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High Pressure Mist and Fog Systems Man with his inventive genius has made life on earth comfortable. To combat hot weather, he has devised what is known as the High Pressure Misting and Fogging System. These innovative types of outdoor cooling systems offer long and trouble-free service for many years. They are versatile and can be used with similar effect both inside and outside your homes. You can use them on your patio as well as in your dining room. High pressure misting and fogging systems are ideal not only to keep moisture in the air but also to help the plants from withering away on very hot days. In fact, these systems have even demonstrated capabilities to assist the plants produce lot more than normal. The working principle of the high pressure misting and fogging systems is rather simple. With the aid of mist nozzles and a high pressure water pump, tiny water drops are generated and sprayed over an area without getting the place wet. It also does not leave any moisture residue on all the furniture and equipments located in the area. The fans oscillate and keep continuously spraying a fine mist to a distance of 5 or 6 feet in front of the system, totally drying the atmosphere and cooling the air temperature 25 degrees. The mist is subject to 1000 PSI high pressure and the mist completely evaporates – producing the effect of a 6 ton air conditioner. However, you have the choice to allow the fan to oscillate or retain in a fixed direction. It is not difficult to locate a reliable supplier of high pressure misting and fogging systems. In fact, when you search the Internet, you will find websites of several suppliers who will offer good quality systems at affordable process. You can even choose a portable misting fans or a total misting system depending on your needs. A total misting system usually comes with its own stainless steel mist lines and mist nozzles.

It is best to install high pressure misting and fogging systems availing the overhead water lines. The water will then get sprayed downwards in the form of a fine mist. As a matter f fact, installing the system at home will tremendously add exuberance to visual effects. These systems are imaginatively designed to keep your pets in cool comfort. Fans are also available in different sizes, ranging from 12"to 48"; and you can select not only the right size but also the type. These fans are available as pedestal, wall, floor, or they can be designed to mount right on the machine itself. High pressure misting systems and fogging systems find application not only in residences but also in certain public places like restaurants, shopping malls etc. They also find ideal application in zoological parks and farm houses for providing animals the much needed relief from heat. The demand for high pressure misting and fogging systems is steadily increasing and it is rather unfortunate that to stay competitive, many manufacturers quote low process compromising on quality. They minimize the cost on paint coatings, the grade of metal and the speed of pumping system. This type of cheapening can adversely affect the quality of the system add to maintenance woes.

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High Pressure Mist and Fog Systems