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ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS None of our team’s successes would have been possible without the tremendous amount of support we have received over the course of this project. We have been guided by an incredible team of advisors, AeroAstro Professors Warren Hoburg and John Hansman, and alumnus Noel Zamot (AeroAstro SB ’86, Sloan ’16). They have attended all of our design reviews and given us valuable feedback at every step. As our team predominantly comprises graduate students, we are also each grateful to our research advisors for allowing us to spend time working on this project. Thanks to another of our team’s advisors, Mechanical Engineering Professor Doug Hart, several team members were able to receive class credit for this project, but it has nonetheless been a large time commitment. Finally, we are grateful to the entire MIT community that has been so supportive throughout this year. We have received donations from many alumni of the department as well offers of resources and expertise. This incredible sense of community has been a constant source of motivation for our team. PHILIP CAPLAN, RICH LI, MAX OPGENOORD, PHILIPPE KIRSCHEN, and DEREK PAXSON are AeroAstro graduate students. Visit the MIT Hyperloop Team at


Student Projects: tiny rocket drones, hyper-speed transport, a composite rocket, and a lunar orbit competitor


MIT AeroAstro annual magazine 2015-2016Aeroastro 2015 16  

Annual magazine review of MIT Aeronautics and Astronautics Department research and educational initiatives.

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