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MIT Academy of Engineering College

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Most Popular Engineering disciplines

In a traditional Indian mindset, a degree in engineering or medicine has always been sought after. With changing trends, and evolution of other industries related to media, art, hospitality etc. the demand and frenzy for engineering and medical professions has certainly gone down but still exists considerably.

What makes a degree in engineering a way to a successful, lucrative career? A professional qualification as it is known as, a highly specialized field which involves the application of principles of science, economics, social science and practical knowledge for the design, manufacture, and maintenance of machines, systems and processes.

It may be the dream of many to have an engineering degree, but the dream is not fulfilled for all. It is because of the cut-throat competition to get admission in to an engineering college in the discipline of choice. It is also because not all have the aptitude, capability to go through the rigorous curriculum during the course of the program.

Most Popular Engineering disciplines Engineering managers draw one of the highest salaries in the industry, which increases with experience and expertise.

Maharashtra Institute of Technology Academy of Engineering (MITAOE), of MAEER is a centre of excellence for education and research. It is the vision of founder teachers, to build a value based educational institute a key to success.

The curriculum at each of the 63 institutes of MAEER, cover a wide spectrum of professional opportunities in various fields of Engineering and Technology.

The Engineering Manager is needed for all types of engineering projects, and can have a few engineering expertise areas. The compensation is very much dependent on the expertise, rather than function for an engineering specialization. The highest paid compensation is in areas of aerospace, petroleum, computer hardware and electronics engineering to name a few.

Most Popular Engineering disciplines MITAOE offers undergraduate programs in B.E. in Chemical, Computer, Electronics, Electronics and Telecommunications, Mechanical, and Information Technology. The complete list of the courses can be had at

Most Popular Engineering disciplines