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Mitchell Brook Primary School

‘Inspiring the minds of tomorrow to be confident life long learners’

10th October 2012 #3

The school theme for this year is—Colours of Innovation. The whole school will be focusing Book Week this year was launched by the po- on the contributions of people of colour with et KIT WRIGHT. He loved visiting the school innovation and inventions throughout history. especially because so many people had dressed up as their favourite book character As well as researching the life of famous peoon the day. ple such as Benjamin Banneker, Garrett Morgan and Dr Charles Richard Drew, the children As you walked down the corridor, you may have been greeted by Oliver Twist, or Winnie will have an opportunity to produce their own inventions which will be displayed and judged the Witch! at the end of the week. If you have access to the computer, you could start doing your The week was filled with different exciting own research at home by simply googling Black activities in the classes and everyone in the History Inventors. Lots of great school did lots of extra reading. resources will be available. Last FRIDAY, we had the annual READ-A-THON in which over 40 children stayed the night at school and reading took place from 9 on Friday morning until 9 on Saturday morning! This event was a BIG success for the second year in a row! Thanks to the dads, brothers and uncles who came to read to the children.

Parents will be invited in on Wednesday 24th November to visit the classes and see learning in action.

HALF TERM WEEK—29 October –2nd November

This month’s value is: Inspiration DENIS BOND VISITS YEAR 3

REMINDER ABOUT: Medicines Asthma Inhalers:

The author Denis Bond responded to letters from year 3 to visit the school. The classes had the whole day with him and enjoyed hearing his stories as well as writing themselves.

House Captains Each candidate had to write and present a manifesto to the children in their house. The children then voted in secret. Patience Omar Amnsoor Fatima Noor Peace Aqsa Amod Ali Sayid Endurance Kymara Bridgemen Mayvand Stanzneki Tolerance Ruwayda Ali

If your child has an inhaler for Asthma, one needs to be in school. Please give this to Toots. These are taken on trips and are available to children throughout the school day if they need these. With the colder weather approaching it is vital that this is all in place. EPI– pens Children who are prone to severe allergic reactions are prescribed EPI pens. There are staff who are trained to administer this in an emergency. All EPI pens are kept in the medical room. Please make sure, if this applies to your child, that we have an in-date EPI pen and that you have given it to Toots. Prescription Medicine such as ANTIBIOTICS If you child has been unwell and has been prescribed antibiotics, the school will administer this when the child is well enough to return to school. In order for this to happen, parents need to complete and sign a medical consent form each time. CALPOL/NUROFEN If your child has a temperature and is unwell, please do not give the above medicines and send them into school. This medicine lasts for 2-4 hours and then your child will feel unwell again. If your child has toothache, give them Calpol or Nurofen and send to school. When this wears off, we will call you again to come in to give the medicine. The school only administers prescribed medicines. Any queries, please see TOOTS.

Shane Oliver

UNIFORM: Please check your child has their own clothing. If they accidentally bring someone else’s home, please return it to school.

WE DO NOT ACCEPT ABUSE! The staff of the school have the right to work without fear of any verbal or physical abuse from parents and siblings. Any incident will be reported to the police and the person concerned will be banned from the school premises.