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Current research projects include: »» a unified approach for vaned diffuser design in advanced centrifugal compressors »» investigation of real gas effects in supercritical CO2 compression systems »» modeling instabilities in high-pressure pumping systems »» aeromechanic response in a high performance centrifugal compressor stage ported shroud operation in turbochargers »» manifestation of forced response in a high performance centrifugal compressor stage for aerospace applications »» multiparameter control for centrifugal compressor performance optimization »» performance improvement of a turbocharger twin scroll type turbine stage »» a two-engine integrated propulsion system »» propulsor design for exploitation of boundary layer ingestion »» aerodynamics and heat transfer in gas turbine tip shroud cavity flows »» secondary air interactions with main flow in axial turbines »» compressor aerodynamics in large industrial gas turbines for power generation »» flow and heat transfer in modern turbine rim seal cavities »» modeling cavitation instabilities in rocket engine turbopumps »» diagnostics and prognostics for gas turbine engine system stability characterization

In December 2015, Gas Turbine Lab faculty, staff, and students gathered for a last group holiday card photo in the “old” Building 31 before the $52 million renovation project ramped up. (William Litant/MIT photograph)

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