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REXIS team members (from left) Laura Bayley, Rebecca Masterson, Pronoy Biswas, and Mark Chodas at Lockheed Martin Space Center with OSIRIS-REx moments after REXIS’ successful integration with the spacecraft. (Emily Brisnehan/Lockheed Martin photo)

cruise to Bennu. The spectrometer CCDs must be operated at cold temperatures (-60 °C) and are cooled passively using thermal isolation layers and a large radiator. The SXM is a much smaller instrument that is mounted in a separate place on the spacecraft and consists mainly of a silicon drift diode detector package made by Amptek Inc. During science observations the spectrometer aperture points toward the asteroid and the SXM points toward the sun to obtain knowledge of the solar flux arriving at the asteroid. The spectrometer and SXM are connected via a power and data harness that runs along the spacecraft deck.

Rendezvous with Rexis


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