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Los Angeles, February 14, 2018

Letter of Recommendation for Mitar Mitrovic To whom it may concern: I am highly pleased to recommend Mr. Mitar Mitrovic and express my support in his future career endeavors. Our collaboration began in 2010 when Mitar started working at Hetzel Design. We are an International design company specializing in commercial architecture and our projects include urban planning, retail, hospitality, museums, large-scale mixed-use developments and entertainment destinations. Hetzel Design is active in the USA, China, Korea, Japan, Vietnam and the Middle East. During his time at Hetzel Design, Mitar has worked on numerous large-scale projects, and at different stages. He was quickly promoted to intermediate architect position. Even though he was at the beginning of his professional career, he managed to adapt to our fast paced work style and assume all responsibilities that came with the position. Mitar had the opportunity to work on numerous design concepts, schematic designs, and well as design development, implementation and presentation. Mitar has immense design talent. His ability to freehand sketch, in combination with his vast knowledge of 3D design, has made him a very valuable team member. He proved to be a creative and strategic thinker capable of solving complex design problems. He also worked on the technical side of projects, thus demonstrating his ability to learn quickly and swiftly apply new information. He was promoted to Senior Architect position in 2015. Mitar is fast, thorough, and enthusiastic. He has all features of a leader. He is focused, works well with his fellow colleagues, and is a motivated individual. His sense of humor is highly appreciated among his colleagues and helps lighten the mood in the office under pressure of constant deadlines. Mitar has excellent time-management skills and can produce high quality work even under extreme pressure. It is with great enthusiasm that I recommend Mr. Mitrovic and support his career in architecture. His skills, design ability and dedication are exceptional. Should you require more information about Mitar please do not hesitate to contact me in person. Sincerely,

Branislav Hetzel, AIA, NCARB CEO, Design Principal 3567 Woodcliff Road, Sherman Oaks, CA 91403 818-448-3200

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Hetzel Design_Letter of recommendation