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In & Around the Garden Arboretum Lecture Series

2013-2014 Photo by: Tiffany Whichard

Fall Vegetable Gardening


The constant heat of the summer is passing. Fall is a great time to plant a wide variety of vegetable plants. Extend your gardening season by planting those vegetables that will mature in cool weather. Learn the planting and care techniques unique to fall gardening. Each participant will take home plant and seed material for their own fall garden. Course Code: CSP-4000-100F Dates/Days: September 5/ Thursday Course Times: 5:30-7:30pm Registration Fee: $25 Planting and Pruning Trees and Shrubs


The fall season can be a great for pruning and planting. Learn how to get your perennial plants ready for winter. And also have a hand at planting some trees and shrubs. This workshop will cover pruning and planting essentials such as proper pruning techniques and digging the correct hole for a tree and shrub. Course Code: CSP-4000-101F Dates/Days: September 28/ Saturday Course Times: 9:00am-Noon Registration Fee: $15 Plant Exchange


Come and join in the fun at our Gardener’s Plant Exchange. Bring your extra plants, seeds, bulbs, cuttings, and gardening tools. Trade them for some newly found treasures for your own garden. Be sure to label your plants and place seeds in envelopes. You must bring some sort of material to participate. Call or check the Arboretum website for more details. Herbal Soaps Advanced Course

(2 1/2Hrs)

Do you already know how to create wonderful, fragrant, hand-crafted soaps? Go to the next level as we work on more complex designs with swirls and layers. Practice cookie cutting and embedding. Participants will go home with two pounds of unique soaps. A great class for those who like to give homemade gifts. Course Code: CSP-4000-102F Dates/Days: November 21/ Thursday Course Times: 5:30-8:00pm Registration Fee: $35 Wreath Making With Natural Materials (4Hrs) Create a beautiful wreath from natural materials for your door . Gardens and backyards can be a paradise of plant materials for creating a one of a kind wreath. This hands –on workshop will supply you with the materials and techniques to complete the project. Each Participant will leave with a beautiful and festive wreath. Course Code: CSP-4000-103F Dates: December 7/Saturday Course Time: 9:00 am-1pm Registration Fee: $40.00

Bees, Birds and Butterflies (2Hrs) Gardens filled with song, butterfly wings, buzzing, and beautiful color often mean growing plants to support the wildlife we love. Learn how to create an attractive garden. This “handson” workshop will provide participants with starter plants for their own wildlife sanctuary. Course Code: CSP-4000-100P Dates/Days: January 10th/Friday Course Times: 5:30pm-7:30pm Registration Fee: $25.00 Nature Drawing for Those Who Cannot Draw (3Hrs) This class will provide the student with the technique and skill to draw landscapes using the Stippling process. Stippling uses a series of dots to create an image. Supplies provided. Course Code: CSP-4000-100P Dates/Days: January 23rd/Thursday Course Times: 6pm to 9pm Registration Fee: $35.00 Gazing Ball/Marble (2Hrs) Create your own gazing ball to accent your gardens. This class will demonstrate the creation of your own gazing ball, made by YOU. We will give you the knowledge step by step it will take to master this craft. Registration fee includes cost of supplies and you will leave with art for your garden. Course Code: CSP-4000-102P Dates/Days: February 5th/ Wednesday Course Times: 5:30-7:30pm Registration Fee: $35.00 Hot New Plants (2Hrs) Want to know what is HOT for this growing season. Join one of the nursery industry’s experts as Phil Campbell shows us the best and most exciting plants for 2014. This is a very popular class, be sure to sign up early! Course Code: CSP-4000-103P Dates/Days: February 27th/ Thursday Course Times: 5:30pm-7:30pm Registration Fee: $15.00 Tomato Grafting (2Hrs) Join agriculture extension agent Shawn Banks as he shows you how to graft heirloom tomatoes. Growing heirloom varieties in North Carolina presents a variety of disease issues. Grafting favorite heirlooms onto disease-resistant rootstock can help prevent plant loss. Learn which varieties work best for grafting. Participants will go home with several grafted tomato plants. Course Code: CSP-4000-104P Dates/Days: March 6th/ Tuesday Course Times: 9:30am-11:30am Registration Fee: $25.00

Urban Gardening / Small Spaces


This “hands-on” class will show you ways to grow more vegetables in a small space. Learn about the best varieties and how to care for them from planting to harvest. If you have not yet grown in raised beds and containers, this class is for you. Course Code: CSP-4000-105P Dates/Days: March 29/Saturday Course Times: 10:00am-12pm Registration Fee: $ 35.00 Annual Spring Plant Sale The JCC Horticulture students will be selling vegetables, annuals, perennials, and herbs, along with a variety of shrubs and trees as a fundraiser event.. Area vendors will also be present, offering a variety of crafts, art, food, and gardening materials. Look for the gardening classes which will be offered that day. Dates/Days: April 12th/Saturday Course Times: 9:00am-2:00pm Wildflower Program with NC Dept. of Transportation (2Hrs) Driving along the highways of our state can be pleasurable. Since 1985 the NC DOT has operated the highway wildflower beautification project. Learn about the program and the kind of wildflowers that make our ride enjoyable. Course Code: CSP—4000-106P Dates/Days: April 23rd/Wednesday Course Times: 6:00pm-8:00pm Registration Fee: $15.00 Airlie Gardens Tour We will visit and tour the Gardens at Airlie in Wilmington, NC. There are many scenic photo opportunities, a multitude of azaleas as well as artistic gardens on the grounds. You will find some of the oldest live oaks in NC on these grounds. We will stop for lunch at Dockside Restaurant. Registration fee does not include lunch. Course Code: CSP-4000-107P Dates/Days: May 6th/ Tuesday Course Times: 8:00 am –3pm Registration Fee: $ 35.00 Museum of Life Science and Witherspoon Rose Culture We will tour the museum of natural science, butterfly habitat and Witherspoon Rose culture gardens. If you are into roses, this is the trip for you. We will see the latest and greatest of rose cultivars. There will be an opportunity to shop. Registration fee does not include lunch. Course Code: CSP-4000-100U Dates/Days: May 20th/ Tuesday Course Times: 8:00am-4:00pm Registration Fee: $30.00

Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens Explore the unique gardens of Daniel Stowe in Belmont, NC. One of the nation’s top 20 Gardens rated by HGTV. There are 110 acres of cultivated gardens including an orchid conservatory, tropical canal gardens, four seasons garden and more. Registration fee does not include lunch. Course Code: CSP—4000-101U Dates/Days: June 11th / Wednesday Course Times: 7:00 am –6:30 pm Registration Fee: $50.00 Blue Bird Hill We will be enjoying the aroma as we harvest lavender and other herb samples. We will also tour the gardens and their production of lavender and other produce. Lunch Included Course Code: CSP-4000-102U Dates/Days: June 24th/ Tuesday Course Times: 8:00 am –3pm Registration Fee: $ 60.00 Brew and Winery Tour Visiting two local microbreweries and wineries in the area to find how agriculture plays a role in the production of these libations. We will learn about viticulture ( grape growing) and the use of hops and barley among other crops. Registration fee does not include lunch. Course Code: CSP-4000-103U Dates/Days: June 28th /Saturday Course Times: 10am-3pm Registration Fee: $35.00

Coffee and Chocolate During this excursion, we will visit Larry’s Beans and a series of chocolate shops in the Raleigh area. We will explore the use of plants to produce these products and indulge in the decadence of their flavors. During this tour we will touch on the importance of sustainability in the production of these products. Registration fee does not include lunch.. Course Code: CSP—4000-104U Dates/Days: July 23rd /Wednesday Course Times: 8:00 am –3pm Registration Fee: $30.00 For Registration 1.

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Horticulture Curriculum Course #

Course Name


Fall I

ACA 111 ENG 111 HOR 160 HOR 112 LSG 121 HOR 162

College Success Expository Writing Plant Materials I Landscape Design I Fall Gardening Lab Applied Plant Science

Fall II

HOR 114 HOR 118 HOR 124 HOR 255 HOR 168

Landscape Construction Equip. Ops& Maint. Nursery Ops Interiorscapes Plant Propagation Humanities

3 2 3 2 3 3

Spring I

HOR 164 HOR 166 ENG 112 MAT 140 LSG 122 HOR 134

Hort Pest Mgmt. Soils and Fert. Arg. Based research Survey of Math Spring Gardening Lab Greenhouse ops.

3 3 3 3 2 3

Spring II

HOR 213 HOR 215 HOR 273 HOR 260 TRF 110

Landscape Design II Landscape Irrigation Hort. Mgmt. & Mrkting. Plant Materials II Intro. Turf Culture and ID Social/Behavioral Science

3* 3 3 3* 4 3


LSG 123

Summer Gardening Lab


1 3 3 3 2 3

*Requires Pre-requisite to take Class Contact: Matt Johnson, Director of Horticulture 919-209-2211

Levels of Education Available: Associates Degree Diploma Certificate Professional Development

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2013 14 jcc arboretum brochure social  

gardening, classes. plants, flowers, nc, smithfield, trips, activities