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Tips to handle Water Misting Fans Water misting fans is required mostly in hot climates by forcing a minute amount of water out of a fine nozzle, forming mist. A general misunderstanding is that misting is meant to get you all wet to cool you off. Rather, the tiny fogs evaporate quickly by cooling the surrounding air. Properly designed mist system will work in all prevailing winds and air movement, and is often combined with fans to move the mist into the cooled zones. Water misting fans can reduce the temperature up to 30 degrees Fahrenheit in very hot climates. And, it still proceed quite effectively even in humid climates by reducing the temperatures as much as 810 degrees by use of mist fans to facilitate evaporation. Water misting fans are either permanently attached to patio covers is portable, making them very useful for outdoor sporting events, fishing and even attending outdoor concerts. Here are the few tips to handle it better. To preserve misting pressure: Water misters depend on adequate pressure to force the water through the tiny holes on the misters. The water misting fans have manual pumps built into them and when the pressure is high, they work very well. With inadequate pressure, however, they will spit out larger drops of water or none at all, making them least effective. The same function is true of permanently installed water misting systems. Occasionally additional pressure regulators are needed to the system to bring the pressure up high enough to generate the fine stream of mist. To replace water misting filters: Most water misting systems come with a filtration setup that stays out larger particles which could easily block the misters. When mister blocks frequently, finer filters may be required to keep out the dissolved solids found in water. The

filters should be changed at the very beginning of each misting season, and if the water is excessively hard, the filters should be examined weekly when the system is in use to avoid excessive buildup. If you experience blocks or poor performance in the system, you might even check the filters every two or three days. In areas where the water is seems to be very hard, a finer filter can be added to the original filter to keep the mist system from clogging. To check and clean misters: The water misting fans can clog them self if the water is very hard. If they are not working properly, unscrew and soak them in vinegar or a cleaning product that dissolves lime may unclog it. Avoid using a needle or nail into the orifice of the mister. These are delicate parts and can easily damage the system. Be sure to take back your old mister along when shopping for a new mister to match the threads and the orifice size. Season care of misting system : When the climate cools off or gets too humid to use the misters effectively, drain the misting system to keep hard water deposits from forming in the lines and misters, this helps to prolong the life of the misting system years together. For more information on: Mid pressure misting systems, outdoor misting, patio cooling, portable misting systems, misting cooling Visit our site:

Tips to handle Water Misting Fans  

Water misting fans is required mostly in hot climates by forcing a minute amount of water out of a fine nozzle, forming mist.

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