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Project: Client:

Project: Client:

Project: Client:


Project: Intrastat Expert Logo Client: Intrastat Expert

Project: Genetix Solutions Logo Client: Genetix Solutions

Project: Fine Step Logo and Icon Client: Genetix Solutions

Project: Logframe logo Client: Logframe

Project: EuroProFiles logo Client: MNLR

Project: U.R.M.E. logo Client: MNLR

Project: SCAR logo Client:SCAR

SCAR logo proposals and sketches

Project: Anivics logo Client: Anivics

Project: RegioMuz logo Client: RegioMuz

Project: OPAC logo Client: OPAC

Project: BodySculpture Nova logo Client: BodySculpture Nova

Project: Other Logos Client: Multiple

Project: Client:

Project: Client:


Project: EuroProFiles poster and brochure Client: MNLR

Project: Instalatie de Sunet poster and brochure Client: Space Trip

Project: Muzeu Focus poster, brochure and cd cover Client: RNMR

Project: Altertext poster and brochure Client: MNLR

Project: Natura 2000 poster Client: Life

Project: Adunarea generala RNMR poster Client: RNMR

Project: UNDE poster and flyer Client: Space Trip

Project: 12 Angry men poster Client: ATF

Project: In jur Libertate poster Client: OPAC

Project: O zi la Heian-Kyo poster Client: SCAR

Project: Sunt un Fenomen poster Client: Space Trip

Project: MAX poster Client: Otaku Entertaiment

Project: URME poster, brochure and antology Client: MNLR

Project: Client:


Project: LINE type Client: personal

Project: killah1 and killah3 Client: killahvjz

Project: Client:

Project: Client:


Project: Genetix Solutions website Client: Genetix Solutions

Project: Ovi Sound website Client: Ovi Sound

Project: BodySculpture Nova website Client: BodySculpture Nova

Project: Intrastat Expert website Client: Intrastat Expert

Project: Bempo website Client: Bempo

Project: Client:


Project: The Executioner Client: 3dTotal stylezed character Challenge Prize: mention

Project: Chemistry Client: personal

Project: Otaku 3D character Client: Otaku Entertaiment Character design by Inkamon

Project: Backpack Client: 3DTotal Speed Modelling Challenge Week 75 - BackPack Prize: 1st place

Project: Sunglasses Client: 3DTotal Speed Modelling Challenge Week 12 - Sunglasses Prize: 1st place

Project: Shadow Client: personal

Project: Interior lighting Client: personal

Project: Diddle Client: personal

Project: Bauhaus coffee machine Client: personal

Project: other Client: multiple

Project: Client:

Project: Client:


Project: Green horses Client: personal

Project: Yakuza Client: personal

Project: Bosozoku 02 Client: personal

Project: Bosozoku 01 Client: personal

Project: G.I.T.S. fanart Client: Sakura Porject Magazine contest Prize: 1st place

Project: Easter Bunnies Client: personal

Project: Converse seasons Client: personal

Project: Client:

Personal work

Project: killahvjz identity

Project: Client:

Marcu Mihai portfolio 2009  
Marcu Mihai portfolio 2009  

a part of my portfolio