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Beacon Management Services In Atlanta, Georgia If you have a residential community or homeowners association in Atlanta and are trying to manage it yourself, you may want to consider hiring an Atlanta HOA management company to do the job for you. Although small communities can be managed by their Board, it's usually true that larger communities need the experience of a well-trained HOA management company to oversee financials, processes and procedures; and to ensure the job is done with professionalism, courtesy, and strategic planning. Here are important things to consider: 1.) Look very carefully at the level of experience and expertise of all the managers at the Company. The person making the pitch may have great experience, but that person may not be assigned to oversee your account. You may get assigned someone who is green. 2.) Check licensing and certifications. In Atlanta, community association managers who oversee must be licensed by the state. Verify that the licensing is in place and there’s been no discipline against each company you’re considering hiring. 3.) Don’t make decisions based solely on price. Ask for a full list of every potential cost you may be charged during the term of your management contract. But don’t base your final decision on price alone. There are people who hang their shingle and say they’re association managers. I’ve seen associations hire managers who were very cheap. Then they found out the manager didn’t have the level of experience the association needed. 4.) Make sure the financials are done correctly. Does the HOA manager provide cash based or accrual based accounting? Your board should have financial reports prepared every single month, and those should have the actual backup attached to them. Are the financials posted online for the Board to see? What level of detail are you receiving on delinquencies? What is the status of collection activities? Ask these questions in advance.

Homeowner associations will benefit from a management company that is familiar with local issues, laws and ordinances. Everyone within a residential community or homeowner association community deserves to have a pleasant environment to live in, with firmly established guidelines and rules for residents to follow. Written covenants help ensure that everyone knows the rules by which to live. A professional HOA management company should enforce the rules for their HOA client, working in conjunction with that community's board as applicable. Beacon Management Services, an HOA management company based in Atlanta, is very familiar with the neighborhoods in Atlanta and surrounding markets. Beacon’s wide spectrum of services is delivered with an exacting standard of excellence. They include: • Comprehensive property management for residential, multifamily and commercial

• Community association management • Five star concierge and front desk services • Maintenance and insurance programs designed to save you money • Construction management • Award-winning real estate leasing, marketing and sales programs The Association Management division of Beacon Management Services provides comprehensive homeowner association management services to the boards of condominiums, homeowner associations, and masterplanned communities in Atlanta and throughout the Southeast. For the best results, consider hiring the right Atlanta HOA management company to serve your needs; such a company will have experience, resources and tools to preserve and maintain your homeowner association. For more information contact Lisa Simmons Weibel at (404) 308-3188 or Please visit to learn more about how Beacon can help you.

Beacon Management Services In Atlanta  

They i nclude: ent - winning real estate leasing, marketing and sales programs The Association Management division...

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