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The MIT Rocket Team prepares to launch a prototype of Therion at the Upstate Research Rocketry Group facility in New York on April 23, 2016. The rocket reached an altitude of 10,889 feet. (MIT Rocket Team photograph)

Rocket Team’s Therion uses electric wind to reduce drag, sails to a landing by Eric Riehl The MIT Rocket Team is a student-run organization composed of 40 members who embark on yearlong projects to compete in the annual summer Intercollegiate Rocket Engineering Competition. This year, the team built a rocket we named Therion. It’s 12 feet tall, 6 inches in diameter and designed to reach an altitude of 10,000 feet with its powerful solid motor capable of producing 760 pounds of thrust for more than three seconds. Therion’s fully-custom composite structure experiences more than 14Gs of acceleration as it reaches velocities surpassing 700 mph.


Student Projects: tiny rocket drones, hyper-speed transport, a composite rocket, and a lunar orbit competitor


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