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How to Choose the Right Patio Umbrella? Every home we come across invariably has a garden or a patio space. This portion also plays a significant part of our home. So when we renovate or decorate our home, it is absolutely necessary to decorate our patio in a suitable manner that sync in with the decorations of the home. The patio space is usually used for relaxing. Everybody invariably loves to sit in their patio chair watching television or starring at the stars on the sky and chill out with a beer probably. Some likes to have picnics with their loved ones and spend their relaxation time in a fun filled way. Thus some people tend to create backyard garden kitchen meant especially for having a barbeque session during hot summer days and cold winter days. You are highly lucky and fortunate if you have a pool in your patio. Not everyone could afford a pool area. Having a pool and decorating your patio with perfection is like creating heaven outside your home. Patio decorations are not just meant for hot summer days to enjoy sunshine and gentle breeze. There are also patio equipments that allow you to enjoy during cold winter seasons as well. And nowadays more people are spending quality time on their decks or patios after extending their living spaces. And the motto is simple, just wanting to relax by enjoying the sights, sounds and fresh air. And having a patio umbrella to give you shade in your patio has become common equipment which almost every garden owner own. They block the sun and thus by certain means tends to block the harmful UV rays from falling upon you. These UV rays are well known for creating cancer and various other skin diseasesand infections. The size of the umbrella matters most when it comes to purchasing them as you are the better judge of how much shade would you require while you chill out in your patio. However, apart from umbrella sizes, there are also other factors for you to take into considerations and then pick the right one. One of the main considerations you ought to do is think about the umbrella’s fabric and canopy. And the questions that follow help you decide upon which is the right one. 1. How much UV radiation does the fabric used blocks? 2. Location of your home and is it in a damp area filled with mold and mild dew? 3. How frequently are you going to use the umbrella? Doesthe fabric have color fade protection? 4. How to maintain the umbrella without spoiling the fabric? When it comes to fabrics, there are some basic categories which are commonly used. They are Olefin Fabrics, Acrylic fabrics and Sunbrella brand fabrics. The former is a durable material which is often

used whereas acrylic is made highly processed polyester. The former has good mildew and stain resistance but poor color fade protection while the acrylic one has better longevity and thus more commonly preferred. However it is more expensive and depending upon your usage you ought to decide. Sunbrella on the other hand is widely famous and used more frequently than other fabrics. For information on different types of patio products such as 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

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How to Choose the Right Patio Umbrella?  

Every home we come across invariably has a garden or a patio space. This portion also plays a significant part of our home. So when we renov...