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NikytaGaia Photography - Page 31 This is our VERY FIRST issue of Gore Noir magazine! Our goal is to cover photographers, models, artists, musicians, products, as well as tattoos and tattoo artists. Horror movies get all the publicity and magazine time so I think it’s our duty to cover the people that are making shocking, bloody, thought provoking art in the genre. This is very much a grass roots magazine started up by people that love the whole idea of blood and guts. We’d love to hear from you regarding artists you’d like to see in future magazines. Email us at: You can also send us any hate mail that might be brewing up in that Zodiac Killer mind of yours. We’d love to hear from a crazy or two from time to time just to make us feel that much more sane! Enjoy the first mag! -Mitch

Anathema Photography - Page 26 - Gore Noir Issue #1

contents of our table As You Wish Photography - 10

Screaming Daemons - 30

Shane Roberts - “The Woods� - 14

Nikyta Gaia Photography - 31

Grimm City girls - Jm Grimm - 15

Molly Dolly - 35

Nefarious Paws - 18

tattoo23 - 39

Rot Tots - Undead Ed - 19

Cruella Suicide - 44

Manomatul - 21

Tattoo Section - 45

Winged Creations - 24

Torture Couture - 51

Anathema Photography - 26

Cold Blue Rebels - 55

Cover Photo by As You Wish Photography Models: tattoo23 & Kaiden All Contents Copyrighted. All rights reserved. Contents may not be reprinted in whole or part without prior written permission from the Publisher or copyright holders. Any similarity between persons depicted in humor, fiction or satire articles and real persons living or dead is purely coincidental. For wholesale information and article submissions send all inquiries to

MEET THE STAFF Mitch Rafter:

The Insane Mastermind behind it all. (Although he’s far more insane than he ever will be a mastermind) When he’s not devising crazy plots to make money out of thin air, (and you thought turning lead into gold was stupid) he’s designing shirts and making hack job art. Working from his zombie flesh green walled front room of his trailer on a Mac mini that swears it’s an upgraded G5. (Just like your kid brother swears he’ll kick your ass one day) Half written zombie movie scripts or books (however it manifests itself as that day) mingle with scrawled drawings for whatever popped into his head. What more can you say about this dude who says “hella” way more than anyone probably should? Who’s officially gone on about himself for a good.. What? 7 run on sentences now? Well we have to fill the pages of this magazine somehow.. And I don’t see you don’t anything to help out!

Taryn Ortiz: So I told Taryn about my idea to do a “meet the staff” section for the magazine and I get this in reply “ooh I hate writing about myself...” And then shortly followed by “and I hate taking pictures of myself even more lol” Well Taryn yer screwed now cause I stole this picture off your facebook and I’m going to write about you! *Insert evil maniacal laugh here* Taryn’s hobbies include taking pictures in cemeteries, long walks along the beach to feel the sand between her toes, and riding horseback clutching to guys named Fabio with the wind in her hair. No all joking aside she’s a pretty bad ass photographer and never thinks any of my ideas are all that great (except for the magazine and horror photography group 2 out of 30 isn’t that bad is it?) Taylor Haggard:

Other than being the “quality control” here at Gore Noir (she critiques my layouts and lends her artistic eye) Taylor also writes articles on products and accessories. As you can see to the left she’s also the worlds best undiscovered B-movie actress. I fully expect the filming of Piranha 3D part 2 and the Sharktopus movie line to stop dead in it tracks and hire her on the spot. DUN DUN DUNNN!! Did that add some suspense to this description? No? You people are just too hard to please.. Now that I’ve lost you lets talk more about Taylor. She’s a born Texan (yeeehaw!) And a proud Texan (ain’t they all?) And if you ask her what her favorite beer is she’ll probably say Lone Star. (I tried the stuff and it’s ain’t half bad) Did I mention she makes jewelry? Check out


Caldwell: As You Wish Photograph was born from the artistic insanity of a woman (who has more imaginary friends than real ones) and the man who somehow just gets her (who happens to be a technical genius). Photographers and graphic editors Brandy Caldwell and Joshua Bakken spend their nights (night being relative, it’s usually more like 1 am) talking about some of the most twisted imagery that they can come up with, and how to make it possible to convey on film. Here to show you their darker side in a way that is still legal, and feature some of their underworld findings for those of us with the blackest souls to admire.


all started off as an idea I had pop into my head. I wanted to create horror photos that were black and white except for the color red. I brainstormed for a name for the project.. Gore Noir popped into my head and it fit perfectly and the web domain was available! I contacted my friend Jessi, who had a friend Taryn who is a photographer, she also had a friend Brittany who models so we were on our way. I originally thought of the idea as a group of people who brought their talents to the group to create awesome horror, never thinking it would end up becoming a horror magazine!

The Evolution of:


Amber was a mutual friend of a few of us in the group and she would model. Jesua our special effects make up artist brought her expertise and Jen P. would do hair. This set the stage for the first day of shooting. The two ideas I wanted to execute for the shooting were a serial killer theme and an Elizabeth Bathory blood bath theme. We found a spot with a suitable bathtub and my trailer would be the backdrop of our serial killer set. I ended up being the poor schmuck doing the killing (poor me!)

Some of my favorite shots from that first day are here including one of Brittany (BC Loveless) where she’s tied up to a chair looking a little scared and a little savage. I decided to play around with it in Photoshop and turned her into a zombie. It looked pretty rad! (See pictures to the left) I was very pleased with the photos to say the least. Taryn of Missy D photography and I ended up doing several more shoots with the gore noir theme including the axe murderer which featured my friends Justin and Megan (opposite page), and also a Voodoo shoot which featured my friend Jamaica definitely shows off the hair and make-up skills of Christine of Rocket makeup. What portfolio is complete without an axe murderer? Justin was more than happy to get his hands bloody and I believe Megan didn’t know what she was in for when she showed up for the shoot (I think she thought it was a Lucky Fuck shoot haha!)

We had a few people approach us after we made the facebook page (www. and ask if we could do a horror themed shoot for them and we made some of the money back doing a few of these. It was shortly after this that I came up with the idea to turn Gore Noir into a magazine. Taryn had talked about wanting to do a magazine on another subject but we were already knee deep in gore so why not go with it? I had NO experience with making a magazine, just some adobe Photoshop skills and making some t-shirt graphics. This whole first magazine was me learning how to put one together. Youtube tutorials are my saving grace believe me! We still have plans for more shoots and the horror photography has not been dropped in place for the magazine trust me! I have way too many ideas for shoots to drop it altogether. If anyone in the Bay Area California wants to do similar styled shoots feel free to drop us a line on our facebook ( or by email: info@ It would be smart to add our facebook either way because we love to do free giveaways to fans that are active on our page!

Gore Noir is a “for us by us” type of publication. We aren’t ran by a huge corporation. Nor do we receive funds from any such company. Not saying that having that sort of backing wouldn’t be a blessing but we follow our own ideas and march to the beat of a different drummer. We are all about bringing out the beauty in the horror scene and showing off the combined talents of artists around the world. Whether that be a tattoo artist, digital artist, model, band, sculptor, whatever just as long as they are contributing to the scene.

All photos in this article by Missy D photography Models in the photos: Large photo first page: Justin & Megan Middle shot & being choked by me: Amber Choking Amber: Mitch (Me) Tied to the chair & in the bathtub: Bc Loveless Basking in the blood bath: Jessi Distress Looking Voodoo ferocious: Jamaica Acting Voodoo doll dead: Mayte


Welcome to our wicked little house.... Inside these walls you will find oddities not for the faint of heart.... Dr. Morose & Miss Macabre take pride in their gaggle of misfits and strangelings. We ask that you open your mind.... Deep in the place behind the sockets of your eyes to enjoy all that is....

Morose & Macabre

“I have quite a twisted sense of humor” 12

“Chainsaw Dolly” Model: Kennedy Busse

Top Left: “The Mirror” Model: Mariya Sanchez

Top Right: “The Ripper” Models: Keith Caldwell & Harmony Shumway Effects Makeup: Brandy Caldwell (yes, I made that gruesome neck gash myself!)

“I’m not down with sparkly vampires.. they DIE in the SUN!” Above: “Awoke Too Soon” Model: Liana Leopardlady Hearse and Props: Custom Coffin Works Phoenix

Shane Roberts -“The Woods” It’s sad when something is exploited by the media until it makes people not want to have anything to do with it anymore. I’ve always been fascinated by Vampires for a good part of my life. Me and my Mom used to watch a show in the mid-nineties called Kindred: The Embraced which was actually based off of a vampire role playing game (found that out after, I never did get into role playing) Fast forward almost 20 years and here we are with random networks trying to make vampire TV shows that more closely resemble Dawson’s Creek than any vampire related show I’ve ever seen. The only show really worth watching I think is HBO’s True Blood. Don’t get me started with the whole Twilight series.. Now on to Shane’s little set here depicting a lovely fiery red headed vampire snacking on a poor furry woodland creature. *sniffle* I guess we all gotta eat huh? I think maybe CBS should come out with a series that resembles Saved By the Bell and have it feature a vampire with an eating disorder or maybe make the vampire vegan and very environmentally conscious.


“The shoot was inspired by the Canadian film ‘Ginger Snaps’, I tried to capture the feeling of her blood lust and the satisfaction of a first kill. I took the pictures when I just started to get into Photography, it was actually shot with an old Kodak point and shoot. I’ve since upgraded my gear and I should have a lot more horror images coming soon.”

primary purpose of this The magazine is to present you with blood,

horror, and beauty. Jm Grimm and his Grimm City Girls embody all three without blinking and without thinking about the consequences that might come with being so gritty. Mr. Grimm will be in future Gore Noir magazines that’s for sure.. Keep your eyelids peeled and flip the page for more of his work..


Nefarious Paws Article by: Taylor Haggard

There’s an evil little kitten serving up horrifying treats down in the Lone Star State....Horrifyingly ADORABLE hair wear that is! I’m talking about Evelyn of Nefarious Paws! From severed fingers to boxes of eyeball popcorn she’s sure to have something to tickle your fancy and feed your horror addiction. I personally have a number of her hair goodies and I am a highly pleased customer. Her attention to detail on top of her wonderful customer service makes for a pleasant shopping experience. Don’t see something you like? Send her an idea and she’ll get tah craftin! Q: Where do your horror influences come from? A: MOVIES, MUSIC AND ME AND MY BOYFRIENDS’ WARPED IMAGINATIONS. HE IS CONSTANTLY TESTING MY SKILLS WITH KITSCHY IDEAS AND SUGGESTIONS! Q: How long have you been creating little monsterpeices? A: I DABBLED IN POLYMER CLAY CREATIONS FOR OVER 10 YEARS. I PICKED UP THE HOBBY AS A TEEN AND ONCE THE CLAY HIT ME PAWS, I NEVER COULD PUT IT DOWN. I STARTED OUT MAKING LITTLE FIGURINES. A FEW YEARS LATER I COMBINED MY 3 LOVES, CLAY, ACCESSORIES AND GORE.... WHICH LED ME TO OPEN UP MY OWN LITTLE SHOP. Q: I know some of your items are inspired by the “Universal Monsters,” Who’s your all time favorite? A: I LOVE ZOMBIES, CREATURE AND CAT SKULLS Q: I’ve always been a big fan of straight up, in your face, carnal, gore..... But building up suspense subtly can be just as exciting...Which is your favorite when you watch a horror film? A: I AM A SUCKER FOR THE CHEESY LINES, CHEAP LAUGHS, EYE GOUGING TWISTS AND THAT THRILLER KILLER CARNAGE GORE! IF I HAD TO CHOOSE SOME OF MY FAVS, IT WOULD HAVE TO BE AMITYTVILLE HORROR, HIGH TENSION, NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD, DAWN OF THE DEAD, RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD (WHO DOESN’T LOVE ROMERO FLICKS) HOSTEL, AUTOMATON TRANSFUSION, UZUMAKI AND MASTERS OF HORROR: IMPRINT. Q: What attracts you to horror culture? A: IM A GORE-WHORE! BUT I HAVE TO ADMIT ITS NOT ONLY THE GORE, ITS THE ATTITUDE AND THE CREATIVITY OF IT ALL. I HAVE NEVER BEEN A BIG FAN OF MEDIOCRITY, I ADORE PEOPLE WHO ARE NOT AFRAID TO STICK OUT FROM THE CROWD! DON’T YOU JUST LOVE THE WAY YOU CAN SPOT ANOTHER FANATIC FROM A MILE AWAY?! NEFARIOUS PAWS

Undead Ed’s

ROT TOTS Ah childhood memories! Remember getting up extra early on Christmas morning and waking up your parents so you could open up your toys? Those were the days! Now imagine those same toys were possessed by demons and were devising a plot to plunge earth into darkness. Yea that’s what the Rot Tots bring to the table. Zombie my little pony your thing? Got you covered.. Wanna see Hello Kitty suffering from rigor mortis? No problem!

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Ghilan Ghoul, Barbie Rot,Zombie Kitty piggy bank, Killer Care Bears Rot bear, (next page) Pinned Peter, My little ZOMBIE pony, Zombie Papa Smurf, and Brain BIlly.



tattoo23 Leaving His Mark by Brandy Caldwell of As You Wish Photography

Above: Artist: Mr. DANG (

Shop: B-COOL Tattoo and Piercing, St Paul MN (

The first picture title is Leatha’ Face and the second is Terminal Travelocity


Zombie Wife

Artist: Pekka Pörhö

Studio: Patela Pain, Finland

Doll Candy Mini Top Hat by Torture Couture Model: Melanie


ABOVE: Blood Cameo Necklace by Torture Couture Model: Makani Terror Photo: MichellexStar Photography


Cold Blue Rebels

fter seeing The Cold Blue Rebels down in Santee California I was hooked. They have a stage presence and put on a show and that cannot be matched this day in age. I had met Mickey Finn before when he and CBR were staying in the room next to us on this adventure down to So Cal vending my clothing line. Fast forward a year and plans were made to do a photoshoot and interview for my brand new baby: Gore Noir Magazine. Joe set up the details and we hit Hollywood for their CD release party. We had no idea of the kind of night we had in store. With Bar Sinister as a very befitting backdrop. (This goth club blew me away with it’s bad ass decor) The Cold Blue Rebels took the stage, coffin in tow, to give all the ghouls a show.

Beautiful bloody brides traipsing about the darkly lit club looking far too delicious to be much more than a couple months dead. Don’t worry if you find yourself intrigued by their zombie flesh, no one around you will think you’re weird. They are probably just as moved as you are. And this is all just the visuals.. While your eyes are feasting, your ears are being invaded by the undead. Devouring your brain is their goal and believe me when I say it’s no use trying to resist. Once they’ve sank their fangs in, you’re gone, and when I say gone I mean real gone. You’ll know it as soon as your ear drums pick up the guitar, and feel the beat, that even though your brain is soaked in alcohol, there is no going back. The Cold Blue Rebels have invaded your synapses but don’t worry you’ll enjoy this musical lobotomy. (cont. on next 2 pages)

The Cold Blue Rebels are bad ass and I was fortunate enough to get my hands on their NEW CD “Blood, Guts, and Rock’n’Roll” The CD starts off with 50’s horror movie theme music to get you in the mood and then like a virgin on prom night slams in fast with “Cold, Blue and Beautiful”. Imagine the Stray Cats blasting as fast as they could while two corpses toss each other around swing dance style to the beat.. This is where “Cold, Blue and Beautiful” takes you.. Then it’s off to the clink in “Hell Block 13” full of Motorhead-esque fast guitar and a circle pit punk vibe.

“Worm Hole Hooker” throws its hat into the ring and if necrophilia is your thing (isn’t it everyones? I know it’s mine..) You’ll love exploring “The Cramps”-like holes of this corpse. The beautiful thing about the Cold Blue Rebels is that they take on so many different styles and murder them with a flare that not many can touch these days. It’s not easy to create a Frankenstein of Rockabilly, Punk, Surf, and good old Rock’n’Roll like CBR does. No need for a rating system for this one the Cold Blue Rebels murder it! Just pick it up and enjoy the drums and decay.

IIn the next issue of..

Gore Noir Magazine

Gore Noir Issue 1 Preview

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