healthy hair and is high in strength. This type of hair is much in demand and it is priced pretty steep. The celebrities and others in the affluent class opt for this type of virgin human hair and better still if it is Remy hair too, i.e., with cuticles intact. The other type is the non-virgin human hair that has been treated before with chemicals and is not as pure or as strong as the virgin hair. This is priced a little lesser and is affordable to most people. And in human Remy hair the cuticles are kept intact and are aligned in a single direction just like in natural hair and this avoids tangling of the hair extensions and they last longer. These cuticles lock in the moisture and giving the hair a shiny and glossy look. Virgin human Remy hair is of the highest quality and human hair extensions made of this variety of hair are the most expensive and these are the ones that people in the show

business use. They only can afford the high cost of these human hair extensions and for them looking good is most important at whatever cost. Different methods of attaching human hair extensions Human hair extensions can be attached to the original hair using different methods like weaving, bonding, and fusion and the easiest of the lot is clip-ons that can be completed within minutes.

Human hair extensions  

Human hair extensions are perfect for those who are highly fashion conscious and would like to look good and updated on the latest styles do...

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